Awards: Each State’s #1 Woman-Owned Small Business Making Locals Proud

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Female-owned businesses have exploded on the scene in the past decade. There are over 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., compared to only 402,000 in 1972, according to statistics. As a small token of appreciation for all of the amazing ladies kicking butt out there, we’ve rounded up our favorite small woman-owned business in each of the 50 states.

Each business was hand-selected based on it having a unique backstory, positive community impact, and being tremendously successful. They’re all breaking down barriers and inspiring young girls to reach for the stars, no matter the obstacle.

Alabama: Milo’s Tea Company

Owner: Tricia Wallwork

About the business: Based in Bessemer, Alabama, Milo’s Tea Company started as a restaurant in 1946. The company is still family-owned; Wallwork runs the business with her sister, stepmother and father.

Why we love them: The original Milo’s founders have passed away, but the current owners strive to keep up the gold standard of production with zero use of caramel coloring or artificial preservatives in their sweet tea. Beyond their sweet products, the company highly values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Half of Milo’s total salaries go to female employees, and approximately half of their associates are ethnically diverse.

Alaska: Salmon Berry Travel & Tours

Owners: Candice McDonald and Mandy Garcia

About the business: Salmon Berry Travel & Tours in Anchorage, Alaska gives you a first-hand look at all of the beauty the state has to offer. You can choose from attractions like hiking, fishing, seeing the Northern Lights and dog sledding.

Why we love them: Travel experiences can often feel impersonal and commercialized. Salmon Berry is looking to change that using small tour groups and genuine hospitality so you go home with memories that will always bring a smile to your face.

Arizona: Antigone Books

Owners: Morgan Miller, Melissa Negelspach and Kate Stern

About the business: Antigone Books in Tucson, Arizona was founded in 1973 and is named after the strong Greek mythological character who refused to give into male authority figures. They offer a wide range of books for all ages plus gifts and cards.

Why we love them: Antigone is the oldest surviving feminist bookstore in the U.S, and it was also the first bookstore in the country to get 100% of their electricity from solar power!

Arkansas: Infidimensional Skin

Owner: Meosha “Yosh” Howard

About the business: Little Rock, Arkansas-based Infidimensional Skin pampers you with facials, chemical peels, deep cleansing, waxing, eyebrow tinting and more. It’ll be the most relaxing afternoon of your life.

Why we love them: Infidimensional wants clients to feel beautiful and achieve what they call “glow goals.” Howard started the business in the midst of the pandemic and based on customer reviews, it looks like she’s doing better than ever.

California: Harlow & Grey

Owners: Jeanne Chan and Gloria Wong Tritasavit

About the business: Harlow & Grey in San Francisco, California is all about making lifestyle goods that are aesthetic and affordable. You’ll find a selection of plates, cups, napkins, cake toppers, garlands, banners, party kits and planners.

Why we love them: You can throw an Instagram-worthy celebration without breaking the bank. The founders brought a wide range of knowledge from previous work in content creation and event design to create the most beautiful party supplies we’ve ever seen.

Colorado: Purely Elizabeth

Owner: Elizabeth Stein

About the business: Purely Elizabeth is based in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The company makes natural foods that fit seamlessly into any lifestyle: granola, oatmeal, bread & muffin mix, pancake & waffle mix and body scrubs.

Why we love them: Every product is gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO project verified. The Purely website lets you shop by need–such as keto and paleo–making your grocery order quick and easy.

Connecticut: Make Food Lovely

Owner: Emily Love

About the business: Make Food Lovely in South Windsor, Connecticut creates custom charcuterie boxes and boards that look like something off of Pinterest. You can snag a selection of fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, chocolates and more, all arranged in a beautiful way.

Why we love them: Love began making boards in 2017 to appease her picky son. She found that if she put a colorful spin on food, he would actually finish his meals – and adults will have a lot of fun with these platters, too!

Delaware: The Cleaning Girl

Owner: Kelly Jones

About the business: The Cleaning Girl is based in Wilmington, Delaware but also operates in Maryland and Pennsylvania. They offer personal housekeepers and a variety of home cleaning packages.

Why we love them: This company provides an income opportunity for students, mothers and retirees. It gives women the flexibility to set their schedule, letting them choose specific days of the week and home locations.

Florida: Frangipani Design Store

Owner: Jennifer Frehling

About the business: Frangipani Design Store in Miami, Florida is a boutique that fills their shelves with eclectic items from local artists. You’ll find a wide array of stationary, bags, books, art, jewelry, candles and toys, plus unique Miami-themed gifts.

