11 of the Coolest Adidas Hoodies to Complete Your Winter Fit

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Does it get more classic than an adidas hoodie? That trefoil logo, those signature stripes—the look is instantly recognizable and beloved globally. When buying adidas, we pretty much know we are getting something that will become a closet staple for years to come—it’s quality, and completely timeless. Sweatshirts are one of those unexplainable pieces that is acceptable as a pajama top, or as an ever day top. They are comfy, soft, and basically one big hug. Below we have listed some of our favorite styles, old and new.

Whether looking to stand out, or just to be in sync with your school colors, this hoodie will definitely help you accomplish that. Mustard yellow is actually a phenomenal athletic color, that has an earthy yet cool vibe. The athletic fit brings the material slightly closer to the body, so no extra fabric is there to get in the way when sprinting, doing pull ups, or any other high intensity activity.

Adidas has collaborated with a London-based artist to create this totally unique, beautifully colorful hoodie. The image contrasts gorgeously against the cream toned fabric, which is comprised of 100% organic French Terry cotton. So if you’re looking to add some variety to your adidas collection, we think this could possibly be the perfect addition.

Created with an overall neutral look, the additional phrases on the oversized kangaroo pocket add some unique flair to this gender inclusive hoodie. Coming in an off-white hue, it could pair with blue jeans, a great set of joggers, or even some colorful shorts on a chilly summer night. In a way, this seems a bit more edgy than your average adidas apparel.

Do you hate pulling a hoodie over your head, messing up your hair and smearing your make up? Then a zip up hoodie is the solution! With the thickness and comfort of a traditional pull over, the zip up just illuminates the difficult process of putting one on. This design goes with the basic adidas look, and comes in a few different subtle colors.

The cropped design allows the hoodie to sit comfortably at your hips, without a lot of excess fabric extending down your legs. It’s a great cute look if wanting to change up your hoodie game, while still staying toasty warm. Coming in bright fire engine red, needless to say this will add quite a pop of color to your ensemble.

Adidas had a little bit of fun with this one, diverting from their classic logo, and adorning the front of the hoodie with the Simpsons. The cartoon fam gleefully sleds side by side across the front of your shirt, and it’s a ton of fun. Made of French terry fabric, the sustainably sourced hoodie is an ideal solution for in between seasons, or if someone in your household loves to run the air conditioner on blizzard mode.

Enjoy that tighter more form fitted feel when opting for this sleek traditional adidas hoodie. While predominantly classic, the closer to the skin fit will allow ample movement when rushing down the field with the soccer ball, or going for a layup on the basketball court. Of course, it could serve as a great loungewear piece as well.

We love listing out-of-the-box unusual offerings from adidas. But we also get that sometimes people just want a super comfortable hoodie they can wear by the bonfire. No problem! With a classic fit that is the perfect amount of relaxed, this can be your go to during the fall, or early spring! The hood can be secured via a traditional drawstring, and there is a small adidas logo on the center, to show your love for the brand.

Take a walk on the wild side! We are loving this vibrant play on the traditional trefoil adidas logo. Pursing with colors of red, blue and yellow, you can add some serious eye-catching vibes to your outfit. We love that the background fabric is white, so those gorgeous colors really show up! Does this mentally transport anyone else back to the 80s?

What a great message to include into your every day wardrobe. When you think about it really, love is the solution to so much! It can be surprisingly impactful to have a friendly reminder like this, for yourself and anyone else who may see your beautiful sweatshirt. The soft colors of the graphics are just perfect. Spread some good around today!

Oh my goodness – – how we could just melt away in this oversized super soft hoodie! It’s like a blanket, and clothing article all in one. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and snuggle up in a chair beside the window, while watching the rainfall. We can’t think of a better lounge around the house hoodie, than this perfectly large forest green stunner.

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