The 13 Best Beach Umbrellas for Fun in the Shade

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For many, lounging on the beach means fun in the sun. But if you also want to avoid a painful sunburn, investing in a beach umbrella may be a necessity. Then again, beach umbrellas can be a total pain, often heavy to lug around and sometimes even taking flight like a parasail device. But fear not, we’ve sorted through dozens of online umbrellas that already have a super high rating to pick out the very best.

Beach Umbrellas

The sturdy steel construction makes up the pole, with a built-in sand anchor. Set up for the day and have stabilized shade for hours because the umbrella provides ample sun protection. When the light begins to shift from one side of the earth to the other, the umbrella can be angled to ensure the family stays covered at all times. This wallet-friendly option comes in three colors— green stripes, turquoise, and a beautiful multicolored stripe.

A rainbow of colors that are easy to spot makes for a practical choice for a family. Because if the kids get a little far away, they can quickly gain their perspective when they spot the vibrant family umbrella (as long as no one else has the same one!) Everything about it is pretty basic, from the corkscrew anchor to the umbrella itself, and it’s just a solid choice.

This personal sport umbrella clamps onto nearly any chair with ease. But it doesn’t only work for the beach. Snap it onto a stroller, bleachers while watching the kids’ ball game, or anywhere else you might need some coverage. Easy rotating joints allow for adjustment in any direction. And the fabric provides 50+ SPF protection.

At under $30, this 7-foot umbrella is an absolute steal. We love the colorful design, which would make it relatively easy to pick out from a distance. Another unique feature is the little air vent flap at the top of the canvas to prevent wind from carrying it away. We are sure that has probably happened to everyone at some point! It is not fun running after an airborne umbrella.

While this umbrella may be pricey, it has stood the test of time as one of the oldest manufactured styles of umbrellas in the business. An acrylic canvas is used to construct the umbrella, and it gives 50+ SPF and won’t fade like other fabrics. Most of us feel lucky if we make it through one vacation with our umbrellas! It certainly is the tried and true option.

Designed by engineers and tested by real beachgoers, this all-in-one umbrella does it all. While looking relatively simplistic, it certainly gets the job done by setting up securely on the beach, thanks to clever sand pouches. The American Lifeguard Association has endorsed this product because it prevents dangerous flyaway umbrellas! The inventors live in Naples, Florida, so they know a thing or two about beach umbrellas.

Sunshades and Canopies

We could’ve put this in our tent section, but it would certainly be considered a splurge at around $200. The canopy earns its credibility with lightweight yet super strong aluminum poles that anchor into the ground. Sandbags add extra stability. The canopy can keep the entire family shaded throughout the day.

Stripes, sea life, waves, and pineapples are some of the fun designs that this canopy comes in. Kids will absolutely love staring at the vibrant fabric. The canopy provides ample shade for a family and offers the luxury of a sidewall for even more coverage. Little pockets make great places to store water bottles and snacks. One person can carry the entire packed-up canopy relatively effortlessly.

A surprising amount of headroom allows families to sit in fold-out chairs rather than on the ground when under this adequately covering tent. Part umbrella and part canopy, the two side wings protect little ones from sand and sun. The 50+ SPF coating means that anyone staying under the shelter will not get sunburned!


We like this tent because it is three-sided, letting folks enjoy what they came to the beach for – the views! Three vents surround the rest of the structure and allow airflow, preventing fly-away issues. Including tie-downs, this will be a sturdy pick that will resist wind.

Experience 360° beauty of the beach. Rather than encapsulating yourself within the walls, opt for this super open breathable canopy tent. The overhang allows you to move out of the sun throughout the day. And sand helps anchor the unit down. It is also recommended for backyard picnics and camping!

Vibrantly green and interestingly shaped, there couldn’t be an easier beach tent to set up! It springs into place with little effort and folds back down into an ultra-lightweight state. Waterproof and windproof, it is durably made out of fiberglass material. While seemingly small, 3 to 4 adults can comfortably fit inside.

Like the most simple design we have within this list, retractable aluminum poles set up the structure for this super basic canopy covering. In just a triangular shape, the tent gets the job done! It was invented in Australia by people who wanted to make beach-going just a little easier. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, and pleasantly no fuss.

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