24 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend (That She Actually Wants)

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Maybe you’re not used to shopping for girls, or perhaps that perfect gift hasn’t shown itself yet. Thanks to copious reviews on a wide range of products, we were able to develop a list of gifts that are perfect for girlfriends with every type of personality. Read on, and you might just find that one item that will be legendary in all of girlfriend gift-giving history.

Birchbox is a subscription that will send beauty products and other pampering essentials to your loved one’s front door every month. Go for the gift card, that will give them three free months! If they love it, you know what to get next year.

We had to include another subscription box. Why? Because this one includes incredible pizza with each delivery. We think super cool girlfriends would really be thrilled to receive copious amounts of dough, cheese and marinara.

She loves Target. She loves shopping. She loves Stranger Things. Boyfriends can get a Stranger Things target gift card holder, that resembles a Hawkins middle school patch.

Godiva has adorned their festive birthday cake truffle box with confetti, rainbow style. Inside are an assortment of chocolates that are reminiscent of some of the best birthday cakes in existence. Toss in a bottle of dessert wine, and Voila!

Cozy cute pajamas are always a good idea. Pamper her after gifting this adorable set, by preparing a coffee topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. Then pull out her favorite movies, and pop some popcorn.

Capture your favorite moment together, or a picture of something else she loves like her dog, in an accent pillow. She can toss it on her bed, or the couch. Pillows are practical, yet pictures are priceless.

The ultimate pampering box is available on Etsy. Coming with a birthday candle, shower bombs, and goat milk soap, she will be so excited to treat herself on her b-day. Personalize the message inside.

Give her something she can sip coffee from every day, thinking about how thoughtful her boyfriend is. With a Starbucks reminiscent design, everyone will know this is her cup of coffee.

Who doesn’t love a snuggly blanket? She will feel your hugs from miles away when cuddling into this chunky knitted throw. The unique design is eye-catching and ultra comfortable.

Send her a party in a box to kick off the birthday celebration! Maybe she’s at work, or maybe you just can’t see her till later in the day. She can bust open the unicorn piñata filled with candy, read the touching card, blow up the confetti balloon and enjoy the party noise maker!

Celebrating 30 years? Beautifully hand poured into amber glass, is a candle specifically made to celebrate those who are commemorating 30 years of age. Customize the name, and the scent.

So much detail goes into making these blacksmith forged coffee scoops. What a stunning complement to a coffee themed gift. Steel, wrought iron and copper are the key elements within this piece.

Select illustrations that look like you and your girl, to be applied to a coffee mug that commemorates the day you both started enjoying hot cups of Joe together. You could even serve her a birthday cup of coffee with whip cream and sprinkles in it.

Jennifer Aniston’s perfumes need a bit more spotlight. The smell of each variation is complex, floral, yet extremely light and not overpowering. For those who don’t like perfumes that weigh down the nostrils, this is a phenomenal option.

Diamond stud earrings are classic, timeless, and can be an outstanding birthday gift without being too over the top. This set from Amazon can fit into a lot of budgets, without breaking the bank.

Give her the gift of smelling super festive for her birthday. With birthday cake scented body wash and shampoo, her special day will be complete with an amazing smelling shower. After that, there is frosting lotion!

Does she love video games as much as you do? Then these couples keychains were made for you both. Like a friendship necklace, each of you keeps a piece, which features an adorable remote embellishment.

Many see wine as an experience rather than just a beverage. And they would be right, as over 1000 amazing wine destinations around the world would indicate. This book details all of those phenomenal wine focused places, helping wine lovers develop a bucket list. Feeling extra elaborate? Include two plane tickets to one of the destinations, tucked inside the book.

Surprise her with waffles! And as if she wouldn’t already be super excited about the heavenly aroma of syrup and toasted dough, she will flip when she sees shapes like  a crab, squid and other ocean creatures.

Want to just say it out right? This necklace features a heart shaped crystal, either in dark blue or a cotton candy multicolored option, and inscribed words that say I love you. Sterling silver accents round out the design.

Marbled pink patterns are swirled throughout this gorgeous coffee mug, with gold lettering that lets her know every age she hits, will be just as fabulous as the last. A lid helps keep beverages warm, and a lovely gold stirring spoon comes with it.

Dunkaroos are back? Does she remember this beloved childhood snack of the 90s? Tasty cookies are dunked in sprinkle filled frosting, and it seems perfectly festive for any birthday. It’s just a major bonus if she has nostalgia connected to them as well.

How about a rose that can last forever? Lit up with a variation of rainbow colored lights, the delicate rose is reminiscent of the one from Beauty and the Beast.

Macaroons are colorful, decadent, and so much fun to taste! Way better than a birthday cake! Dana‘s Bakery offers so many cool combinations within different boxes, but we like the range of colors in this variety collection.

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