Why we love them: The vibrant personality of Frangipani shines through each and every item offered. You can find a gift for anyone in your life, even the people that are hardest to shop for.

Georgia: Tejari

Owner: Roma Patel

About the business: Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Tejari makes powerhouse plant-based, superfood protein powder that has no added sugar or preservatives. Everything is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Why we love them: Tejari’s protein comes in savory and sweet flavors like vanilla, cacao, blueberry and spinach. The powders are kid-friendly, too, and can be incorporated in a number of family meals.

Hawaii: A White Orchid Wedding

Owner: Carolee Higashino

About the business: A White Orchid Wedding in Wailuku, Hawaii ensures every couple has the tropical wedding of their dreams. They have different packages that provide everything from catering to entertainment to transportation and, of course, unforgettable locations.

Why we love them: White Orchid also coordinates vow-renewals, birthdays and corporate events. The team has worked with big names like Kristen Bell, Gloria Steinem and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Idaho: Saalt

Owner: Cherie Hoeger

About the business: Based in Boise, Idaho, Saalt understands you want period products that minimize leaks and maximize comfort. They sell underwear and period cups along with goodies like mesh laundry bags, masks, totes bags and hats. 

Why we love them: Menstruation is nothing to feel ashamed about. Saalt encourages candid discussions about your body so you can find essentials tailor-made to fit your flow.

Illinois: Chicago French Press

Owner: Kris Christian

About the business: This is the bean you really need to visit when you’re in the Windy City. Chicago French Press sells coffee for different machines including the french press, drip coffee makers, Keurig machines and espresso machines. They also have a selection of loose leaf teas.

Why we love them: From chocolate blueberry to pumpkin spice to piña colada, the company sells java for every single taste. You’ll also find helpful guides if you’re new to the coffee world.

Indiana: Silver in the City

Owner: Kristin Kohn

About the business: Indianapolis-based Silver in the City celebrates the wonderful and weird. They offer items like housewares, games, puzzles, jewelry, books and curious oddities.

Why we love them: As someone who went to college in Indiana (shoutout to my Saint Mary’s Belles!) and lived there for a few years afterward, I love seeing fun, zany shops that celebrate local artists. Once a Hoosier, always a Hoosier.

Iowa: Yotopia

Owner: Veronica Tessler

About the business: Yotopia, based in Iowa City, Iowa, was the first self-serve frozen yogurt shop in town. They have decadent flavors like vegan coconut milk ice cream and wild blackberry that are sourced from a local dairy farm.

Why we love them: None of the yogurts offered have high fructose corn syrup, and they’re not made with powder mixes like big chain stores. They carry vegan options so dairy-free friends can enjoy, too.

Kansas: Peruvian Connection

Owner: Annie Hurlbut

About the business: Peruvian Connection was born in 1976 after co-founder Annie Hurlbut became fascinated with garments woven from alpaca fibers while traveling in Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Incas. They sell sweaters, dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, coats and jackets from that same high-quality material.

Why we love them: The business based in Tonganoxie, Kansas seeks to honor textile traditions from the past while keeping an eye on the future of fashion.

Kentucky: Hi-Five Doughnuts

Owners: Annie Harlow and Leslie Wilson

About the business: Hi-Five Doughnuts is Louisville, Kentucky’s first female-owned and operated doughnut food truck and storefront. You can build your own pastry with different glazes and toppings or choose from menu staples like the Kentucky Fried Buttermilk Chicken Doughnut.

Why we love them: The owners started their adventure in 2013 with just two tables and a tent and have come a long way; they’ve been named one of the top Southern food trucks by Southern Living.

Louisiana: Leontine Linens

Owner: Jane Scott Hodges

About the business: Leontine Linens in New Orleans, Louisiana knows that sometimes simple is best. They sell high-quality linens for your bed, bath and table, along with a variety of accessories like sleep masks and tote bags.

Why we love them: Leontine believes every single day is a special occasion. Your space deserves a touch of luxury, especially during the pandemic when we’re at home much more often.

Maine: Grayce Bridal & Formal

Owner: Courtney Wetzel

About the business: Grayce Bridal & Formal is the only female-owned bridal shop in all of New England. The team understands the enormity of a decision like this and ensures you’ll feel comfortable, relaxed and supported.

Why we love them: A free Grayce appointment means you and up to four other guests will have a completely private suite, access to expert stylists and champagne to pop when you finally find the one. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that Grayce’s mission is centered on serving, celebrating, and empowering women.

