The Best 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

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Each wedding anniversary is worthy of a celebration. Another year of marriage that goes by is something to be celebrated. Leather is the traditional third-anniversary gift, as it stands for the marriage reaching a point of flexibility and durability.

Counting down the months, days, weeks and hours, this rawhide picture frame is a wonderful way to commemorate three years of marriage. Making it even more meaningful, pick out a photo of one of the most memorable times within the three years to place inside for her. Sit on her nightstand and let her wake up to it on the morning of your anniversary.

If scrapbooking isn’t something she already enjoys, she might after receiving this leather book with a rustic tie binding it together. You could fill it for her, or just provide some super special pictures over the past three years to use. Stickers and colorful corner accents already come with the set. A sturdy storage box is also provided to keep this special keepsake safe.

The tree on the front could symbolize many things. But all in all, the leather bound journal is a stunning piece. Fill it with a few notes for her, or leave it blank so she can use as a daily journal. Your creativity can decide. With a design that could be age old, vintage or modern, it’s a timeless gift that will last forever.

Who doesn’t love purses? While this is more of a wristlet clutch, it can hold all of the essentials from credit cards to an iPhone. The blocking technology makes it safe to carry a passport. So maybe if you were thinking really big, a couple of airline tickets could be tucked inside.

This elegant leather catch-all has the same countdown phrases as the picture frame we listed above. Down to the very second, the piece acknowledges the significance of a three-year journey together. With the ability to fold down completely flat, storage is super easy. However, you could keep it out all the time and use it for jewelry or as a table display.

Three years—it’s time to add something new to the living room that she will love! Made of leather that comes in a variation of colors, from brown, tan, gray to rawhide, each coaster is delicately outlined in shiny metal. What would take the thoughtfulness factor to the next level, is the ability to emboss your wedding dates on each one. Everyone who comes into your home will be suddenly reminded of the day the two of you became one.

Aromatherapy can be useful for a variation of things – – anxiety, headaches, or just to bring yourself an overall sense of peace and calm. With a dainty leather strap and a whimsical center, this diffuser is meant to be worn on the wrist. Her favorite essential oil can be placed inside for constant benefit of aromatherapy. Or she can just really love the smell of a certain oil!

With a basic and suddenly rugged design, this leather cosmetic bag is ideal for fitting into any larger purse or luggage. Given it’s material, this will be something she will have likely for a lifetime. She doesn’t have to carry make up in it, it could be used for office supplies, medical accessories or anything else she commonly uses.

Does she love to read? Maybe she is in school and is hitting the books all the time. Give her something beautiful to mark her place, with this completely handcrafted leather bookmark. The design is gorgeous, and the edges have been smoothly finished. Who knew a bookmark could have so much detail?

Maybe she’s just not into the rustic leather look. But you can still give her something made of leather! These cuff bracelets have a boho aesthetic, but still combine together seamlessly despite being so different. Variations of sparkling beads and pretty pieces accent and wraparound the wristbands. Whether dressing casually or upscale, the bracelets just seem to go.

A traditional watch is literally a timeless gift. Sometimes we’d rather bypass digital calorie counting watches and phones, and just look down at our wrist at those basic hands ticking away. The slim leather wristband adds to the elegance of this watch, which also features Japanese quartz.

A leather coat is another item that can last forever if cared for properly. We love this above the knee coat made of leather suede. Keep in mind that this type of material does have to be carefully dry cleaned. But any girl will look absolutely breathtaking in this warm and stylish coat. If your anniversary is in the winter, this is extra perfect.

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