11 Bedtime Story Books You Won’t Hate Reading Over and Over Again

Reading is fun!

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Books—they serve a deep importance to our lives and the development of our children. If instilled early, kids can learn to adore story time, and often attach themselves to certain books and exciting tales. Reality is, many of the options are strictly geared at putting simplistic, easy to understand material and pictures on paper. That’s great! But doesn’t it sound nice to incorporate some options that you might end up loving, too? From the simple, to slightly more complex, these kids books are adventures you wouldn’t mind reading over and over.

One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Around the World is a culturally educational book that offers a glimpse into Peru, Italy, Russia, Uganda, Iran, India, and Japan. What’s school like? What do they eat? What’s their favorite thing to do when playing outside? Understanding the environment each country’s children live in from day to day is an immersive way to discover small pieces of lives very different from our own.

The Day the Crayons Quit is a totally refreshing take on children’s books, that presents readers with the task of problem solving and conflict resolution. Complex stuff for kids, and intriguing for adults! Crayons have literally gone on strike and left behind nothing but resignations in the box. Each has their own complaint about their tedious jobs, from blue’s exhaustion from coloring all of those oceans, to others miffed because of torn paper coverings, which has left them in the buff. It’s creative and funny.

Harriet Tubman will forever be solidified in history as a true hero. Before She was Harriet breaks down key moments in her life in a chronological arrangement that is both captivating and deeply moving. Because of the clarity within the words, children will more easily understand the trials and triumphs of Harriet Tubman. And at the same time, adults can revisit the moving story they likely heard in history class back in the day. The authors, James Ransome and Lesa Cline-Ransome, have also written similar masterpieces that introduce kids to history.

The Bad Seed is a nutty adventure into the world of an angry little seedling who isn’t coping with trauma too well. He muddles through a watercolor city while his plant based peers cast judgement and disapproval for his grouchy ways. But this isn’t the end of the story for this guy. With a little help from good hearted snacks, our seedling just might find his way. A best seller on Amazon, adults and kids both can empathize with The Bad Seed.

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes spins off from a successful series featuring the beloved feline. The rhyming lines stray from the expected, and become almost like singing a favorite song as adults read along with their kiddos. Colorful, perfectly imperfect illustrations are like something from an eclectic painting that would be hanging in a trendy children’s room.

Okay, so it’s probably fair to say young parents love SpongeBob more than their kids. He’s happy go lucky and lovable, while  some of the humor is hilarious to grownups, unbeknownst to little ones. The episode where our favorite sponge comes down with a case of the suds comes to life in a book, SpongeBob Goes to the Doctor. We’re sure he will pull through, and mom and dad can reminisce about their fave childhood cartoon during story time.

If Animals Kissed Goodnight is a feel good story that will give kids and adults a sense of peace before drifting off to dreamland. Part of a series featuring many animal “what if” books, this particular one encourages imaginative thinking, while displaying unconditional love.

We Are Water Protectors is a stunningly illustrated book with mesmerizing swirls of teal and gem blues, but what’s more important is its message. A look into Indigenous culture of our land, the story follows an empowered native girl, determined to teach the world about environmental ethics, and our responsibility to preserve one of earth’s most precious elements—water.

A little kindness can change someone’s day, or even their life. Kindness Rocks teaches the ripple effect of a simple act of good, and it’s extremely relatable to both our kid’s lives, and our own. Little Clara paints messages of encouragement on rocks, and when another stumbles upon the stone, it’s proven what a huge impact such a small gesture can make.

Never Let a Princess Paint with Her Unicorn is a story about imperfection, and the beauty that can be found in it—such a deep message for a seemingly simple story. Unicorns, colors and happiness can be found every time the page is turned, and through it all we can learn that letting go can sometimes allows us to see something differently. We can discover that sometimes things may look like a mess, but it’s truly beautiful. For parents, that can be a freeing message.

Through Rosalie Colored Glass bridges the gap between children’s book and novel, being deemed a “novelette”, at just over 170 pages. Illustrations are whimsical and dainty, and the hardcover book itself with foil covering is nothing short of a treasure. The story within is another of kindness, a message that couldn’t be more urgent among the young and old these days. Rosalie navigates a new school and new peers, by sticking to a method of good hearted interactions. You’ll be inspired by this brave character.

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