11 of the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy

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No matter what time of year it is, music is an absolute must for a good time! So folks from all over the world place their cell phones outside, or use some other electronic device that is doomed if coming in contact with any water. Not a great scenario. Fear not, the tunes will go on! There are Bluetooth speakers that not only allow you to keep your phone far away from the water, but the speakers themselves are completely waterproof. So it falls in the water? No big deal! These are the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

Not only is this Bluetooth speaker waterproof, and dust-proof, it’s meant to float in water. Without compromising the impeccable sound quality, the device can literally just chill beside you in the pool, playing favorite summer hits, while you sip on a fresh homemade strawberry daiquiri.

Sony knows how to make great electronics, so it was a given that the Bluetooth speakers would have high ratings. We love the fun blue color that just fits summer. Being incredibly small, it’s surprising when hearing the bass and crisp quality of the music. Small enough to hang off of a bike handle, yet loud enough to add life to a party—it’s a solid pick. Keep in mind, it is splash proof, but should not be submerged.

Ultimate Ears has a new outdoor boost feature that allows music to be projected more forcefully when in the great outdoors. With an extra long battery life of 13 hours, it will far outlive the party. The design is extra tough, making the device completely waterproof. And it can also float!

Kind of looking like a cannon ball, the device appropriately can be tossed right off the diving board. However its shape allows it to either sit on a surface, and the attached loop offers the convenience of being able to hang it. Impressively, you’ll get 15 hours of playtime from just one charge.

Made by a small family business, this speaker already has our attention. Care and devotion have come into making this “simple pleasure”, as they describe. Suction cups securely attached to the shower wall, but it is also made to clip onto a bike, and it’s totally okay to be submerged in water. Off of one charge, the speaker can go for up to 10 hours. A built in microphone allows for hands-free phone calls.

We have simple words for you. Twenty-two hours! That’s how long the charge last on this cylinder speaker. While the size of the speaker is relatively large, it is still handheld, but has robust sound and a surprisingly impressive bass. Customers noted great audio quality and the convenience of such a long battery life in the reviews.

Speaking of price, this one comes in under $20, but has double the battery life of our last mention. Secure it via a hanging lanyard, or a detachable suction cup. The lanyard is great for wrapping around your wrists and venturing into the ocean or swimming pool.

Who knew that loud high definition sound could come from such a small device. When clipped onto a backpack, it almost looks like a keychain, although a big keychain. Take it in the shower, let the kids use it while playing in the rain, all while experiencing superb surround sound. While the battery life is a little shorter than others, the price is on point.

Described by customers as having a great “bumping“ sound, this little rectangle speaker will be the life of the party. The clean line design is great for sitting on a bookshelf, or just on any other flat service. Some folks even compared it to a Bose speaker, but without the hefty price tag.

Another great cylinder shaped speaker—yay! Truly, these have wonderful sound coverage given that sound is equally distributed 360° around the room. Customers give it nearly 5 stars on portability, battery life, and sound quality.

Why a triangle speaker you might ask? The designers of this device used the shape intentionally, because it improves sound quality and overall clarity of vocals within each song. Another cool feature of this speaker is its range. You can be 100 feet away from your phone or other streaming device, unobstructed, and still receive signal.

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