Maryland: Cholitas Tacos

Owner: Deanne Rapanakis

About the business: Cholitas Tacos in Baltimore, Maryland offers mouth-watering Mexican cuisine like burritos, quesadillas, street tacos, and tortas, which are Spanish-style sandwiches. They also have real cane sugar Mexican Coca-Cola.

Why we love them: Rapanakis grew up in Los Angeles, California, and wanted to bring quality Mexican food to Baltimore. Just like tradition, all of the food is made from scratch.

Massachusetts: Not Just

Owners: Catherine Smart and Jacqueline Grady-Smith

About the business: Not Just in Somerville, Massachusetts understands your busy lifestyle. They sell multi-purpose pantry staples that make dinner time (and dessert) a lot easier to manage: pasta sauce, salad dressing, pesto and caramel.

Why we love them: The founders met while teaching culinary classes in Boston and they’re both mothers, meaning they bring professional and personal experience to help you put easy meals on the table.

Michigan: Detroit’s Future Is Female

Owner: Kayla Borgen

About the business: Detroit’s Future is Female in the state of Michigan is a brand that seeks to empower the modern woman. They sell T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, hats, planners and a variety of other gift items emblazoned with the brand’s name.

Why we love them: Detroit’s Future Is Female promotes inclusion and equity for all girls and women. Borgen donates a portion of profits to organizations like the Detroit Justice Center and A Beautiful Me.

Minnesota: Innovative Office Solutions

Owner: Jennifer Smith

About the business: Innovative Office Solutions in Burnsville, Minnesota partners with organizations to develop workspaces from start to finish: furniture, design, branding, break rooms, cleaning facilities and more.

Why we love them: Innovative’s mission is to inspire people to love what they do, and who they do it with. The company also prides itself in plenty of local partnerships and charity work within the community.

Mississippi: The Caron Gallery

Owner: Kim Caron

About the business: The Caron Gallery in Tupelo features artwork by Mississippi artists in the categories of abstract, animal-themed, ceramic, figurative, floral, fused glass, jewelry, landscape and still life.

Why we love them: Caron opened her gallery after being a stay-at-home mother for almost 10 years. She says that while this move brought a unique set of challenges, the success of other women-owned businesses in the state inspired her to reach the finish line.

Missouri: Butter Love by L.C.

Owner: La’Crassia Wilderness

About the business: Butter Love by L.C., based in St. Louis, Missouri, is all about giving your skin some much-needed TLC using organic ingredients. They sell body butter, serum, face masks, tea, lip balm, sugar scrubs and sage. 

Why we love them: Wilderness spent much of her childhood suffering from chronic dry skin. She then turned her focus to nurturing her mind, body and skin as an adult and founded the company in 2014.

Montana: VIM&VIGR

Owner: Michelle Huie

About the business: VIM & VIGR in Missoula, Montana sells durable graduated compression socks for men and women, garments that are both stylish and supportive.

Why we love them: Compression socks help energize your legs, reduce swelling and alleviate achiness, but a lot of them aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. V&V changes the status quo and makes socks with appealing designs that you’ll actually want to be seen in.

Nebraska: Felius

Owner: Bre Phelan

About the business: Sip and snuggle at the Felius Cat Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska. The cafe matches patrons with fuzzy friends looking for a home, and you can drink delicious beverages at the same time.

Why we love them: As a cat owner to a sweet boy named Lucy, nothing makes me happier than seeing businesses go the extra mile for feline welfare and get the local community involved.

Nevada: The Velveteen Rabbit

Owners: Pamela and Christina Dylag

About the business: The Velveteen Rabbit in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada serves up unique cocktails and beer to give you a cultural experience like no other.

Why we love them: Everything about this bar is supernatural and witchy, from the decor to the alcohol names (Exquisite Corpse, anyone?) to the gorgeous pink outdoor patio. It’s been raved about in Forbes, Buzzfeed, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

New Hampshire: Maple Nut Kitchen

Owner: Vivian Cubilla-Lindblom

About the business: Maple Nut Kitchen in Swanzey, New Hampshire makes eating granola a delicious experience. You can buy delectable flavors like almond cranberry, lavender blueberry, pumpkin gingerbread and tropical orange.

Why we love them: Cubilla-Lindblom grew up in Paraguay and came to the U.S. 19 years ago. She realized she wanted to become an entrepreneur, and now, Maple Nut Kitchen has over 200 wholesale customers nationwide.

