62 Best Baby Shower Gifts That New Parents Will Absolutely Love

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Baby showers are an exciting celebration for parents-to-be as well as family and friends, and finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task — babies need so much! From diapers and bottles to cribs and toys, the list could go on forever and you’d still find something the precious little bundle of joy could use. And that’s not even counting the tiniest, cutest clothes you’ve ever seen.

To help you wow the new parents and give something both memorable and useful, we’ve compiled a list of the best baby shower gifts that are sure to be a hit with mom, dad and baby!

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Feeding Related Gifts

This position pillow is a must-have baby shower gift for any new mom. The Boppy pillow gives moms and little ones the perfect support while breastfeeding or bottle feeding. This versatile pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position while feeding, giving mom’s arms and back a bit of relief. This is a gift that will grow with baby too, transitioning to a support pillow for tummy time and learning to sit up.

Start the mom-to-be’s breastfeeding journey off right with high quality nursing pads and cream from Bamboobies. This kit includes two pairs of reusable, super soft nursing pads; two pairs of disposable nursing pads; soothing organic nipple balm; a wet bag for storing wet pads while on the go; and a breastfeeding guide full of helpful tips for new moms. It’s the perfect thing to throw in a hospital bag!

Parents can store all of baby’s just-washed bottles, spoons, and other accessories on this drying rack. The flexible grass blades hold items upright for drying and the excess water drips into the tray. The two-piece design makes it easy to clean and you can add rack accessories to hold smaller bottle and sippy cup parts. It’s a simple solution to keeping baby’s bottles, cups and utensils clean and dry.

A good bottle warmer can make life easier for new parents, especially in the wee hours of the morning when baby is hungry. Some little ones may take a cold bottle, but most babies naturally prefer warm breast milk — after all, breast milk is body temperature when they nurse. The right bottle warmer not only heats breast milk and formula to the perfect temperature, it does so quickly. The Philips Avent bottle warmer gently and evenly heats the milk, so there are no hotspots, and can warm a 4-ounce bottle in just 3 minutes. Plus you can warm sippy cups and baby food, and it has a defrost setting that will warm frozen milk and baby food.

New parents can save money by skipping the store-bought baby food and making their own. A baby food maker like the BEABA Babycook let’s parents create homemade, nutritious and delicious baby food for their little one in just 15 minutes. The 4-in-1 system lets you steam, blend, defrost or reheat fruits, vegetables, meat or fish. Plus its compact design means it won’t take up a ton of counter space in the kitchen.

Parents love the Bumbo seat for its compact size and variety of uses, easily transitioning from a floor seat, to a feeding seat and then as a booster seat. This is the gift that grows with baby from the time they’re learning to sit up to taking their first bite and beyond. It’s suitable for children 6 months to 3 years old, and features a three-point safety harness and a feeding tray that stows neatly behind the seat.

Make traveling with the little one easier with a portable high chair. This one from Summer Infant can be used at a restaurant, at the beach or at grandma’s house. It comes with a feeding tray that is dishwasher safe and the seat fabric is removable and machine washable. The pop and fold design makes it easy to set up in seconds and when you’re done, its compact enough to fit in a carrying case and stow away.

You may not put much thought into a bib, but the right bibs can make life (and laundry) a lot easier for parents. It’s true — not all bibs are created equal. These Copper Pearl bandana bibs keep things clean and dry from drooling, spit-up or meal time. They’re made of 100% cotton on the front and 100% absorbent polyester fleece on the back with two adjustable snaps to find the perfect fit. They’re so cute they can be worn as a precious accessory too!

Sleep Related Gifts

Keeping a watchful eye on the baby while they sleep is important and the VAVA Baby Monitor is the perfect choice for new parents. The large 5-inch monitor displays crisp and clear video — in fact, reviewers say the camera is so good they can actually see their baby breathing when using the 2X or 4X zoom! Watch your little one in full color by day and infrared grayscale at night. It also features LED noise indicators and room temperature reading, and has a transmission range of up to 900 feet. You can connect up to four cameras to the system and it doesn’t connect over WiFi, so it’s always a secure transmission.

