The 11 Best As Seen on TV Products We’re Buying

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Recently Wishlisted used search data to identify most popularly searched As Seen on TV Products in each state. For this article, we’ve combined that information, along with customer ratings, to find out which ones live up to their infomercial hype. While some of these products may seem super gimmicky, they actually can be incredibly handy. So read on to find out which products might be the best to buy.

Want a PB&J and the jelly jar just won’t open? That can be frustrating! Or if those sweet dill pickles are calling your name and the lid just won’t budge, that’s annoying too. This product solves the problem, with a robotic mechanism that grips tightly to any jar lid, while loosening it with a tough maneuver.

Miracle socks provide the perfect amount of compression to increase blood flow and improve circulation in the legs. Overall, this can reduce painful inflammation while keeping feet from getting that overwhelmingly tired sensation. With a neutral design, they complement a pair of leggings and boots, or some men’s dress shoes.

“Huggle” yourself in soft fleece or Sherpa, because this oversized hoodie is reversible. Somewhat like the Snuggie, this product has a few different functions that make it more wearable in other situations. Basically, it is a blanket that has been stitched into hoodie form. Wear it to football games, or by the fire pit while roasting s’mores.

Have you ever gone to the bathroom at night, only to sit down after someone has left the seat up? Or have you made a big mess because you were too tired to turn the light on? Well never again. This handy light illuminates the toilet bowl, and is prompted by a sensor. So the interior will light up at night when you need visibility most.

Squatty Potty is a stool that can be placed directly in front of the toilet. Doctor recommended design puts the human body in the correct squatting position for the most efficient elimination experience. Constipation and bloating will be greatly reduced when practicing proper form during bowel movements. It’s not a glamorous product, but it sure will make you feel great.

These towels have countless purposes. Being extremely absorbent, they can tackle a hefty mess. However the ultra soft material is great for polishing delicate surfaces as well. Shamwow comes in a multipack, so you can designate each one for various purposes around the house. Toss them in the washing machine when they need a refresh, and you’ll save money along with the environment.

We are sure your butt already looks fantastic, but if you want a little bit of shaping and toning this could do the trick. A series of exercises are demonstrated via this ultimate Brazilian butt kit, and will target all of those areas to make you have an even more incredible shape.

The ab rocket looks like a futuristic desk chair, but it’s actually an exercise device. The design allows fitness enthusiasts to target their core without any strain or hassle. Yes, you will feel the burn, and it is glorious.

Wine condoms sound dirty, but they are not. While they do look like the real deal, these are made to go over wine bottles of course. Delicious fermented elixirs will stay fresh a little bit longer with one of these protective devices, you’ll also note preservation of the flavor as well. It’s actually quite handy.

This device changes low carb and healthy eating! Noodles made from squash, zucchini or other vegetables actually can make an incredible Italian or Asian dish. With an easy winding technique, it takes just a few seconds to make a nice little pile of noodles. Ratings on this are surprisingly high.

If there is one As Seen on TV product that most everyone likely knows about, it is the Snuggie. This wearable blanket has proven it’s worth, and has become an essential in the lives of many during the cold winter months. Hands are free while the Snuggie stays perfectly intact. So drink your cup of coffee, channel surf, or look through Facebook on your phone without emerging from the warmth.

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