13 Air Fryer Cookbooks if You’re Ready for the Next Level

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Air frying is the newest way to achieve crispy, delicious meals with all the great texture of fried foods, without worrying about all the mess and inconvenience of traditional deep frying, not to mention all that grease. Like a supercharged convection oven, air fryers circulate hot air, to keep food crunchy and crisp on the outside, but still juicy and delicious on the inside.

When group gatherings, tailgate parties, and big birthday bashes are a regular part of life again, this is going to be the best entertaining cookbook to celebrate with. In the meantime, these fabulous recipes are an easy way to treat yourself. Hack your favorite apps, like crab cakes, fried pickles, even a mock Bloomin Onion, crank out easy entrees, and finish up with crowd pleasing desserts like cannoli, donuts, and more.

Gina Homolka always comes through with full-flavor recipes that keep families full and satisfied. Ideal for anyone trying to get meals on the table faster, the Skinnytaste cookbook doesn’t skimp on entertaining staples, but where it really shines is family-friendly meals that are quick to prepare, taste delicious, and don’t require a ton of messy prep or cleanup.  As a bonus, the Kindle version of this book is super affordable, and Kindle cookbooks are so convenient for busy families, because you can quickly make meal plans from your phone or tablet.

Air frying is supposed to be an approachable, understandable appliance that saves us all a little time cooking, but for foodies, that’s not enough of a reason to buy one. This cookbook is enough of a reason to buy one. Six hundred recipes in a single cookbook truly puts this in a class all its own, and with restaurant quality entries like fried agnolotti, calamari, curry, schnitzel, Japanese-style omelettes, there is genuinely no way you won’t find a new favorite recipe in this book.

Other cookbooks may advertise that they’re accessible for beginners, but this one really follows through, with step by step explanations that any cook can follow, as well as detailed breakdowns of how an air fryer works, why it’s a smart choice, and what to do to guarantee great results every time.

Thorough testing by Good Housekeeping ensures that you aren’t fumbling in the kitchen with any of these recipes. Best for experienced cooks, this book will help bring new recipes and ideas into your repertoire, like naan chips, potstickers, or re-introduce classics like steak frites.

If you’ve chosen the Ninja Foodi as your air fryer/pressure cooker/counter-top workhorse, picking up this cookbook is a must-have addition. The second cookbook written by Justin Warner, a frequent face on such Food Network programming as Guys Grocery Games, and if it feels like he’s got a little inside information on how to get the most out of your Foodi, well, that’s because he does. Warner was involved in tweaking, testing, and developing the Foodi, and he’s taken chef level techniques and distilled them into easy to understand nuggets that really make this book, and the air fryer it partners with, shine.

Long the favorite of healthy eaters and the gym crowd, Ninja brand appliances continue to gain rave reviews with their air fryers. With timings and portions tested to work in the Ninja Max XL, this cookbook takes all the guesswork out of preparing healthier versions of our favorite fried foods, like onion rings and french fries, as well as both healthy (baked fruit) and indulgent (marble cheesecake) desserts.

You can turn a 6QT instant pot into an air fryer with a single attachment, so my favorite counter top hero is still a contender in this fight. Expand those culinary horizons with this enticing collection that covers a huge range of traditions, from southern staples like cheese and bacon grits, to international and fusion recipes like Scottish seafood curry.

Not for the faint of heart, Williams Sonoma’s air fryer cookbook showcases fantastic recipes that are sure to please, but are best suited to experienced cooks. With offerings like Pork Tonkatsu with Sesame Cabbage Slaw (amazing) and Za’atar Avocado Fries with Tahini Sauce, you get rewarded for the work you put into these meals, but overall it’s a book that is probably aimed that people that have the luxury of cooking for pleasure.

With hundreds of recipes to choose from, cooks of every skill level can find recipes they’ll love, and others that they can grow their skills with. Classics American fare like fried shrimp have their place, of course, but adventurous cooks can also master chicharrones, chicken Kiev, veal chops, albondigas, and just an entire world of cuisine that’s now at their fingertips.

While i appreciate that this book has a title already, it’s my opinion that the writers missed out on an opportunity to call it My dream day at the county fair. Chicken and waffles, crab cakes, fish and chips, pickle chips, pigs in a blanket; someone put me in a wagon and roll me home folks, this one proves that using an air fryer to be healthier does not mean that what you make has to be healthy all the time.

If a vegan diet has left you searching for workaround to achieve the texture of a perfectly crisp cookie or the crunch of something perfectly breaded and fried, air frying can help. Banana bread, jackfruit nachos, chocolate cake; get ready for accusations from everyone at the potluck that you’ve cheated somehow.

An easy choice for air fryer beginners and anyone looking to make healthier diet choices, this air fryer cookbook is a free download for Nook owners, and features more than 50 recipes that are approachable for cooks of any skill level.

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