The 23 Best Bath Toys Your Child Will Adore

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For you, bath time may be about getting your kids clean and making sure they don’t create a mess in the process, but for kids, it’s all about having fun. These toys will keep them entertained long enough for you to get your job of scrubbing and rinsing done, and they each pass the test of being easy to clean and good for a wide range of ages.

Munchkin Bath Toys

If your little one isn’t quite old enough for a full-size rod and reel, they can go fishing in the tub with this Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy. It comes with a magnetic fishing rod and three brightly-colored magnetic bobbers that float just under the surface so they’re easy to catch.

The Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers set comes with foam letters and numbers that stick to the tub walls when wet. If your child is working on counting and spelling at school, you can use these to sneak in a little extra practice during bath time.

With the Munchkin Bath Beats Musical Bath Toy Gift Set, your little music lover doesn’t have to pack up their instruments just because it’s bath time. The set comes with a water-safe drum, xylophone, and shakers, all shaped like friendly ocean friends.

Babies as young as 4 months old will be delighted by these bobbing bubbles. Each one features different characters or shapes that whirl around or rattle when your baby shakes them up.

This little yellow duckling looks like a toy, but it’s actually a large cup that can be used to rinse off soap and shampoo. When they are younger, you can do the rinsing for them, and as they grow older they can take over rinsing duties.

Most bath toys are designed with babies and toddlers in mind, but this ColorMix Lab STEM Bath Toy from Munchkin will keep older kids entertained and engaged. It comes with 12 color tablets that kids can combine in a color mixing funnel and guess what color they will create.

Make cleanup time fun with the Munchkin Scoop, Drain, and Store Bath Toy Organizer. When bath time is done, your child can use it to scoop up their toys and hang it on the tub wall. The holes in the scoop help water drain out so the toys can dry.

Boon Bath Toys

Meet MARCO. Boon’s MARCO Light-Up Bath Toy loves bath time, scuba diving, and entertaining your child with color-changing, water-activated lights. MARCO’s lights are activated when the toy is submerged underwater and they turn off when bath time is over. Amazon reviewers praised it for being easy to clean and its ability to resist mold.

This set of three colorful tubes from Boon combines bath time with playtime for some good, clean fun. Each tube has a suction cup so your child can make different combinations and one of the tubes doubles as a cup for rinsing the soap out of their hair.

The Boon CHOMP Whale is hungry and your child can help him find his lunch. When you squeeze the tail, the whale’s mouth opens so it can chomp up the three included sea creatures. As an added bonus, you can store the sea creatures inside the whale’s mouth when not in use.

Nobody likes bugs in the bath, and your kid can help clean them up with the net that comes in Boon’s WATER BUGS Bath Toy set. This toy is also great for pool and water table play.

This simple set of five multicolor boats can be used for scooping, pouring, and more. The draining holes can be used for a rain effect and the boats can be stacked together when bath time is done.

Boat Bath Toys

This Off the Hook boat from B. toys comes with two squirting fish and a twirling octopus that can be conveniently stored inside the included boat. The easy-to-hold handle on the boat makes it perfect for kids ages 6 months and up.

When you pull the cord on the front of the Skip Hop Pull & Go Submarine, the propeller whirs to life and the submarine takes off across the tub. The toy is designed with holes in the bottom for proper drainage that stops mold growth before it starts.

The Green Toys Submarine takes bathtime fun below the surface. When the submarine fills with water, it sinks to the bottom of the tub and when you pull it back up, the water comes pouring out. The top also pops off so you can clean the submarine in the sink or dishwasher.

Colorful Bath Toys

What do you get when you combine crayola paint with sudsy soap? Lots of good, clean fun for kids! This set of five paints wipes off the tub by scrubbing with soap and water, though most reviewers said it can stain if not cleaned off quickly when bath time ends.

Kids love bath bombs just as much as parents, but they’ll especially love this two-pack of Crayola Bath Fizzies. Each pack comes with five animal-shaped, scented bath fizzies that add fun colors and scents to your child’s bath.

Eco-Friendly Bath Toys

These eco-friendly bath crayons are made with natural beeswax and non-toxic pigments. Each set comes with seven crayons in different colors that wipe off easily and a resealable canister with drainage holes in the bottom.

The Green Toys Tide Pool Set is made with earth-friendly recycled plastic and is designed for indoor and outdoor play. Kids can use it in the tub or at a water play table and then pack the toys into the included basket so you can bring it on your next beach vacation.

Animal Bath Toys

Your kids can finally take their LEGO blocks into the bath with this LEGO DUPLO Floating Animal Train. The set contains 14 pieces, including animals, floating rings, a rain cloud, and a bucket that can be put together in a variety of combinations.

You’ll score big with your kids when you add this Skip Hop Bathtime Basketball toy to the tub. It suctions securely to the tub wall and comes with three soft basketballs that double as squirt toys.

These adorable mix-and-match mermaids float in the tub and are easy to twist apart when your child wants to swap their colorful mermaid tails. Each set comes with two mermaids and you can collect them all for ultimate interchangeability.

No matter your personal feelings about Baby Shark, your kids probably love it. When you add soap and water, this Baby Shark Bubble Maker blows bubbles in the tub while playing the Baby Shark song. It suctions to the tub wall so you can stick it in a spot where the bubbles will stay in the tub, too.

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