Athena Club VS Billie: Which Internet-Famous Razor Did I Prefer?

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Now that it’s summer, a lot of us are shaving our legs more as we’re hitting up the beach, pool, and swoon-worthy vacays. In the last few years, we’ve been spoiled with high-quality razors, creams, and oils that are turning shaving into a luxurious experience. You’ve probably heard of the Billie brand, known for offering neon-colored grooming items that make it feel like July all year long.

But have you heard of Athena Club? We’ve covered Athena before in a round-up of our favorite lesser-known makeup and skincare brands. Along with razors and creams, Athena Club also offers self-care staples like multivitamins, body washes, lotions, pads, and tampons. I decided to give both brands a go to see which one makes a bigger difference in my shaving routine. Keep reading to see which brand’s razor and shaving cream I liked more.

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Athena Club

Athena Razor

Let’s kick things off with Athena Club. In case you’re curious, Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, practical skills, and warfare. The brand is currently only online (fingers crossed they’ll become available at a major retailer soon), so getting your first set of goodies does take some waiting. What drew me to this specific razor is the simple yet classic aesthetic, along with the look of the other products they offer and the website itself. I favor the Athena design over the Billie razor design. The handle is made from anodized aluminum and features a fiberglass internal core, and it feels heavy and sturdy in my hand. Some razors feel way too flimsy, and I’m worried that dropping them in the shower will spell the end. Not with Athena! She’s built to last.

You can shop the razor in nine gorgeous colors, including classic black and white, which sets it apart from the crowd. I opted for Sky Blue to match my decor and my favorite shade of all time. The $9 kit includes the handle, two razor heads, and a magnetic resting spot to stick in your shower for easy access.

Now let’s talk about the shave itself. The razor head is infused with a water-activated serum, cushiony skin guards, and a pivoting mechanism, which made me optimistic. I ended up being incredibly disappointed because the more hair on the area, the harder it is for that hair to pass through the blades and have a blank slate for the next swipe. I constantly tap the razor in a puddle of water to clean it so the hairs don’t stay on the blades. Shaving my armpits or the little hairs near my belly button is simple, but if I’ve waited a week or two on my legs, it’s difficult to do an adequate job. I didn’t find myself getting razor burns, though, which is a positive thing.

Athena Shaving Cream

Athena’s shaving cream, on the other hand, is a win in my book. The Cloud Shave Foam is lightly scented with notes of rose, lime, vanilla, and cedarwood. I loved the smell so much that I ordered the body wash version. There are a few different kinds of shaving cream on the market, and I personally favor the aerosol ones. I usually dread the process of shaving, but foam makes everything more fun! Cloud Shave is deeply conditioning, soothing, and oh-so-comfortable.

I don’t love the Athena razor because it struggles to get rid of a large amount of hair. It’s more suitable for those who shave every day or every other day. The shaving cream is heaven for those who love aerosol formulas and lighter, less overwhelming scents.


Billie Razor

I got my Billie goodies at Walmart. They offer a small selection of razors, refills, and shaving cream, but if you’re looking to try other colors and the grapefruit version of the cream (Walmart sells lavender), placing an online order is the way to go. Along with shaving staples, Billie also offers makeup wipes, lip balm, dry shampoo, shower gel, and lotion. I chose the Malibu color for my razor, a combination of orange, pink and green. Billie is more retro and colorful than Athena, with a lighter curved handle that feels flimsier. It doesn’t feel as high-quality as Athena, which makes me think I’ll need to replace it sooner.

Like its counterpart, the Billie starter kit comes with a handle, two razor heads, and a magnetic holder for shower convenience. You can shop seven classic color choices, including the new sparkle version. Plus, if you’re into astrology, there’s a kit that you can customize to your specific sign! It comes with a purple sparkle razor, shaving cream in a different scent for every sign, two refills, a shiny travel case, and a magnetic holder.

The Billie blades are infused with aloe moisturizer and a pivoting head to reach every spot on your body. This gave me a much better shave than Athena. I don’t shave many times a week, so there’s always a large amount of hair to get through. Billie glided across my legs and other areas much more easily than Athena, and I felt it was doing a better job. The hairs passed through the blades with no sweat, and I wasn’t getting razor burn, either. The colors give me major 90s vibes, which is always a good thing!

Billie Shaving Cream

Now let’s talk about Billie’s Whipped Shave Cream. The scent I have is Lavender and Bergamot, but you can also buy the Fresh-Squeezed Grapefruit online. This is not an aerosol formula and feels exactly like some sort of whipped dessert, albeit a little thicker. It did the job well and felt ultra-hydrating, but I found it too concentrated for my liking– it kept getting caught in the blades. I’m not much of a lavender fan, either.

Bottom Line and Final Thoughts

The Billie razor is the one for me, with the strong blades getting rid of a week’s worth of leg hair in a snap. I do not like the formula of the shaving cream or the lavender scent and prefer something foamier and lighter scented.

As someone who shaves only once a week and needs efficient blades to get rid of all those little hairs, I wholeheartedly prefer the Billie razor. I even went online and ordered a protective plastic case for the razor (only $5!), so I can take it with me when I travel and not worry about the head detaching in my toiletry bag. When it comes to shaving cream, though, I’m a fan of the Athena Cloud Shave foam because of its fun, soothing aerosol formula and light rose scent. The convenience also plays a role in my Billie preference. I don’t have to wait for online orders to come in; I can head over to Walmart and grab refill blades whenever I need them!

Athena and Billie both offer subscription plans to auto-deliver blades and other goodies, depending on when you need them. Here’s some general information on each one.

Athena Online Subscription

First you’ll pick a razor color then pick your shaving frequency: every day, a few times a week or once a week. Then, you’ll choose how many blades you want delivered:

  • 4 blades every 3 months

  • 8 blades every 6 months

  • 12 blades every 9 months

You can add on other items to your plan for auto-delivery like Cloud Shave Foam, Creamy Body Wash or Soft Face Wipes for the ultimate self-care routine.

Billie Online Subscription

Pick your preferred color and shaving frequency: every day, a few times a week or once a week. Then you’ll be presented with a few different options:

  • 4 blades every month

  • 4 blades every 2 months

  • 4 blades every 3 months

You can add the Wonder Wipes for auto-delivery, and all other items like the Whipped Shave Cream will be a one-time purchase. Alternatively, click here for the Walmart website where you can also find Billie products.

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