12 of the Best Beeswax Candles We Could Find

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What’s the buzz with beeswax candles? Quite a bit, as the natural alternative is a far healthier replacement to paraffin or petroleum-based options. Rather than being linked to cancer, beeswax cleanses the air and often helps support beekeepers. That’s right; honeycomb is harvested without any harm to fuzzy honeybees. Nature is just telling us to use this amazing resource. Beeswax has a naturally sweet and floral scent that is subtle yet certainly noticeable. These are the best beeswax candles to try.

We started with some of the best—Bluecorn. Since the 1990s, the company has been cultivating incredible, pure beeswax candles that not only are honest and simple, but are beautiful and efficient. We couldn’t pick just one product, as the tea lights, tapers, recycled glass candles, and pillars are downright lovely. Aromatherapy candles that deliver calming and revitalizing scents are also available.

Honeycombs in Texas are put to good use after all the honey has been collected and the bees have left. The Beeswax Co. collaborates with these beekeepers, and recycles the wax into a variation of candle styles. Pillars and votives are some of the staples, but we are loving the super cute shapes. Pinecones, beehives and the grand state of Texas are all specialty candle shapes!

Designed to go in a specific type of candle lantern, these beeswax candles are super practical. Some folks claim them to be an absolute essential when camping, used to reduce tent condensation or simply to light the way. Never leave a flame unattended of course! The slight hint of beeswax scent is so incredibly pleasant, and the wax used in these candles is pesticide free and sustainable.

Holiday dinners, romantic date nights, or even a spooky Halloween table display are not complete without a great taper candle. A slight off-white hue of a natural beeswax goes with just about any occasion, and the burn time comes in at about five hours. Twelve candles are within this pack, which is presented nicely and also makes a cute gift.

How precious these teeny tiny candles are on top a rustic birthday cake! A perfect accent to burlap, shredded coconut, and grandma’s old cake recipe, thank goodness 15 come in one pack. Distinct smells of honey come from the candles when burning, and it’s subtly sweet. Keep in mind, these are super skinny and won’t fit in traditional taper candle holders.

Designed to be the perfect blend of bees and flowers, this candle is purely made and totally free from petroleum or paraffin. The result is an ultra clean burn, and essential oils along with manuka honey deliver a sweet floral scent. An elegant gift, the container is sleek yet very pretty.

Taper candles that support the survival of honeybees? We are in. Made with 100% beeswax, these are hand rolled from honeycomb, and are not embossed. What you see is the real deal. When the candle begins to burn down, the cotton wick illuminates the entire taper, resulting in the most dreamy glow.

Coming with seven pairs, which range from various colors such as blue, green and pink, that honeycomb texture is still the main feature. Made completely from beeswax, you are supporting the beekeeping industry when purchasing a set. Clean burning, without smoke or any messy drips, special occasions just got more ambient, and colorful!

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Molded into a basic pillar form, just this one candle can add mood to an entire room. Since the product is 100% beeswax, and totally chemical free, it’s actually good for the air rather than being a pollutant or lung toxin. Feel good about doing something better for yourself and the family.

Eco-friendly is the word with this entire set, which includes 12 environmentally conscious votives, that are shaped in a way to burn similar to a pillar, to avoid dripping. Gift any earth conscious friend the set, which comes in an organic cotton bag, and then in a recycle cardboard box.

Distinct sweetness of a beeswax candle is combined with refreshing scents like citrus, or raspberry. Poured into an amber glass container, any season or any occasion, these are fitting. Secondarily, if you can part with them, they make wonderful gifts.

Place these on a holiday table with holly and spruce greenery. Or set them amongst roses or carnations for the most dazzling wedding shower decor. Or just enjoy a relaxing bath with one burning safely in a glass container on the countertop. Twelve long burning votives come in the set.

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