Top Athleta Sports Bras for All Your Needs

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Sports bras are often the unsung heroes of our wardrobe, whether choosing to wear them while traveling, cleaning the house, or hitting up a Zumba class. Typically, the support is far better than an average bra, and sweat wicking along with quick drying features add to a more pleasant wearing experience. But who knew there were so many super adorable styles? Athleta probably knew that, because they are the ones that have made all of these versatile options. Want to add a fun touch to your athletic look? They have bras for that. Are you more practical? There’s options for you too!

Made for light impact workouts, ideally yoga or stretching, or maybe even just lounging around the house, this bra is simply lovely. It’s cinched details create an elegant dimension, and a small peekaboo hole gives one final unique touch. Extending down a little bit further than the average sports bra, women can expect ample coverage.

When you want to wear a sports bra and yoga pants to that new low impact Pilates class, but still want a little bit more coverage down the torso, this crop tank top style will be just the ticket. Made of materials that can be washed and dried, it’s also extra convenient to clean this one.

Enjoy the secure feeling of a racer back crop top sports bra, that will give just the right amount of support for a morning walk with friends, or just a run to the grocery store. Coming in lots of fun patterns and colors, you’ll be able to mix and match with a pair of favorite leggings. From a swirly twirly coral and white design, to a more toned down gray camo that is ever so subtle, there is a color for every taste.

With a strappy back, this bra will add a super cute touch to your yoga wear. Or it can just make you feel a little more dressed up, when you’re actually dressed down, while snuggling on the couch and watching Netflix with a big bowl popcorn. There is a diversity of color selections, and a similar option that suits those with cup sizes up to a D. Anyone who’s ever worn a sweaty sports bar will appreciate the fact that this one dries ultra quick! Be sure to line dry it, bypassing the conventional dryer.

A plunging, strappy, V shaped back is both dramatic and so pretty! With a keyhole workout T-shirt, you can reveal just a glimpse of the stunning design. From the front, the appearance is like that of a normal sports bra, so it’s a lot of fun to turn around to show off the unexpected visual element of the bra. A range of colors are available, from black, to cheerful pastels.

Here’s one for all the little ladies out there, who just need something that they can wear under a favorite outfit on an every day basis, or something for cheer practice. Coming in a light or dark marbled pattern, it’s a beautiful design, with a strap crossed back. Coming with a hair tie, you’re girl will be ready to take on any sports activity. The material is recycled, so maybe this is a great opportunity for a lesson about sustainability.

We love this cinched bra so much, with the dainty details, that we wanted to list a variation for those with fuller chests. Complement your gorgeous shape, with the slight yet impactful details of this light support bra. The deep purple, plum like color is absolutely striking.

Athleta has nailed those touches that take a bra from average to super special, like the ribbon style cross strapping on the back of this cute option. But what stands out the most about this one is that it has medium support, so it is stylish and functional. Providing light compression, you can feel secure while doing some light lifting or spin classes at the gym. Sweaty? No worries, the fabric will dry quickly.

Let’s take it back to the basics, with this ultra practical bra with racer back adjustable straps. Athleta notes this to be its highest neckline, providing you full coverage if that is what you were looking for. Accommodating sizes from B to double D, the versatility is awesome. Designed for high impact workouts, you can bet that you’re going to feel nice and supported, while experiencing minimal bounce or displacement. So go ahead, and give it all you’ve got during that run, or take on a challenging high intensity workout. Or if you dare, hit the trampoline park with the kids!

The long, thick chest band contributes a lot more than one would think! It prevents pinching, squeezing, and all of the things we hate about sports bras! The look and overall design is relatively basic, but that’s why this is an essential for your athletic wardrobe. Providing medium support, it can easily be worn while out running errands, or during your favorite Pilates class.

Cut in the front like a traditional bra, there are more fashion options with this particular design. If wanting to conceal your bra, while wearing a further plunging neckline, this will do the trick. Adjustable back straps allow you to wear them traditionally over the shoulder, or pin together in a racer back style that conceals them when going for a sleeveless top. With a soft anti-chafing material, comfort is key.

Made like a crop tank top, this bra brings you an unexpected combination of elements. Experience a light weight feel perfect for low impact workouts, while still having a little bit of securing compression. And although having a high neckline and extra coverage, the fabric is breathable and will keep you cooler. The back has just a touch flare so you can get excited about purchasing something slightly different.

Simple, Simple, Simple! Sometimes that is absolutely the best! From the back to the front, with a scooping neck, this takes you back to the essential sports bra that can be worn under literally anything. It’s so comfortable, with anti-chafing fabric, that you could wear it on a lengthy plane trip. Athleta also notes this to be “unstinkable“, which apparently means you can wash it less! But when you do wash it, it can be thrown in and dried in a traditional dryer without worrying.

Not only does this bra look really cool, it is a beast! Designed to give you the ultimate high support experience, the latching back and adjustable straps will keep everything in. Medium coverage allows versatility with the top you choose to wear with it, and no seams or wires will help keep the experience totally comfortable. We like the super sporty look, that gives the impression that you mean business in the gym.

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