12 Baby Sunglasses That Are Too Cute for Words

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Grabbing our sunglasses on the way out of the door is second nature for many of us. But what about protecting baby’s sensitive eyes from those powerful UV rays? Thankfully, there are a ton of baby sunglasses in the market now – from polarized to impact-resistant. Our little ones can get out and enjoy the sunshine safely, all while looking snazzy in cute sunglasses.

What You Should Know

  • Polycarbonate lenses ensure durability.

  • A neoprene band keeps them securely attached.

  • Highly affordable option.

The flexible rubber frames on these sunglasses tolerate rambunctious play or baby’s attempts to escape them. The 100 percent UVA/UVB protection helps protect young babies from damaging their sight, especially when they’re young enough to have poor head and neck control. A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty offers extra peace of mind. Reviewers note that, while advertised for birth-24 months of age use, they aren’t adjustable enough to ensure a comfortable fit for newborns.

Review Highlights

I’ve been using these with my 7 Month Old for over a month now. They are slightly curved, which fits the frame of her face perfectly. The band is long. I have to pull it back further in order to make it tight around baby’s face and less likely to move. It’s doable, but the band sticks out to the side and looks funny as there is no velcro past a certain point.”

What You Should Know

  • 0-12 or 0-24 month sizing available

  • Lightweight TPE construction

  • Bendable frames tolerate child handling

These baby sunglasses offer a wide selection of sizes and colors, so finding the right fit for your baby has never been easier. Removable straps provide additional flexibility — and speaking of flexibility, feel free to bend and twist these frames with no fear of snapping. There’s something for everyone with UVA/UVB protection and dozens of color options, including matching mommy-and-me sunglasses in some colors.

Review Highlights

“I love these glasses. Sturdy, flexible, BPA-free, UV 400, and so cute! I may get the matching adult pair.”

What You Should Know

  • Available in infant, baby, and toddler sizing 

  • Impact-resistant lenses 

  • Polarized lenses cut down on glare

Available in a wide range of colors, these sweetheart frame lenses keep babies, infants, and toddlers safe from harsh rays and redness, and irritation. Three size options make it easy to get a custom fit for your little one and come in single or double packs, perfect for keeping one at home and one in the car for easy access.

Review Highlights

“Highly recommend because it’s also polarized and has UVA/UVB protection!”

What You Should Know

  • Classic wayfarer design

  • Gender-neutral black frames make them great for hand me downs

  • One Size

These Target-branded Cat and Jack wayfarer-style sunglasses have a true consensus review: 22 reviewers rate them a unanimous 5/5 stars. Even in such sweet shades though, you’ll want a hat for your kiddo for longer exposures like playing at the beach. Pick up a comfy beach hat for extra protection.

Review Highlights

“These are absolutely adorable I love them so much we got two pairs” “Our 4-month-old isn’t a big fan of the sun in his eyes – picked these up on a whim and he’s a big fan”

What You Should Know

  • Polarized lenses for extra glare protection

  • One-year replacement guarantee

  • Only available in pink or blue

A wider strap displaces pressure more comfortably around baby’s head, so you’re less likely to get red strap marks with Baby Banz than some other strapped sunglasses, though some reviewers note that the wider strap places more pressure on their little one’s ears. Review Highlights “He doesn’t mind wearing them, they fit well, are unobtrusive, and are admittedly pretty hilarious on such a tiny kid”

What You Should Know

  • Polycarbonate lenses, instead of plastic

  • Cute mirrored-look lenses

  • Not available to ship

If you’ve already left for vacation before realizing that spending all day at the beach, the lake, or the theme park is going to be rough on your kiddos, the only option is to pick up sunglasses locally. You could spend major bucks getting cartoon character branded gear, or drop by the local Target instead for these stylish-as-a-star red heart frames. Review Highlights  “They are adorable and well made”

What You Should Know

  • Nine fun color choices

  • 0-24 months

  • Prescription Ready

Take these stylish frames to your tot’s optometrist. These sunglasses are a great way to prevent sun damage for children who need prescription glasses. The adjustable frames can be bent without breaking them, so contouring them to the shape of your kiddo’s head is a snap, and they can be re-adjusted as your little one grows. Durable frames and shatter-proof lenses combine in one chewable, baby-proof package.

Review Highlights

“These are definitely better than your average baby shades.”

