17 Bedroom Accessories To Transform Your Space Into The Ultimate Relaxation Zone

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You only need a few things to have a functional bedroom; somewhere to sleep and somewhere to store your things. A few accessories though, and you’ll transition from basic rest zone to your favorite place to relax.

Clocks are really more about decor these days anyway.

Keep a restful space with this clean, mod clock. It ticks silently and draws the eye to it’s sharply lined geometric designs.

You can never have too much storage, keep it stylish.

These storage ottomans pull triple duty as a stylish decor piece, comfortable seating, and convenient hidden storage. A wide variety of color option means it’s easy to make them blend in- or stand out.

It's hard to relax when there's a cluttered closet on your mind.

Make the most of closet space with a sturdy organizer, or pull it out of the closet and use it as a mock built-in with the accompanying fabric cover as a display to highlight your favorite wardrobe pieces.

For the storage that's better left out of sight, and out of mind.

Keep out of season or off-size items in easy reach but out of sight with under-bed organizers. Clear top panels make it easy to remember where you tucked away key pieces when the weather changes.

Keep everything right where you need it.

Keep an organizer on top of your dresser to keep tabs on keys, coins, and essential everyday items. This 3 compartment tray has a walnut finish and a non-scratch felt interior.

A bedroom oasis calls for a fantastic pop of color.

A small rug, like this modern lined floral, makes sure your feet always land on the right side of the bed when you start your day.

Perfect for holding your phone, a good book, and maybe a glass of wine or two.

This space-saving bedside shelf lets you ditch bulky bedside furniture that is never the right height for your bed. It holds 15lbs and installs with no tools necessary, and keeps your essentials at arms reach.

Perfect for adding a glamorous accent wall to your at-home oasis.

Create a glimmering waterfall with 200 wall safe metallic gold dots. Add sparkle to your walls, doors, or mirrors with these metallic vinyl decals. Easy-off vinyl is great for renters, or decorating kids’ rooms where tastes change frequently.

When you want to keep your room clean, but are a little lazy too.

Make more time for yourself with this programmable Roomba vacuum. Includes Alexa functionality and mobile controls over wifi.

You don't realize how much better your room feels with a fan until you have one.

Keep comfortable in your space. This 8 speed tower fan can be remote controlled, it’s particularly quiet without sacrificing power. It’s sure to improve the air quality in your space

You can relax peacefully knowing your home is protected.

Nest Protect takes smart home features in a safe direction; with a multi unit networked system you can have multiple alarms synchronized, with clear informational alerts automatically pushed to your smart phone. Don’t waste time hunting for the source of an alarm, Nest Protect can be programmed to say things like “Carbon Monoxide alert in the bedroom” or “Smoke Alert in the kitchen,” so you can handle the cause of the alarm quickly, and avoid any lasting damage.

Why get out of bed to turn off the light when you can just hit a button on your phone.

Wifi enabled outlets allow you to use your phone as a whole home remote, controlling any device you have plugged in to them; with Alexa compatible smart outlets you also have the option of voice controls. These smart outlets also make a fantastic security addition, allowing you to program on/off schedules for anything you plug in to them.

A touch of soft light will make any space seem spa-like.

Stylish on its own or paired with seasonal decor, this lit branch bouquet makes a starkly contrasted and intriguing display.

Surround yourself with happy memories.

Keep memories on display in this play on a classic clothesline. Unlike traditional frames, you can swap out photos with ease, as well as displaying art, ticket stubs, holiday cards, and more.

A good book should always be within reach.

Store books, essentials, keepsakes and more in this bookcase headboard. The back panel allows access for electric cords, letting you keep chargers close by.

Having a fresh drink handy will keep your space feeling calm.

Remember to make your bedroom a resting space. This insulated bottle helps you keep drinks hot or cold while you read, sleep, or relax, helping you stay hydrated and nourished.

Make sure your master bathroom is as tranquil as your bedroom.

Spend zero seconds in a cold shower with a tankless water hero. Run the dishwasher, flush the toilet, there’s nothing you can do to interrupt this flow. They’re smaller than standard water heaters, making them ideal for compact spaces, and they save electricity; there’s no tank keeping 50+ gallons hot waiting for it to be needed.

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