This award-winning smart sleep device will tell parents vital signs, sleep stats and more. The Owlet Duo Baby Monitor includes the smart sock that fits most babies ages 0-18 months and tracks baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep patterns. It also includes a high-definition camera for a wide-angle view of baby’s room. All this can be tracked within the Owlet app, which notifies you when readings leave preset safe levels.

Help recreate baby’s womb-like environment with a safe and secure swaddle. These not only are soothing for baby — it feels like a warm hug — but prevents their startle reflex from waking them up, which means more sleep for parents! The SwaddleMe original swaddle is perfect for newborns who aren’t yet rolling over and like their arms tucked in. They come in a pack of three, so you’ll always have an extra one on hand.

When baby shows signs of escaping a tight swaddle or begins to roll over, they’ll need a transition swaddle like the Halo SleepSack to help them adjust. This sleep sack is a multi-way adjustable swaddle that allows babies to sleep with their arms in, hands-to-face, and one or both arms out — whatever is most comfortable for them. Plus the convenient inverted zipper makes midnight diaper changes easy!

This is a sound machine, nightlight and time-to-rise sleep trainer all in one! The Hatch Baby Rest grows with your child, helping to establish healthy sleep routines from the start. It is designed with scientifically proven light colors to promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production, paired with soothing sounds to help baby stay asleep. As your child grows, Hatch Baby Rest provides soft light for midnight feedings and diaper changes and when they become toddlers, the time-to-rise feature alerts them when it’s OK to get out of bed in the morning. It’s all easy to customize and control right from your phone!

Whether you’re on-the-go or staying at Grandma’s house, a portable white noise machine let’s you bring the soothing sounds with you. This encourages baby to stay asleep during car rides, in the stroller and while traveling. The Hushh portable white noise machine will effectively mask any noises that may disturb baby’s sleep while you’re out and about. It features three soothing sounds, an amber LED night light, and a baby-safe clip that can attach to anything.

New parents may anticipate some sleepless nights, but those will be few and far between with The Snoo by Happiest Baby. This smart sleeper’s safety features include a built-in swaddle to keep baby from rolling and the Snoo’s responsive technology helps calm baby and lull your little one back to sleep. The Snoo was created by pediatrician and child development expert Dr. Harvey Karp and it can detect baby’s cries and respond with motion and sound. It is a larger investment than other traditional bassinets, but can you really put a price tage on a great night’s sleep for you and baby?

Moms love a multi-functional baby product and this is one they’ll use time and time again. The Dockatot is the ultimate multipurpose infant lounger for newborns and infants up to 8 months. Its versatile design mimics the cozy environment of the womb and can be used for supervised napping, diaper changes, tummy time, lounging, playing, cuddling and more. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, making it ideal for traveling too.

Perfect for calming newborns, a pacifier like the Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier is a go-to for parents, doctors and nurses. The pacifier is made of BPA-free medical-grade silicone and comes with a plush toy that makes it easy for little hands to find and hold. The soothie plush toy detaches and is machine washable, while the pacifier is dishwasher safe.

A bedside bassinet offers you the closeness of co-sleeping but with the safety of baby’s own sleep space. That’s why parents are loving the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper. It allows you to tend to your newborn baby without leaving your bed and to help you get back to sleep quickly after comforting or feeding. However, it can transition to a standalone bassinet to be used anywhere. It features breathable mesh sides, two side pockets for baby’s essentials, adjustable height, and built-in wheels with brakes to move around easily and safely.

Must-Have Gear Gifts

Baby-wearing is a popular, hands-free way to keep baby close while you’re around town (or around the house). Plus, baby wearing has been proven to reduce crying in infants, as it creates a womb-like position for newborns. This slips on easily like a T-shirt — no straps, rings or buckles to fuss with — and is made of breathable 100% cotton. The double loop design creates a secure wrap carrier that can support a child 8-35 pounds in multiple carrying positions. Plus it’s machine washable and can easily fit into a diaper bag to be used on the go.

A great place for baby to chill and play, this chair offers soothing vibration and rocks to calm your little one. It comes with a toy bar to entertain a busy little baby too. It also converts to toddler seat so it grows with baby instead of being a piece of baby gear you only use for the first few months of life and then takes up precious storage space in a closet.