New Jersey: Believe Inspire Grow

Owner: Tara Gilvar

About the business: Believe Inspire Grow, based in Bernardsville, New Jersey, provides support for women in the areas of financial education, entrepreneurship,  family & relationships, home, travel & lifestyle and health & wellness.

Why we love them: Looking for a global community of professional women with whom you can network, attend workshops, foster personal connections and advance your career? You’ve come to the right place.

New Mexico: Nikle Co.

Owner: Nicole Kapnison

About the business: Albuquerque, New Mexico is home to the state’s first all female-owned spirits company called Nikle Co. It’s inspired by the Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture Demeter.

Why we love them: Nikle prides itself on being exceptionally clean alcohol. Every selection is free of additives, chemicals and sugars. Plus, every bottle, still and box is American-made.

New York: Chillhouse

Owner: Cyndi Ramirez

About the business: Chillhouse believes self-care should be easy and accessible for the ultimate “me time.” They operate a flagship spa in NYC and have a fun line of skincare, body care and wellness items.

Why we love them: Life is stressful, and it’s the little things that get us through the day. Chillhouse offers a welcoming oasis where you can treat yourself to good old-fashioned manicures, facials and massages.

North Carolina: The Humble Bee Shoppe

Owner: Brittany McGee

About the business: The Humble Bee Shoppe in Winston-Salem, North Carolina offers confections made with intention, a selection of cakes, cookies and macarons.

Why we love them: Humble Bee prepares delightful, delectable desserts for any occasion and seeks to add a touch of sweetness to your life. Members of the Macaron Club receive exclusive pastries and seasonal recipes each month.

North Dakota: Grateful Cratefulls

Owners: Aimee Hanson, Dori Walter and Dani Gilseth

About the business: Grateful Cratefulls in West Fargo, North Dakota makes sending custom gift boxes and bags as easy as pie. You can choose from thoughtful items like candles, puzzle books, blankets, chocolate and skincare items.

Why we love them: After a cancer diagnosis struck the owners’ family in 2018, they took those prayers and acts of kindness and turned them into something that will most definitely bring joy to someone you love.

Ohio: The Budding Florist

Owner: Ellie Wilke

About the business: The Budding Florist in Cincinnati, Ohio offers lush, locally-sourced flowers and tropical plants for any number of bouquets, centerpieces and wedding decor.

Why we love them: Wilke has loved flowers ever since she was a little kid at summer camp, plucking plants from every garden in sight. The shop’s playful, organic designs are inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature and made just for you.

Oklahoma: The Little Ark

Owner: Nina Westbrook

About the business: The Little Ark, based in Oklahoma City, is paradise for new parents looking for a beautifully-curated selection of baby clothes, playroom essentials, toys, furniture, car seats and even some clothes for adults.

Why we love them: Along with a retail environment, Little Ark offers classes for parents and children to do together like story time, jam sessions and “music & me” events.

Oregon: Make & Mary

Owner: Yvonne Perez Emerson

About the business: Make & Mary provides folks in Portland, Oregon with clean skincare spearheaded by a Latina woman. You can browse serum, diffusers, lip balm, bath bombs, CBD oil, candles, books, clothing and more.

Why we love them: The company provides a number of magical workshops where you can hone your craft in tincture making, tarot cards, natural dying, pattern designing, yoga and more.

Pennsylvania: love, Pittsburgh

Owners: Kelly Sanders and Monica Yope

About the business: love, Pittsburgh is dedicated to showing off the hard work of artists in Pennsylvania’s Steel City through candles, cards, T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, jewelry, coasters, personal care items and much more.

Why we love them: The business upcycles as much as possible to avoid waste and reuse materials. They recycle everything that can’t be reused, and all of the shopping bags are made of 100% post-consumer content.

Rhode Island: Ceremony

Owner: Michelle Cheng

About the business: A one-stop shop for all things tea in Providence, Rhode Island, Ceremony brings simplicity and peacefulness to the drinking experience. All of the loose leaves are sourced from China, Taiwan and Japan.

Why we love them: Ceremony celebrates the past by including a traditional tea ceremony and cocktail mixology with every visit. The exotic flavors come straight from small farms to ensure sustainability.

South Carolina: Grown Wild Paper Co.

Owner: Haley Hughes

About the business: Grown Wild Paper Co. in Greenville, South Carolina sells original floral art prints and cut paper work. They also offer one-of-a-kind wrapping paper and gift tags that will make your Christmas gifts look extra stunning.

Why we love them: Grown Wild’s prints are delicate and intricate, the perfect way to finish decorating your office space. Pair with lush, green plants and twinkle lights for the ultimate aesthetic.

