11 Adidas Track Pants To Prove They Are A Loungewear Staple

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A good pair of track pants is a closet staple, whether you just need great loungewear, or something that you can throw on for a morning jog when it is chilly outside. Adidas is a solid go to brand to find any athletic clothing article, but especially track pants. Whether wanting to keep things classic, or searching for something that will really pop, the brand has you covered – – quite literally! Below are our top picks for Adidas track pants for men and women.

Instead of just stripes, there is a scalloped pattern to these pants, which also come in strikingly vibrant colors. Stand out while on your morning run, or just while strolling through the grocery store in the comfortable woven athletic wear. Around the ankle is cuffed, so you can show off some tennis shoes, or get a little bit more creative with the footwear.

Sink in to the comfort of French terry cotton, which has been sustainably farmed, so you can feel good about the purchase. With the ultimate classic appeal, these track pants have plenty of room for moving around thanks to the casual fit. A drawstring will help keep the waist in place, and the cuffed ankle will prevent any fabric from getting in your way.

Ok guys, these are probably going to be your essential traveling pants. With a fit that is not loose, nor snug, the comfortable pants present nicely, while also being excellent for sitting back and relaxing on an air plane. The open hem around the ankle creates more movement while lessening constriction. Classic Adidas stripes extend down the side of the pants.

Are you looking for something unique? You found it. The London inspired track pants fit in an oversized manner all the way down the leg. Flowing fabric is flattering to any silhouette, and the overall look is a refreshing change of pace. Continue with bold additional clothing, or tame it down with a simple black tank top.

Designed for soccer players, or anyone who doesn’t want fabric getting in the way of movement, these pants have zips around the ankles that allow you to really cinch things close. This truly keeps the foot area clear and able to move freely. Fitting a little slimmer than some, these are great for any high intensity activity. Pockets have been added for your convenience.

We love these track pants, and their versatility. Women will find these to be ideal for a morning run, or just whisking around the house chasing the little ones. A drawstring keeps the waistband perfectly cinched onto the hips, and zips around the ankle allow you to secure the lower hem. Like a multitude of products from Adidas, these are made with recycled materials.

Brighten up your athletic wear wardrobe, with pants that feature cool, edgy bleached flowers. These are ultra comfy, thanks to cotton, that has also been sustainably farmed. The fit is slightly oversized, and beyond perfect for movie nights and popcorn, or a brunch date with friends.

Designed to be a retro throwback, we like both the black, or light army green colors these track pants come in. The fit allows for plenty of movement, and the interior mesh liner is surprisingly soft. Throw them on when getting ready to take care of errands, and maybe you’ll have time to stop by for a quick game of hoops with the guys.

While many of Adidas’ products could be worn by men or women, these were specifically designed to be gender neutral. The loose fitting pants are made from recycled materials, and also have the ripstop feature that Adidas is well known for. Classically presented, the heather gray color will go with just about everything.

Why simply be average when you can be totally  wild? The design looks relatively tame from far away, which makes it that much better. Upon a closer look, folks will notice leopard printed striping at the bottom portion of the pant legs. So don’t get bored with the same old athletic wear, change it up!

Adidas intended to take us back to the 90s with these basic yet eye-catching track pants. The blue color, with a touch of yellow accent will give your athleisure outfit a punch of light hearted fun. However, the features are quite practical, and will suit your activity needs.

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