19 of Amazon’s Most Popular Subscribe and Save Products

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When subscribing and saving on Amazon, the first order comes with an extra perk of a much higher discounted amount. After that, savings are still pretty sweet. It makes total sense to commit to regular deliveries on products you love the most. We went through the most popular subscribe and save products, to create this list that might introduce shoppers to something awesome.

Diapers are expensive! So any opportunity to save on a great brand, like Pampers, is something any parent would likely be excited about. Going through several a day, subscribe and save is just logic with this product.

Save 20% on this bulk pack of Glad garbage bags, with force flex, for extreme durability. Smelly smells of something that smells smelly likely won’t be able to make it out of the garbage can, thanks to Gain freshness and Febreze!

Save 15% on Plum baby food pouches, that come in a variation of vegetable and fruit combinations. Baby food just got a lot less messy.

Trusted moisturizer is 15% off when you subscribe and save. Aveeno daily moisturizer has a light sunscreen formula, for a touch extra protection to go with that silky smooth glow.

Talk about minty fresh! Foaming action that does not harm the enamel gets teeth, gums and tongues super clean. Fluoride adds anti-cavity protection, and with subscribe and save it’s 15% off.

Remotes, Christmas lights, toys – – there’s always a reason to have AAA batteries around. Amazon Basic batteries are already a great price, but when you subscribe, you’ll get 20% off the first round.

Cetaphil is our old trusted cleanser, that won’t dry skin, and will get those pores nice and clean. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, but still a great acne fighter, everyone will benefit from the discount.

Ah RO*TEL! A simple can of tomatoes and chilies that can take dips, tacos and any other savory dish to the next level. Save 20% right out of the gate.

Four Sigmatic is the coffee that is not coffee. Let us explain, super foods, and various types of mushrooms actually make incredible coffee that is all good for the body. (Mushroom “coffee” was used in a pinch during WWII.) Give it a try, the taste is identical to coffee, and full of different flavor profiles.

Mint chocolate, peanut butter banana, and brownie – – Clif Bars taste like dessert instead of a protein packed snack. Subscribe and save 20% on the 16 pack assortment.

A lot of us do not get enough electrolytes. Then, we lose them when working out or getting sick. Coming in tasty flavors of lemon, berry and watermelon, the powder filled sticks can be added to a bottle of water for a boost of nutrients. Save 20% on the first subscribe and save order, then at least 5% after that.

Seventh Generation makes a variation of household products, from paper towels to toilet paper. Feminine products, like these pads, are chlorine free and much better for the body. Knock 15% off the first order, and 5 to 15% after that.

Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies come in a load of different varieties. Keto, protein and vegan for example! Enjoy flavors like apple pie and chocolate chip. One taste and you’ll see why so many subscribe.

Extra-virgin olive oil is a kitchen and life staple. From cooking the perfect pot of popcorn, to creating moisturizing lotion, it’s as universal as toilet paper. Save 10%!

Training a puppy? Potty pads are a huge help, with multiple quick dry layers, and a leak proof bottom. After the initial 20% order discount, you can save 5 to 15% on regular orders after that.

I And Love And You is a phenomenal pet food brand that uses real ingredients—the way it should be. Get this, on your first order of canned cat food, save 40%. After that, shoppers might even get up to 20% off, at times.

Those with celiac disease, or gluten intolerance can finally enjoy Oreos (or a version of) again! Get a gallon of milk, a jar of peanut butter, and your other favorite sandwich cookie toppings and schedule those regular cookie deliveries.

Save on vegan shampoo, that will hydrate your hair with omega fatty acids. Never run out of shampoo and days of luscious locks, with regular Amazon shipments.

Are you one of those handy folks who likes to change their own oil? Well you can get a deal on fully synthetic oil. Of course be certain you truly know what you’re doing before attempting any type of car maintenance.

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