A car seat cover comes in handy for doctor appointments, trips to the grocery store or anytime parents are out and about with baby and want to create a safe, covered environment. This cover also can be used as a nursing cover, high chair cover or cart cover for ultimate versatility. The soft, stretchy material comes in lots of classic and fun prints too, like this cute Star Wars print.

It’s a simple gift, but one the parents-to-be may have overlooked when registering. A stroller fan comes in handy during the summer months or warmer climates to keep baby cool outdoors. This makes trips to the zoo and walks at the park more tolerable when temperatures rise — and parents can use them too.

Give the gift that will comfort, soothe and entertain baby all in one. The 4moms mamaRoo Infant Seat bounces and sways just like parents do when comforting their baby. The mamaRoo offers five different settings to provide realistic movements, along with soothing music, all of which can be controlled through a Bluetooth-enable device like your phone. The colorful mobile provides engaging entertainment for your little one too.

While this may seem like more of a luxury than a necessity, the parents-to-be will thank you for it later during winter months or during a late-night diaper change when a cold wipe on the bum may startle baby. A wipe warmer like this one from Hiccapop can keep a week’s worth of baby wipes warm and moist, so diaper changes are always soothing to baby’s sensitive skin. It also comes with a built-in nightlight to illuminate the changing table during those 3am diaper changes.

Help parents keep their baby’s nursery from stinking with a quality diaper pail. There are a lot of options out there, but the Ubbi diaper pail is a best seller on Amazon and has won numerous awards from baby and parenting websites — and for good reason. This steel pail keeps odors locked in and there’s not special bags to buy, so it actually saves you money in the long run. It also comes in a range of attractive colors and designs, making this glorified trash can less of an eye sore in a super cute nursery. The only downside is that it’s not a hands-free option, as it does have a handle to open and close it. If you’d like to give a hands-free option, consider the Munchkin STEP diaper pail.

Make future trips with baby trouble-free for parents with an easy-to-use travel crib. The BabyBjorn is only 13 pounds and makes setting up easy with no loose parts, earning it the Editor’s Choice award for best travel crib on Amazon. Just open the crib, insert the mattress and baby’s ready for bedtime. It may have a heftier price tag than other travel cribs, but parents say the higher cost is well worth it.

There are so many options for strollers and car seats, but the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a stylish and safe car seat and stroller that doesn’t break the bank (or your back when lifting it). This system includes the Safemax rear-facing infant car seat and base that makes going from car to stroller easy. The sleek stroller is extremely versatile, with six modes that allows baby to face in or out, and the seat easily converts to a travel system, frame mode or carriage system. It also features a removable snack tray and a large storage basket. It’s a high-quality travel system that gives parents the luxury look for less.

Keep tabs on a rear-facing baby while you’re behind the wheel with a backseat mirror. This shatterproof mirror from SkipHop offers a wide-angle view and has multi-angle pivot for easy adjustability to any backseat headrest. You can keep a watchful eye on your little one and keep backseat shenanigans to a minimum.

Bath Time Gifts

This may be basic, but a great baby bathtub can make bathtime so much fun — for parents and their little one. Get one that grows with them like the Skip Hop 3-stage tub, which supports babies from the newborn stage to infant and beyond. The sling fits in two ergonomic positions for newborn support and seated support, then it can be removed for infants 6 months or older who are ready for splashing.

It’s a toy for kids and a tool for parents, so this is a winning gift. A bath thermometer helps create a safe and fun bath for babies and gives parents peace of mind. This Turtlemometer floats and can be submerged, plus it gives color-coded temperature readings.

Baby’s sensitive skin deserves only the best, and Tubby Todd’s Newborn Gift Set covers baby from head to toe. From bath time to diaper changes, Tubby Todd Bath Co. offers gentle body basics like diaper cream, body wash, massage oil and lotion to keep baby’s skin clean and moisturized. All products are safe for sensitive skin, gluten free, dairy free, cruelty free and made in the USA.

