10 Best Summer Beauty Essentials For Your Skin

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Whether summer means a break from school, time off work, ocean adventures, or relaxing poolside, remembering to keep your skin, hair, and nails protected is necessary year-round. Be ready to flow on a breeze from beachfront cabanas to all-night parties with long-lasting makeup and fragrances. Have all the beauty tools you need to restore and repair if you overdo it, with relaxing balms and reinvigorating masks. We have rounded up the 10 best beauty essentials for your skin that will keep you glowing all summer.

Best Summer Beauty Essentials:

Take pity on sun damaged skin with a cooling and rehydrating mask. 80% of testers reported that they had less peeling and flaking, with a longer-lasting tan, with 100% saying it was instantly cooling and refreshing after sun exposure.

Help skin take center stage with this firming serum, packed with vitamin C. Reverse sun exposure damage with a free radical fighting one-two punch of Ascorbic and Ferulic Acid. Restores skin’s elasticity and firmness, with Vitamin E and Pomegranate extract.

Keep buildup at by with these handy on-the-go cleansing and exfoliating wipes. Available for every skincare concern, when the goal is clearing off sweat, makeup, sunscreen, or the salty spray of a day at the beach, we reach for green tea to mattify and keep blemishes at bay or refreshing cucumber to wipe away the stresses of the day.

Stunna Lip Paint by Fenty wears comfortably all day while looking great on all skin tones and turning heads, whether sipping drinks poolside or dancing the night away. Oh, how we wish all of our summer wear could say the same- we’re looking at you, uncomfortable bikini top.

Vitamin C and Collagen combine for fantastic results in this brightening créme. It improves concealer wear, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and brightens dark undereye circles. It is subtly pigmented to smooth overall complexion and create a perfectly prepared canvas before makeup application.

Hair needs UV protection too! Keep sun damage at bay with Bumble and Bumble’s heat and UV protector primer. Stops styling damage before it starts by nourishing dry, brittle hair with a blend of almond and coconut oils that add shine and bounce to sun-drenched hair.

Two-in-one products mean less time in front of a mirror and more time outside in the beautiful weather. This jumbo liner+shadow pencil means a single swipe gets you as much, or as little, color as you want.

Choose a unique scent for the seasons and make a permanent impression. Sugar Lemon makes us think of a picnic in a citrus orchard; sweet and airy, citrusy and crisp, it’s inviting and intriguingly clean and feminine without a hint of heavy florals.

How to make sure your nails match every summer outfit? Multicolor sparkle polish, of course. The aptly named “Fireworks” glitter polish from Sephora’s in-house collection keeps sparkling from day to night.

Feel the mermaid vibes with this radiant highlighting hair and body glitter. Great as a makeup topper over eyeshadow or lip gloss, perfect for accenting sun highlights in hair, and it works with glitter glue to make perfect body glitter for beach parties.

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