14 Best Backpack Dog Carriers for Travel

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We’ve come a long way from those little plastic carriers with the grid metal front when it comes to taking our dog on vacation, to the vet, or just on a relaxing stroll. Sure, many dogs do awesome on a leash while traveling through the airport or hitting the trails. Walking around on a leash can sometimes not be an option and will limit the traveling capabilities of a doggy/human duo. Backpacks are a solid option and can be quite comfortable as well. We aren’t talking about the baby carriers where their legs stick out of little holes, but rather super comfortable snuggly backpacks that tend to be more secure. Below are our top picks for travel backpacks for dogs. Be sure to consult with your vet before choosing your carrier.

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Carriers For Small Dogs/Cats

The tall construction of this backpack pet carrier is ideal because it provides ample headroom if used with the appropriate-sized dog. The large mesh window in the front creates more moveability, which can be especially helpful for pups who may get a little bit more anxious when somewhat enclosed. This large window will also provide extra ventilation as well. In the description, it is noted that this particular option is great for airline travel, but always ensure to call the airline you’re flying with to confirm this carrier will be suitable. It’s never a bad idea to also check with the TSA’s most updated standards.

The spacious design will give pups of the appropriate size for this carrier some much-appreciated room to stretch. Both side panels open up, so pets can easily enter and exit. A top zipper allows you to sneak treats or maybe just your hand in for a quick scratch without having to open up one of the exits. With a name tag, and an abundance of colors such as heather gray, pink, or royal blue, consumers can select a more personalized look that will fit both their style and their fur baby’s style.

If you’ve tried other backpacks that tend to seem too constricted for your dog, this particular selection might be a solution. The difference is an extra large front entrance that also serves as a spacious, well-ventilated window for your pet to look out of. More practical features follow, from side pockets that can accommodate all of your pet’s accessories, two ultra-comfortable shoulder straps for easier carrying, and a front buckle for extra safety.

It can be hard for dogs to adjust to riding in a backpack carrier. This might take a little practice but will be well worth it in the long run. Opting for a carrier that can not only safely secure your dog but can reduce their anxiety is key in helping them adapt to a new transportation method. This bag has, for the majority, clear exterior material, which makes for optimal visibility for your best fur buddy. Large ventilation holes bring air into the bag, and generously sized mesh pockets provide ample storage.

This carrier’s sturdy structure is meant to keep its shape rather than having vulnerable areas that could give in. A large mesh entry, and removable bottom for cleaning, add convenience and practicality to this option. This carrier is approved for most airline travel, converting into a smooth rolling option or a backpack with extra comfortable straps that are wide and more secure. Having the rolling option is phenomenal when you’re tired after a long day of travel. Trust us on that one.

Built for smaller breeds that come in just under 10 pounds, this lightweight carrier certainly won’t let you down. The breathable material will also be something your pet will appreciate as well. This bag was designed to fit the regulations of most airlines but is also great for just wearing while on a walk. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable, and a front buckle will help keep the product in place. Bonus, there is also a poop bag dispenser, which will be particularly convenient in just about any scenario when your dog is in tow.

Looking for a bag that can meet your dog’s travel needs? This might be it. The sleek luggage-style transport device glides seamlessly through airports with a telescoping handle. However, you can also wear it as a backpack, carry it like a duffel bag, or safely buckle your dog in the car once you reach your destination. The carriers’ sides are also extendable to offer more space when waiting at the gate for your flight or security while they adjust to the new hotel. This bag fits most airline requirements, but be sure to check with your particular transportation company to be certain.

We love multi-purpose products that can accommodate a variety of situations. The backpack-style carrier fits comfortably and can carry up to a 20-pound pup. A large mesh window allows them to see their surroundings and suffice those sweet curiosities. However, going beyond the typical backpack, this carrier transforms seamlessly into a rolling carrier, with stabilized wheels that prevent the carrier from tipping over. Enjoy a smooth gliding experience with an adjustable handle for your comfort. Extra pockets can hold whatever you need, such as super special chew toys.

Carriers For Bigger Dogs/Cats

K9 Sport Sack displays a versatile design amongst its various backpack style carriers. What makes the company stand out from many others is the carriers that can hold much larger dogs than your average backpack carrier. Their heavy-duty design is intended to be comfortable for pet parents and dogs. The side panels are made of mesh, so there is cross ventilation and breathability, and an interior tether holds dogs securely in the pack. There is a learning curve to getting used to this particular carrier style, so maybe consider practicing with your dog around the house.

This rucksack is adorned with stylish buckles, and super sleek materials, giving it a more modern look of a trendy messenger’s bag. But don’t let the attractive look fool you. This product can stand up to the test, simultaneously carrying up to a 25-pound pup and your laptop. Side panels offer ample ventilation, and a machine washable pad gives that extra touch of comfort for your beloved pup. Clean-up is a breeze. On the very bottom of the bag is a 100% waterproof material that is also super easy to clean.

Looking like a really cool, sleek piece of hiking equipment, this backpack is made to carry far more precious things than an extra set of clothes. Dogs up to 25 pounds are suitable for this carrier, which also converts into a traditional carrier. Multiple handles make moving the bag around gently quite easy. Extra wide cushion straps make for an enjoyable wearing experience for pet parents. A roll-up window allows dogs to see out; two water bottle sleeves will ensure plenty of H2O for you both!

We love all of the features this brightly colored bag has, as it reflects many of our favorite dog carrier backpack amenities. But what makes this one extra unique is the double compartment feature that allows pet owners to carry two smaller babies, one above the other. Having both of your pets with you is most definitely convenient and reassuring. However, this can be converted into a one-dog carrier, making this pick versatile.

Sometimes, pet parents are looking for simplicity. The style of this carrier reminds us of a traditional school backpack, but it’s far sturdier, as it can accommodate up to a 25-pound pup. The design is straightforward, with white straps that fit comfortably on the shoulders and an interior swivel tether that secures onto your dog’s harness. The base of the bag is waterproof, should any accidents happen. Ventilation methods have been used generously, and there is quite a bit of storage. Generally, this particular backpack is TSA-approved, but the description suggests always checking with your airline first.

The K9 Sport Sack is a solid backpack carrier for multiple uses. Altogether, the brand creates some seriously practical packs that can accommodate even larger dogs. The interior features a sturdy leash clip, and the mesh sides promote airflow to reduce the possibility of your pup overheating. The front-facing backpack style tends to be a much-loved feature of the brand.

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