From belly butter and nipple balm to diaper cream and sunscreen, Earth Mama Organics has natural products for everyone and every body — mom, baby, big kids and more. These safe and effective herbal products help treat the discomforts of pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, while also offering clean products for everyday like sunscreen, eczema lotion, hand sanitizer and herbal teas. Create the ultimate gift basket with goodies for mama and baby like the belly butter, nipple balm, milkmaid tea, diaper cream and baby wash and lotion.

Taking care of a sick babe is a tough job, but a quality thermometer to help parents keep tabs on their little one’s temperature makes it easier. This no-contact thermometer offers easy-to-read temperature results color coded by green, yellow and red, and will let you know your results in 2 seconds. The no-contact comes in handy in the middle of the night too — no more waking baby up to check their temperature.

This stuffy nose solution may seem different at first, but mom’s swear by it. The Snotsucker nasal aspirator is safe, effective and more comfortable for baby than traditional aspirators. While parents-to-be may seem apprehensive, they’ll thank you later when they’ve solved a sticky situation with less fussing.

This is quite possibly one of the cutest things you can buy for a baby. From ducks and unicorns to elephants and sharks, a soft and fluffy hooded towel is a must-have after a warm bath. Plus these make for the cutest post-bath pics.

Because a tiny robe equals big cuteness! This is a great gift that may not be on their registry, but they’ll appreciate the thought later. A comfy bathrobe is great for little ones and up until the toddler years. It can be worn after bath or even just for lounging in their pjs on colder nights. Find a cute character robe or get one embroidered for a keepsake.

Toy Gifts

This is the perfect place for baby to burn off some energy and be entertained for a little while — or at least however long their little attention spans can handle. The Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper gives baby plenty of activities to play and learn with engaging lights, sounds and music. Babies can discover colors and numbers, as well as three different languages: English, Spanish and French.

This baby accessory is a must-have, as you can attach the Tiny Love toy arch to any chair, car seat or stroller for the ultimate entertainment for baby. This one toy arch offers eight activities to promote baby’s development. Baby can explore different textures, sounds and colors all while practicing graspings at the meadow-themed toys and teethers on the arch. Plus, the baby-activated propeller teaches baby cause and effect.

As baby grows, they’ll need a bit more support as they learn to sit up and explore their world. The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat helps support baby in an upright position in this cute and comfy chair. It comes with two linkable toys for play time and the seat is machine washable to make life a little easier for mom. Plus this chair has an easy-fold design, so it can be stowed away or taken to grandma’s house.

Finally a baby toy that isn’t annoying for parents! Baby will love this toy for its colorful lights and happy tunes. It plays seven classic melodies that baby can toggle through with the large, easy-to-push button and the handle is colorful and easy for baby to grasp. It’s perfect for on-the-go or at home.

This is a great toy for little ones to grow into, while also doubling as cute nursery decor. This personalized name puzzle is not only lots of fun for kids, but it encourages fine motor skills, letter recognition, logic and name spelling. Its bright colors will catch their eye and the large puzzle pieces are ergonomical for small hands.

This was rated one of the top baby toys in 2019 and for good reason — it’s sensory magic for little fingers. Babies love playing with the different size bubbles on the Dimpl and the colorful buttons encourage fine motor skills and cause-and-effect learning. Plus this toy is super sturdy, made of high-quality ABS plastic and 100% food-grade silicone, so it’s super safe for baby.

It’s a teether, it’s a rattle, it’s all the fun in one toy. The PipSquigz Loops can entertain baby in a lot of ways, plus it’s suction cup design makes it easy to attach to a surface for some stationary fun. This toy encourages sensory exploration as well as cause-effect learning with lots of colors and textures for their little fingers to explore.

A basic but essential first toy for little ones is a set of blocks. These blocks from Fisher-Price are ergonomic for little hands and colorful to keep your kiddo engaged and entertained. Perfect for sorting and stacking, the blocks can help babies develop their fine motor skills and introduce them to colors and shapes.

One of the easiest ways to entertain a newborn is with a fun and engaging mobile above their crib. This take-along mobile from Tiny Love can be attached to most cribs, but can also be used on strollers, bassinets, play yards and more. The colorful, spinning toys will visually stimulate baby while the five engaging melodies play continuously for 30 minutes for uninterrupted entertainment.