South Dakota: Juniper Apothecary

Owner: Brittany Sopko

About the business: Juniper Apothecary uses natural, earthy ingredients to make body scrubs, soap, shower streamers, oil rollers, balms and personal care products.

Why we love them: Sopko runs the shop with her husband Josh as well as her four kids and two dogs. She says that if you find a bit of crayon on your new bubble bath, your package is very well-loved. They’re family-operated, literally.

Tennessee: Otaku Ramen

Owner: Sarah Gavigan

About the business: Nashville’s Otaku Ramen serves up mouth-watering bowls of the authentic noodle soup along with various appetizers, Boba tea, alcohol and custom merch. You can customize your order with add-ons like miso butter, bok choy and kimchi.

Why we love them: Gavigan worked in film production and the music business for 20 years and tried all of her local L.A. Ramen spots. When she moved back to Nashville she missed her oft-devoured noodle bowls, and thus, Otaku was born.

Texas: XOXO Dining Room & Garden

Owner: Maria Lagios

About the business: XOXO Dining Room & Garden in Dallas, Texas offers a dining experience like no other. It’s made up of a pink dining room, lush garden atrium, outdoor garden, cocktail lounge and private dining room.

Why we love them: XOXO lets guests eat, drink and socialize in a stylish atmosphere late into the evening, plus the venues are 100% Instagram-ready for all your selfie needs.

Utah: The Land of Salt

Owner: Erica Hoggan

About the business: The Land of Salt in Salt Lake City, Utah pays homage to the beautiful place it’s named after through handcrafted gold jewelry, thoughtful gifts for the home, clothing and accessories.

Why we love them: Sprawling landscapes and rugged rocks are the inspiration behind every single item Land of Salt sells. You’ll find something you love even if you’re not on Mountain Time.

Vermont: Botanica Florals

Owners: Sonja Grahn and Sarah McAllister

About the business: Botanica Florals in Montpelier, Vermont sells fresh, colorful flowers that will add a burst of happiness to any room. There’s also an adorable golden retriever named Ferdinand who happily greets every customer.

Why we love them: You don’t need a special occasion to send flowers to someone special, and Botanica meticulously selects the freshest flora for all your needs.

Virginia: Hour Cycle Studio

Owner: Jenn Braswell

About the business: Hour Cycle Studio in Virginia seeks to give Richmond residents an unapologetic Black experience where riders can immerse themselves in music, art, language and culture with each 60-minute sweat session.

Why we love them: Hour Cycle offers indoor and outdoor classes where hip-hop, Reggae, Afrobeat and SOCA playlists are blasted to get your blood pumping. Braswell wanted to create a safe space where Black athletes can gather and be the most authentic versions of themselves.

Washington: Moop

Owner: Wendy Downs

About the business: Moop in downtown Seattle manufactures functional backpacks, messenger bags, tote bags, crossbody bags and accessories for both men and women. They recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Washington state.

Why we love them: Moop knows life is busy and you need quality materials that last. Every item is durable yet stylish, so you can power through your day without worrying about any unfortunate bag-ripping incidents on your train ride home.

West Virginia: Hippie's Daughter

Owner: Elizabeth Elswick

About the business: Hippie’s Daughter, based out of Bridgeport, West Virginia, specializes in intricate macramé goods but also sells keychains, stickers, patches and plant hangers.

Why we love them: Elswick takes inspiration from what she calls nostalgic Appalachian expressions, and fun fact, she actually is the daughter of a hippie. Her focus is on art and lifestyle goods that always add humor and happiness to your space.

Wisconsin: The Home Market

Owner: Kate Kazlo

About the business: The Home Market is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s historic Third Ward district. The store specializes in custom upholstered furniture, home accents, bedding and lighting, all of which create an elegant, casual space.

Why we love them: Kazlo began her career with retail and home furnishings brand Shabby Chic in Chicago. She handpicks each Home Market item, which is often a vintage/one-of-a-kind piece just waiting to be discovered.

Wyoming: Alpyn Beauty

Owner: Kendra Kolb Butler

About the business: Alpyn Beauty may look familiar to Wishlisted readers, as we included them in a September story on our favorite indie skincare brands. They sell moisturizers, masks, serums, balms, cleansers and peels.

Why we love them: Alpyn’s clean formulas include ingredients straight from plant life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The brand is named for “alpenglow,” which Westerners will recognize as the heavenly pink light that illuminates forests and mountaintops.

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