Amazon is Selling a Super Realistic-Looking Loaf of Bread Pillow


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If you knead carbs to get through your day but find yourself stymied by diets, doctors, or just the sheer impracticability of buying a comically sized loaf that’s actually edible, get bready for a solution at last.

There’s no need to feel crumby without carbs anymore. This fluffy faux loaf can help you get through those long, low-carb days, whether you’re suffering from gluten sensitivity or just cutting back on that carb count. This faux food body pillow is well-rated, with reviewers commenting that it’s a funny conversation piece, comfortable to sleep with, and made them an Instagram star (ok, maybe nobody has really achieved faux food fame yet, but we can dream, right?)

Affordable even to those of us without much dough, and available in a range of sizes from 11 to 35 inches, it makes a funny photo prop and will make your guests do a double take, though unfortunately it doesn’t come with that fresh-baked smell we all love. Give it as a gift and recipients will think you bread their mind.

A great prop for humorous baby announcements, friends and family are sure to laugh at photos of your bun in the oven reclining with this comfortable pillow; for pet parents, this makes a way to safely butter up your fur babies with gifts of “people food” that aren’t edible.

Do be careful letting large, energetic dogs play with it, or letting small children bring it along on adventures- it’ll be toast if it’s mistreated. It does feature a zip off cover, so washing it is simple, as is adding additional stuffing if you find it wearing thin over time. We’re thrilled with the food-as-decor trend, and love the fact that there are donut pool floats, pineapple shower curtains, and now pillows that look remarkably like tasty baguettes.

Unlike the plethora of upper crust puns this author favors, this pillow loaf is guaranteed never to go stale. One question that remains unanswered at this time; who will step up and make a giant pat-of-butter pillow to accompany this loaf-ly pillow?

Reviewer Feedback:
“Got this for my wife. She loves it. She laughed at it. Is it as big as the picture? Nope. Is it close? Yup. Is it comfortable? You bet bottom dollar it is. Heats up just like a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven if you sleep hot. Does it smell like bread? Only if you think about it really hard while in the bread isle of your local grocery store.”

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