Awaken baby’s senses with the popular Sophie la Giraffe toy! The giraffe’s contrasting spots offer visual stimulation; its squeaker entertains baby and helps them to learn cause and effect; and Sophie’s shape is perfect for baby to chew on and soothe their sore gums when teething.

A play gym is an essential toy to help baby master each developmental learning stage and the Lovevery’s award-winning Montessori-inspired play gym is one of the best options for parents. It was designed by child development experts and includes everything baby needs to learn through play with appropriate activities to promote physical, cognitive, visual and motor development. From tummy time to a play fort, this covers all the stages for a whole year of playing.

Learning is fun with this cuddly puppy from Fisher-Price. Baby can press on Puppy’s hands, feet, ears and heart to learn more than 100 words, as well as colors, counting, body parts, shapes and more. The smart stage technology ensures this toy grows with baby, with a variety of songs, sounds and phrases for each level of play.

Keepsake Gifts

This is one gift that keeps on giving — each month to be exact. New parents can track their baby’s growth through the first year of life with a monthly milestone blanket. Plus you’ll get super cute baby pictures sent back to you each time they use it!

It may be old school, but if the mommy-to-be has a more classic style, consider gifting them a pewter baby rattle. You can personalize it by engraving it with baby’s name or monogram, or a special message from you. It’s a keepsake they’ll have forever!

A great way to preserve the baby’s official first picture is a sonogram frame. New parents can admire that image for years to come and it’s a better way to enjoy it rather than being stuck in a baby book or on the refrigerator.

A precious outfit for a new baby is always appreciated, especially when it makes the perfect coming home ensemble! After all, we have to dress to impress for that first photo for family and friends. A coming home layette can include a onesie, hat, mittens, pants, matching blanket and more, and you can personalize them with the baby’s monogram or name or a meaningful print.

It’s easy to forget just how tiny a newborn baby was when they entered the world, but parents will always remember with this gift! New parents can admire those little fingers and tiny toes for a lifetime with a handprint and footprint frame. The best part: it’s inkless, so less of a mess for the wee one’s fingers and toes.

Make bedtime stories even sweeter with this personalized book that incorporates the baby’s name throughout the story and illustrations. This unique bedtime story will engage your little one as they grow and the soothing story will lull them right to sleep.

Baby clothes are always cute, but make mom and dad laugh a little each time they pull a funny onesie out of the closet. There are plenty to choose from, including song lyrics, witty puns, pop culture references and more.

Now that baby is part of the family, give the parents a Christmas ornament they can hang on their tree to commemorate their little bundle of joy. You can celebrate baby’s first Christmas or personalize the ornament with baby’s name. Either way, the parents will enjoy it ever year as they decorate for the holidays.

Gifts for Parents-to-Be

Baby books are great for marking milestones, but a journal is a nice way for a new mom to share more details about life with your new baby. Sometimes it’s the little things we cherish the most, like the memories of baby’s first giggles, the face they made when trying their first foods and even changing that first diaper explosion.

Get your caffeine fix in mugs that celebrate your new roles as parents. These oversized coffee mugs are the perfect gift for new parents who’ll certainly need a big cup of Joe after some long nights with a newborn.

Some milestones are happy and you need to celebrate — others can be tough and tearful. Whether you’re celebrating when they sleep through the night or relaxing with a Riesling after their first public temper tantrum, these cute wine labels can help make those moments extra special when you pop the cork. This can even help lighten the mood after a mommy meltdown — we all have them and you’re doing a great job, mom!

Help the parents-to-be keep track of all of the baby’s milestones with a baby book. This thoughtful gift is one they’ll cherish for a lifetime and look back on all the memories they made as their little one grows up.

Take one less chore off the new mom’s to-do list with a robot vacuum cleaner. The Roomba can help them keep things clean where their little one plays and crawls, giving them peace of mind that everything is pristine. A Roomba can effectively clean both carpet and hard-wood floors with its auto-adjust cleaning head and it can be scheduled to clean as often as everyday through its app.

As a parent, sleep can sometimes be elusive. When you’re struggling to get some solid sleep or you’re feeling weary in the wee hours of the morning, this book can help you through those trying times with a bit of humor.

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