Does Your State Have A Weird As Seen On TV Product Obsession? — Here is the Data

Guilty Pleasures

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Your home state can say a lot about you. It can influence your accent, your food preferences, your traditions, and even your totally weird Google searches — like which quirky “As Seen On TV” products you’re eyeing.

The Wishlisted research team dug up the data on which “As Seen On TV” product each state is searching for more than other states, and boy was it interesting! These products are known for their comical commercials and gimmicky gadgets, but some loyal customers swear by them. After all, where would we be without The Snuggie?

Every state has a favorite. Texas and Louisiana are all about the Wine Condom, the perfect protection for your pinot. Kansas is out-searching everyone for the Go Girl, because when you’ve gotta go, you can go anywhere with this female urination device. And speaking of the bathroom, Montana is No. 1 about going No. 2 because they’re all about the Squatty Potty.

Rhode Island must be the cat’s meow because it ranked No. 1 for the LICKI, a silicone brush you can use to lick your cat until they’re calm — felines have feelings too, you know. Meanwhile, five states were ahead of the game on the work-from-home fashion trend, with high search volumes for Pajama Jeans.

While the state stereotypes don’t define us all, your Google searches don’t lie. We’ve seen your secret “As Seen on TV” obsessions, but we’re not judging. Maybe your state gives the best white elephant gifts ever? So, do you hail from the home of the Huggle or the land of the Lint Lizard? See which zany product your state Googles more than the rest of the country.

As Seen On TV Product State Map

As Seen On TV Products by State

wdt_ID State Top Ranking Search Other High Ranks
1 Alabama Lint Lizard PedEgg, Illumibowl
2 Alaska Shamwow FlowBee,Pajama Jeans, Bowl Light
3 Arizona RoboTwist Cami Secret, BaKblade
4 Arkansas Lint Lizard GoGirl, BaKblade, Huggle, Micro Mechanic
5 California Pocket Hose EasyFeet, Night Sight Glasses, Robocut
6 Colorado Robocut Wine Condom, 3 Second Brow, Poo-Pourri
7 Connecticut Vegetti Tubshroom, Vegetti,Scrub Daddy, Tiddy Bear
8 Delaware Scrub Daddy BaKblade, Pajama Jeans, Snuggie, DrainWig, Illumibowl
9 Florida Moo Mixer Night Sight Glasses, Robocut, Ab Rocket, Potty Putter
10 Georgia Miracle Socks Potty Putter, Potty Patch
State Top Ranking Search Other High Ranks

Methodology — How We Determined These Results

Before our research team dove head first into the search data, we sorted through hundreds of unusually named and popular products on the official As Seen On TV site1 and across the web to compile a list for our state-level research. We then compiled the data from Google Trends2 to surface geographic Google search volume surrounding the list of products. We looked at a 12 month period going back from October 9th, 2020. Then we got to work analyzing which product each state is searching for more than the other states. If a state had the same nationwide rank for two products, we took it a step further and compared the state-level overall search volume. We started with a list of 44 products so there are a number of the 50 states that share the highest search volume for a particular product.

Data Sources
1. As Seen On TV Website, Accessed October 9th, 2020.
2. Google Trends, Accessed October 9th, 2020.

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