Alcohol Delivery Services That Bring the Booze to You

Drink On-Demand

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Modern day living has graced us with some amazing solutions to our everyday needs. Virtual doctor’s appointments, ride sharing, Amazon Prime and now – even alcohol delivery. Gone are the days of opening up your fridge and seeing the empty space where the White Claw should be. Now it’s as simple as opening an app, choosing what you want and within an hour or so you are indulging in the happiest of hours without ever leaving your couch.
**These services are intended for those 21 and older and we encourage our readers to always drink responsibly.


With a slogan like “Let the drinks come to you,” Drizly knows how to get a person’s attention. The world’s largest alcohol marketplace, Drizly is partnered with various liquor and grocery stores within your area to ensure you’ll be guzzling the good stuff in under 60-minutes without ever leaving your couch. When you order (through the website or the app) you’ll be able to browse through a seemingly endless list of new, local, well-known and not-so-well-known products. On top of that, if you’re looking to spice up your cocktail game with a little garnish or maybe you’re out of ice…Drizly has you covered for everything you need to keep the good times rolling!

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Picture this, it’s Friday night, your closest friends are over and the pizza just got delivered, but then you go to the fridge only to find a lone beer. You need to fix that sooner rather than later…that’s where Saucy comes in. The ultimate on-demand alcohol delivery service, Saucy makes sure your favorite spirits, wine and beers are on their way to you in 30-minutes. The ideal beer-run compadre, with no order minimum, no delivery fees and the idea that instant gratification is underrated, the Saucy app should be downloaded ASAP.

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Shipt is well on its way to becoming a household name and for good reason. But while you may associate this delivery service with groceries and other household items, Shipt will also run to the liquor store so you don’t have to. Having a dinner party? Not a problem for Shipt, not only will they pick up the food menu items so you don’t have to, your Shipt shopper will procure your set list of boozy beverages.

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Winc is a wine club that will help you find your next favorite blend with six simple questions. While it’s not an on-demand service like others mentioned in this article, Winc ships four bottles of wine monthly, strategically picked for your palate straight to your door and is that not #goals? Not only does this company help open your mind and palate to the world of wine, it’s constantly learning your likes and dislikes (you get to rate each bottle in the app, do it – you’ll thank me) so your monthly box is sure to be exactly what you want.

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If you’re looking for a Bev-erage that tastes good, is powered by a company that does good and is delivered right to your door, then check out Bev. Proudly “Made By Chicks,” Bev isn’t just about making delicious drinks and always covering your shipping (although we definitely love them for it), they are also a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers empowering women all around the world. And while Bev is made by chicks, their drinks are meant to be enjoyed by everyone! Plus all their creations are made with love (and zero sugar), so you can have fun and still feel great the next day!

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