What You Should Know

  • Hinge-free design prevents pinches and hair pulling

  • Reversible frames for a custom fit

  • Comes in six fun colors

Julbo’s size I sunglasses are perfect for babies who are too small for some other baby brands; reviewers report using them easily on babies under 6 months old. The removable strap design offers extra flexibility. Reversible frames also help get an ideal fit, as they can be flipped “upside down” with no loss of UV protection for babies whose ears are smushed by the standard fit. Review Highlights “Most are just too big for a newborn, but these fit great and seem comfortable”

What You Should Know

  • No band or strap to keep these attached

  • 89 percent of reviewers rated them five stars

  • Available in red or yellow

An included carrying pouch keeps these safe and easy to find in the diaper bag while on the go. The stylish smoked lenses are effortlessly cool, and the safety features follow through with 100 percent UV protection. Glare protection helps keep kiddos who are just learning to walk safer, and these lenses fit children up to 3 years old.

Review Highlights

“These glasses are super comfortable, and our son does not mind wearing them all day long.”

What You Should Know

  • Swap from headband to temples in one set of frames

  • Soft silicone tips for additional comfort

  • Neoprene headbands float 

These adjustable baby sunglasses offer multiple ways to wear them. The two adjustable neoprene headbands provide a range of customizable fits. The neoprene bands even float, so they’re perfect for the family on the go who enjoy fishing, hiking, or boating. Swap out the headbands for soft, silicone-tipped temples. Though several reviewers noted that these modular glasses offer tons of flexibility for very young babies, the straps still don’t adjust down enough for a tight fit.

Review Highlights

“My 3-month-old is so much happier riding in the car without the sun in her eyes.”

What You Should Know

  • Available in multiple colors

  • UV400 Protection

  • Plastic frame and lens

These adorable sunglasses are perfect for little fashionistas. You get a choice of colors, and they are durable for an affordable price. Reviewers do note that they run a little big, so you will likely have to wait until your little one is a bit older for these to fit.

Review Highlights

“So cute! have the best color options! Definitely sizes for 6+ months up to toddler.”

What You Should Know

  • Polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection

  • Soft, unbreakable frame

  • Adjustable and removable strap

These sweet shades combine safety, comfort, and fashion. The plastic, flexible frame keeps babies from easily breaking them, and the strap helps keep them from getting lost on adventures. The polarized lenses make it comfy and safe, protecting those little peepers from UV rays. While these are specifically designed for babies between 3-24 months, some reviewers have noted that they may not fit as well if your baby has a head that is on the small side.

Review Highlights

“I was a little skeptical about putting glasses on our five-month-old for the first time, and these were great. He seems to be comfortable wearing them and is a lot calmer when we are outside because the sun isn’t overbearing on his eyes. We absolutely love this product and definitely recommend.”

What You Should Know

  • 100% UVA and UVB protection

  • Available in many colors

  • 30-day return policy

These baby shades have some serious flair! The rounded flower frames come in numerous fun colors, and the frames are even shatterproof! While these don’t have the flexibility that some of the other bendable baby sunglasses have, reviewers note that they are good quality for the price and can run a little big on some kiddos.

Review Highlights

“Great item; if my child would just leave them on, they are so cute! She is one, and they fit great on her tiny baby head!”

What You Should Know

  • BPA-free protective frame and lenses

  • Removable and adjustable strap

  • 100% UV Protection

The manufacturer describes these baby sunglasses are described as adorable, and we agree! The dino frames are just one of the many options available. You can also rest assured that eye doctors designed these glasses, so baby’s eye health is a top priority. Plus, they have anti-scratch lenses and come with a cute, sturdy case to keep these glasses safe and sound!

Review Highlights

“I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the glasses and at the addition of a hard storage case. They are easy to get off and on, and the adjustable strap should ensure that they fit well for at least another year.”

What You Should Know

  • UV 400 lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection

  • Adjustable strap for head circumference 13-15 inches

  • Flexible rubber frames and impact-resistant, polarized polycarbonate lenses

These heart-shaped glasses have flexible (and cute) frames, a comfortable strap, and protective, polarized lenses. They are sized for kiddos 0-24 months, and if you’re not sure of the fit – the company provides exact measurements. Reviewers say they seem to be accurate size-wise, and the strap is super helpful!

Review Highlights

These are super cute and fit my 4-month-old perfectly, not big or small.”

“Super cute, adjustable strap on the back which can snap off too, and they’re polarized and protective.”

What You Should Know

  • Flexible, durable frames made from BPA-free material

  • 100% UVA/UVB protective, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses

  • 1-year WeeFarers Guarantee

Although these are a bit more of an investment for baby sunglasses, we think you might be pleased with the results – and the company is determined to make sure you are! These WeeFarers sunglasses come with a guaranteed one-year warranty for free replacement sunglasses if misplaced or damaged. They are an adorable take on a classic design – and have the safety specs to boot.

Review Highlights

“This is our second pair of WeeFarers. I’m so happy with these. Our daughter loves them, and what a relief to have sunglasses that stay in place on a child. They’re an investment, but if you’re serious about sun protection, do yourself a favor and get these!”

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