Best Adidas Shorts for Men: 10 Styles to Add to His Wardrobe

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Adidas — a classic brand that most of us have grown up wearing. From the time we first stepped foot on to the basketball court to today, when we don’t mind throwing on a pair to wear out to lunch with friends, the brand has been a significant part of our lifelong wardrobe. There might not be a more iconic article of clothing from adidas than its classic shorts, with those unmistakable stripes down the side. We sifted through reviews to find the very best adidas shorts for men.

It’s hard to beat that classic adidas athletic short look. Pinstripes down the side, a small logo in the bottom corner — the look is immediately recognizable and worn all around the world. We love the different color combinations this basic pair of shorts comes in, like teal blue or black with red accents. Know you are doing a little bit of good for the earth when purchasing these, because they are made with recycled materials.

Get ultra comfy with these jersey fabric adidas shorts, which also feature the classic athletic shorts style. Coming in multiple colors, you might even find a pair to match your favorite jersey. So grab a case of local beer, some chips and salsa, and invite your closest friends over for the game. Then, just sit back and soak into the comfort of the primarily cotton fabric.

Train like a professional, and look like one too. There are some subtle, quite sleek attributes to these shorts, which come up a little bit higher on the leg to increase mobility. Expect to stay dry, because this fabric is designed to promote sweat evaporation. You don’t need anything to get in the way of you performing at your optimal capability.

Who doesn’t love the classic adidas shorts? We certainly love them, but can definitely get on board with this subtly out-of-the-box design. A thin outlined logo is given a bolder, bigger presentation, and it is delightfully awesome. These come in multiple colors, and would make a wonderful Christmas gift for your adidas-loving man.

You might really start looking forward to that morning run when thinking about sliding this lightweight pair of shorts on! Mostly solid in color, there is a small adidas logo near the hem. Made of recycled materials, the fabric is also specifically designed to draw sweat away from the body. So no aggravating stickiness, or at least not as much!

Take a walk on the wild side with the endearingly vibrant color mash ups of this specially designed line for the summer. Adding a pop of color to your athletic wardrobe can definitely brighten up any rainy day. Made with breathable mesh material, you’ll be ideally dressed for just about any sport. We also love to know that recycled materials were used to make this product.

Basic in all of the best ways, the fleece provides an ultra comfortable wearing experience that can transition you straight from the couch to an impromptu basketball game with the boys! Just enough pocket storage ads that extra level of convenience, but the main reason you’ll want to wear these is to simply be incredibly comfortable. Adidas sustainably sources their cotton, so it’s a win-win!

It’s hard to imagine that these strikingly good looking shorts were once floating around in the ocean as cluttering plastic waste. Now, those materials have been re-purposed into something we can all feel really great about. The light weight design is also cut in the most perfect way for optimal movement. So sprint with your longest most elegant strides.

There’s a reason those guys can glide around on the tennis court so effortlessly — it’s because they are wearing shorts like these! Less fabric means better movement, and the shorts are designed in a way to make that look really suave. Moody patterns give off a super cool vibe, so you will look awesome whether chasing your toddler around or acing your opponent on the court.

Yes! You should definitely take a look at adidas when looking for golfing shorts. The clean design of this khaki pair will look great with any polo shirt or team shirt. Golf shorts are so versatile, you could wear them out to dinner, while on a beach vacation, and be totally business casual. The comfort of adidas, combined with a classic look like this, was just meant to be.

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