15 Best Stationary Bikes as Alternatives to Peloton

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Who doesn’t love Peloton? Their designs look totally awesome, and their motivational exercise classes can truly help someone break some serious barriers when it comes to committing to a daily exercise routine. Notable Peloton features include a crisp LCD display, from which you can watch expert trainers demonstrate, and encourage through a session. The high definition screen also has touch capabilities, and the bike can sync with your Apple Watch. Peloton users will also have access to yoga, stretching, meditation and Boot Camp classes that will enhance the overall bike effectiveness. However, buying a Peloton, or other similar brands like Zwift comes at a hefty price, but there are other similar variations out there that you might want to consider. Below are some alternatives, some that may not necessarily be a ton cheaper. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, keep reading.

What is a good, affordable alternative to Peloton?

While the Carol bike comes in barely under Peloton‘s most expensive selection, with strength training, it will likely be worth it’s weight in gold to those who just simply don’t have time for a solid cardio workout every day. Many can achieve in just under 10 minutes, what takes nearly an hour to achieve in a traditional cardio activity. Boost your metabolism, improve your heart health, and do it in a fraction of the time, according to the master minds behind the artificial intelligence Carol.

Stride bikes are quite similar to Peloton, in the perspective of having top instructors from around the nation guide you through various workouts. While the price can be the same as some Peloton bikes, it can be cheaper than other options Peloton offers as well. While getting your heart pumping, you’ll have a wide selection of music to enjoy, while some sessions are choreographed to the beat of the music. Sounds fun! It can be surprising when discovering how motivational certain tunes can be.

Once you try virtual trails, you probably will never go back. A gorgeous LCD screen displays similarly to the Peloton, and will bring you into a virtual riding experience that you might crave on a daily basis. This reliable Schwinn brand bike is striking to say the least, and will add a showstopping aspect to your workout space. We also love that there is a cradle for small dumbbells, so you can incorporate a little bit of resistance training for your arms into your daily session. This Schwinn beauty comes with all the bells and whistles, and is under the average price for the typical Peloton bike.

Schwinn is tried and true and when it comes to traditional stationary bicycles. And you will pay dramatically less for this one, than you would an expensive Peloton. Workout enthusiasts will have 25 resistance levels to choose from, tailoring your work out to specific needs. The LCD screen can be connected via Bluetooth to various apps, like Explore the World, and the padded seat will be there to keep you comfortable while you do it.

And when purchasing this innovative stationary, upright bicycle, which also happens to look super swanky, you’ll get access to a special membership that will provide 90 days free access to cutting edge workout classes. The screen connects via Bluetooth, and will guide you, quite similarly to the Peloton workouts. Overall, a wide variation of experience and workout levels can be adapted to the bike. There are 32 different resistance levels, ranging from relatively relaxing, to downright intense.

When purchasing this option, you get the iFit personal training videos for a limited time, so you can decide if it’s something you’d like to sign up for or not. And with that beautiful displaying screen, you will probably want to sign up for it! There are big perks to having a bike that has display capabilities. Silent magnetic resistance creates for a quiet and soothing workout experience, and there are multiple resistance levels to choose from. With the rolling wheels, the bike can be tipped back and pushed out of the way for convenient storage.

The handlebars are designed to suite various riding positions, that can support training for all kinds of different activities, such as running, or even climbing! Not only does it look great, but features such as thick and steel, and extra cushioning in the seat, make the whole experience feel great as well. Enjoy your display screen, and traditional features such as calorie tracking and distance measuring.

This is just a good, solid bike, that doesn’t cost a whole lot. It looks good, features various key components such as heart rate and distance measurements, and of course a display screen. Expect a sturdy construction with a thicker metal, and a capability to hold up to 260 pounds. Buying a stationary bike doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and the body can still be extremely effective in helping you build muscle, and increase your cardio capabilities.

You’re probably going to be more comfortable than can be expected during a workout section, when on this recumbent magnetic resistant bike. Sit back, with extra lumbar support, and cushioning on the seat, and get your heart pounding while feeling the cool breeze of the internal fan hit your face. The screen can connect to Google maps, and will place you in various routes all over the world. That should make riding a stationary bike a lot more fun.

Many aspects of this bike are adjustable, for a customized riding experience, and the weight limit is a little bit higher at 330 pounds. This style handlebar allows you to sit in a position that will strengthen the arms, waist, and legs. A triple threat! We also love the wheels that make it super easy to tip back and roll into another part of the house. The bike also looks awesome, with electric blue accents against a black overall frame.

As you can already tell, Amazon offers a huge selection of exercise bikes, at a really affordable price. This one happens to be even cheaper than some of the others that we have listed on this compilation, but it still rates well, and has an overall solid presentation. Being very similar to other selections, you can choose from various riding positions, while enjoying some creature comforts.

Reviews constantly mention the sturdiness of the bike, and the structure compares overall to that of a Peloton. Enjoy the large and in charge nature, and it is also noted that the bike is astonishingly quiet when in action. The twist knob within easy reach controls the resistance, and easily increases or decreases the intensity of your work out. Download various workouts to your own iPad, and secure easily onto the top of the handlebars.

Starting out on a workout journey can be daunting, and sometimes physically very difficult. This recumbent bike might be a great starting point, for those looking to ease into the process. The “step through” on and off capability, makes it much easier to mount, and dismount the bike. Also, since it is a sitting bike, it can be a little bit easier to adjust to than an upright option. Enjoy an LCD screen, that is Bluetooth compatible, along with a smart phone holder, so you can play your favorite tunes.

We love that customers aren’t paying for an LCD screen, when they actually have one of their own they could probably use – – like a smart phone or a tablet! The iFit personal training videos will connect directly to the device that you already own, and will guide you through comprehensive steps, for effective goal achieving sessions. The bike is recumbent, but has the overall sleek appearance of other bikes similar to the Peloton.

We might have you saying “What? That doesn’t look anything like a Peloton”. But there are key features that are strikingly similar to the big-name favorite. If you’re looking to save space, this option will help you do that. While the Peloton is cleverly built to fit in small places, this upright bike will actually fold down and fit in to a much smaller space. There are some conveniences and technological attributes, like the pulse detector. So given the price, and if you are a person with a very limited amount of space, there may be some advantages.

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