7 Best Acupuncture Pens to Try for Pain Relief

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Acupuncture is an ancient practice stemming from very, very old Chinese medicine methods. Back in the day, they didn’t even use needles but rather sharp stones and bones. As the practice developed, needles came into place and were manipulated to relieve pain and other ailments. If you’re still a little woozy at the idea of acupuncture, there are acupuncture pens that use less invasive methods to help relieve pain and give some of the same benefits.

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Powered by just one AA battery, this pen is easy to use, and has basic features for quickly relieving pain. Nine adjustable intensities allow you to decide which treatment will provide the most comforting results. A plus and minus control ensure simplicity when wanting to increase or decrease the depth of the pinpoint massage. Maybe you sit all day long and can really feel the ache in your shoulders. Maybe keeping one of these pens on hand to alleviate various pressure points could be a great way to reduce the burden of a computer job.

While very similar to another pen on our list, there are some key differences, such as multiple tips that create an incredible massaging/acupressure experience. Take on nagging pain that radiates to your back, neck, hands, feet, and more, with this age old pressure technique. You can set the intensity to your comfort level, therefore not having to endure any high amounts of sensitivity. Coming with two gels, it is simple to glide the pen across the skin. This product only needs one AA battery to operate. We can feel the tension leaving us already.

Do you hate the idea of gadgets, which makes you completely closed-minded to purchasing something with batteries and buttons? No worries, because this particular product is manual and about as straightforward as it can be. On one end, there is a slimmer massage head, and on the other, a slightly thicker one. Each end of the metal-constructed tool has various deep tissue massage benefits. So don’t worry about the power running out or not knowing which setting to put it on. Simply use it to relieve tension in areas like the hamstrings and wrists. Those throbs and pains from typing on your computer every day never stood a chance.

Two pens come with this manual set, which includes both stainless steel and a gold metal stylus for practicing various types of reflexology. One is actually for the face, and supposedly pressing on different areas like the cheeks, forehead, and chin can have different effects on the body. The other is for your actual body and can relieve pain in joints that tend to give the most trouble. So toss them in your purse or your pocket and enjoy the convenience of pain relief when you need it most. A spring mechanism inside these products will ensure that you don’t press too hard.

Not sure which acupuncture pens are right for you? That’s what makes the selection so wonderful, as it comes with three different types. The green tool has a larger surface area and is ideal for carrying around for a quick pressure relieving session on your neck or even for your feet. The metal pens have much finer tips and can easily access delicate pressure points. The idea is that these products not only relieve pressure but also increase blood flow, which can possibly reduce wrinkle appearance on your face. With springs built into the interior, you will experience light yet effective amounts of pressure.

Three different modes allow customers to have a variety of stimulating experiences that suit what their muscles and nerves need most. Further customizing the experience are ten intensity levels that allow you to work up to a more advanced level of acupressure therapy. Customer reviews are relatively solid, but one thing to note is that some say it takes some time to get the hang of using the device. Until there are better instructions with this option, just be patient and know that it will pay off.

With seemingly more advanced technology, this acupuncture pen features a digital display that helps you find perfect spots that receive the best pressure therapy. So if you’ve never tried this type of pain relief, the digital aspect may add a little bit of ease to the experience. The manufacturers created this particular pen with traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology methods. There isn’t a lot of feedback on this option yet, but the standard acupuncture pen features are in place.

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