The New WFH: 6 Benefits of Working Remotely From a Hotel

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Many of us have turned our kitchen tables into classrooms and make-shift office desks thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. While remote work and e-learning has taken some getting used to, on a positive note, it’s given us the flexibility to work from home. But WFH has recently taken on a new meaning — work from hotel — as hotels and resorts across the country are offering a different kind of out-of-office experience for remote workers. Some properties are offering special day rates for remote workers while others offer extended stay options for those who want to mix work and play for a “workcation.” Either way, a new office view can do wonders for workers who have work-from-home fatigue. Here’s how the new work-from-hotel trend can benefit you!

Change of Scenery

So that view from your living room window no longer sparks the same joy as when you first moved in? We know the feeling. A getaway can give you that change of scenery you need to stay motivated or escape a creative slump. If you’d rather take your zoom call with your toes in the sand, Aruba is inviting travelers to work remotely from paradise. Thanks to the Aruba Tourism Authority’s new “One Happy Workation” program, you can stay for a week or for up to three months and soak up the sunshine while working from the white sandy beaches — it sure makes sifting through spreadsheets a bit more appealing! Aruba is also offering accommodation packages that include special rates, complimentary WiFi, all-inclusive food and beverage options and more. You can work remote from a casitas just steps away from the beach at Boardwalk Boutique Hotel in Aruba. Enjoy a quiet workspace at your casitas or escape to your own beach hut. It’s a rejuvenating escape mixed with a taste of local lifestyle, all while logging hours from your virtual office.

Encourages You to Take a Break

Working from home naturally blurs the work-life balance. You may find yourself answering emails on a Sunday or taking a work call while juggling laundry and dinner. If you’ve become fatigued by the all-day work day, staying at a resort or hotel naturally encourages you to take a break. The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa in Geneva, Wisc., is offering a New Week, New Office Package for remote workers looking for a way to make your work week a little easier. You can pick your perk during your stay and opt for a free second room — perfect for parents who need to create a virtual classroom for the kids. Other options include a free suite upgrade or a $100 resort credit to enjoy decadent dining, golf, spa services or skiing — because you work hard, so you can play harder.

Get Out of the House

Working on a big project and just need a quiet place to get some work done? You may not have to travel far. Some hotels are offering special day rates for those looking for a temporary office without the distractions at home — we love our kids, but Paw Patrol isn’t the best background noise for client calls. Luckily, properties like The Mark Spencer Hotel in Portland are offering quiet spaces for local workers who need total concentration. For $75 per day, you can book work accommodations from 7am-5pm and take advantage of complimentary WiFi, in-room kitchens for your afternoon cup of coffee and a spacious desk — and the view of downtown Portland isn’t bad either. If you need a day or two of peace and quiet, consider a day rate from a hotel near you.

Lowers Stress & Anxiety

There’s no doubt 2020 has taken a toll on us. The pandemic has caused major changes to our lifestyle, our jobs and our families, and as a result, we’re more stressed and tired than we’ve ever been. Taking some time away from your new normal can be cathartic and a change of pace is sometimes all you need to lower your stress and anxiety, and come back refreshed and renewed. La Cantera Resort & Spa is offering remote workers and learners a chance to relax in Texas Hill Country. You can turn your remote office into a retreat with spacious accommodations, complimentary WiFi and a personal assistant during business hours. After your work is complete, hit the gym for a workout to relieve stress or turn on your out of office and head to happy hour at the resort’s Primero Cantina. If you really need to relax, check out the treatments and wellness classes at the Loma de Vida Spa. Even the kids can melt their worries away with a little after-school fun in the sun at the kid’s swimming pool or on a scavenger hunt at the resort, helping them burn off that extra energy after a day in their virtual classroom.

Fosters Family Time

With everyone working and learning from home, your house has become more like a temporary office or school, and less like the comfortable sanctuary where you relax at the end of the day. Taking your work and school on the road can encourage more time together. Create your work space or virtual classroom in the hotel room and when you’re done, head out to enjoy the amenities available to your family. The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, Colo., is offering a fall getaway package that’s perfect for remote workers looking for a new office view, but also a bit of family fun time. You can set up your office in any of the luxurious accommodations, and the resort offers private childcare if you need an extra hand. Kids can add some hands-on learning to their virtual school with The Broadmoor’s Bee Bunch program, which features STEM-focused activities and outdoor experiences. After a day of work and learning, enjoy this 5,000-acre resort’s variety of outdoor programs from walking trails and swimming pools to more challenging activities like zip lining and rock climbing. It’s the perfect mix of work and play for the whole family.

Get a Taste of the Nomad Lifestyle

If living the nomad life is something you’ve always dreamed of but never tried, now’s your chance. Take advantage of working remotely and travel to different airbnbs or hotels that offer you a chance to see the country and experience new adventures that you simply didn’t have time for before when you were stuck in an office. Some hotels are offering special deals for those looking to explore America. For example, Marriott Bonvoy has teamed up with the National Park Foundation to inspire travelers to visit America’s national parks. You can stay at any of Marriott’s 406 properties near a national park for a discounted rate, working remotely and taking time to explore the outdoors.

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