25 Best Baking Gifts Mom in 2024

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We love the bakers in our lives; especially when that baker is Mom. Mom’s homemade goods keep us cozy, well fed, and constantly busting the seams of our clothes. Next time there’s an occasion, be it Mother’s Day or a birthday or just because, take the opportunity to show how much we appreciate being their designated taste-tester.

Bonus: Choosing a gift that will help them crank out more tasty treats is basically the gift that keeps on giving.

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This adorable measuring cup and measuring spoons charm necklace is a great Mother’s Day or thank you gift for the baker in your life. Stainless steel charms won’t tarnish or rust, and with options like rolling pin charms, whisk charms, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect touch for your favorite baker.

Keep from flouring, buttering, or singing nice clothes with a sturdy apron. This two-pack is inexpensive and water resistant, so spills roll right off. It has two front-facing pockets, so you can keep your essentials close at hand. Generously sized and machine washable.

Standard pot holder style mits don’t leave much room for flexibility and dexterous handling. These oven-proof gloves make it easy to adjust oven racks, maneuver multiple cookie sheets, and place cooling racks without getting injured.

Recipes and Books

Making bread at home doesn’t need to be daunting! There are surprisingly few ingredients and steps required to have bakery fresh loaves, perfect for toast, sandwiches, or sampling with fresh jam.

Though bakers are notoriously stingy with the really good recipes, keeping them written down as they change over time makes for a wonderful family heirloom for the next generation of bakers.

King Arthur Flour has a loyal following for its products, but its recipe testing is also spectacular. They have regular online “Bakealongs” where fans follow a recipe in real-time and have questions answered on the fly by the pros.

Record and share recipes with these beautifully designed Jot & Mark recipe cards and tin recipe keeper in a cheerful lemon print. When the original set of index cards are full, make sure you have an extra set ready to go.

For Displaying and Transporting

Keep beautiful creations proudly on display with this clear domed cake stand. Serve perfectly frosted cakes, Macarons, fudgy brownies, or other tempting treats, keeping them at room temperature and preserving texture.

For holidays and birthdays, there’s nothing nicer than receiving homemade baked goods. Show off macarons, pastries, and tarts with these clear windowed paper boxes, perfect for gift giving. For extra-large baked goods, like 9” pies, you’ll need at least a 10” square box, like this one.

Keep fresh baked breads and pastries from going stale with this stylish bamboo bread box, and at just over 10.5” deep, it will also hold any pies or cakes baked in standard 9” rounds. Not that we’d know anything about hiding a whole pie in the bread box, so nobody else knows about it.

Kitchen Appliances

The workhorse of any home kitchen, you can beat batters, whip meringues, or knead bread doughs with the included attachments. The pouring shield makes it easy to incorporate dry ingredients while the mixer works, making homemade frostings easier, faster, and less messy.

Volume measurement in recipes is standard, and it’s functional, but bakers looking to crack technical perfection time after time will notice the difference that weighing dry ingredients provides. Scales eliminate settling and aeration as a factor in dry ingredients, so every bake is perfectly consistent.

Every oven is susceptible to hold and cold spots, so learn where yours are with this instant thermometer with laser direction. It also makes a great grill thermometer, especially for charcoal aficionados. For testing cakes, bread and brownies, an internal thermometer is essential. One like this can tell you where you stand, so you can quickly evacuate your baked goods or close the oven door!

Baking and Decorating

Egg wash baking loaves for a beautiful crust, or baste lemon cakes with rich sugar syrups. Unlike traditional bristled brushes, silicone never leaves you wondering if your bristles have shed onto your otherwise perfect creations and are easier to clean.

Add a fancy holiday touch to homemade pies, cakes, and cookies with these dough and fondant cutters. With a bit of food coloring, you’ll make an adorable fall scene perfect for Thanksgiving.

Make a real treat at home. These cream horn molds are perfect for pastry shaping for cream horns, waffle cones, or for a variant on the usual cannoli mold.

Keeping dough cool ensures proper lamination, and a marble rolling pin makes this a snap. Chill it beforehand, and you’ll have better biscuits, pie crusts, and quiche than you’ve ever achieved.

Non-stick and reusable silicone baking mats are the perfect surface for delicate constructions like tuilles, parmesan crisps, or caramel sugar work. Never need to grease or paper-line a sheet again. It’s perfect for macarons, sticky buns, or even savory dishes that stick easily, like flaky fish.

Make perfectly crispy, crusty, tangy loaves of sourdough at home with the right tools. This proving basket ensures an even rise and a perfect proof every time. Make individual loaves into bread bowls for a stunning winter dinner party or cozy family lunch.

A perfect bowl for every size recipe, these nested stacking stainless steel bowls have a rounded lip for easy gripping while mixing and won’t stain or absorb odors. A flat base means they’re great for whipping egg whites or even mixing waffle batter for a weekend breakfast.

Pans and Bakeware

Washable, reusable, and adorable, silicone baking cups are here to replace paper-or worse, aluminum- muffin and cupcake liners. More expensive than some on the market, these silicone baking cups are 100% silicone, with no BPA and no plastic fillers; they’re safer, higher quality, and more durable.

A great starter set for beginning bakers, this ten-piece set by Calphalon has cookie sheets, round cake pans, cupcake tins, a cooling rack, and more. Durable and non-stick, it’s easy to whip up a perfectly sized batch of brownies, then save the leftovers with the included lid.

Turn a standard Bundt cake into a fantastic centerpiece with this molded cake pan by Nordic. The swirl design makes for beautifully crisp ridges that look stunning under a light layer of powdered sugar or glazed fruit, or as a plain pound cake.

Traditionally used for cheesecake, springform pans are perfect for any cake that has to cleanly separate from it’s baking dish and be ringed with decorations. Anything from carrot cake to chocolate gateau is easier and more beautiful after being baked in a springform pan, because you can show off those decorations. This model also fits in the 8qt Instant Pot, for those who are interested in pursuing pressure cooker cakes.

Top breads, pastries, and glaze-style cakes with a decadent jam and homemade whipped cream, for an upscale patisserie experience at home. Perfect for English style afternoon tea with desserts.

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