11 Best Boot Trays to Keep Your Entryway Clean

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Boot trays are phenomenal to have when living just about anywhere. Shoes can be tossed in, whether having just come in from the snow or rain. Designed to keep liquid and grime off of your floors, it’s a real mess saver. Not just for boots, some people like to use these handy trays for umbrellas, outdoor recreational gear and more! We have searched the internet to bring you the best boot trays to keep your entry ways spotless.

Field and Stream has a solid option available through Dick‘s Sporting Goods. The raised lip keeps liquid from exiting the mat, and three pairs of large boots can fit. We like the fact that this is made from completely recycled plastic, which helps our earth out just a little bit. Again, this is just another solid basic pick.

Amazon brings you a base line, but extremely affordable boot tray option. At just under $11, it’s completely affordable and perfectly functional. Made from propylene, this is a 100% recycled product. This is nothing fancy, just a basic product doing a basic job, but pretty darn well.

Tractor supply was bound to have a sturdy boot tray option. Along with all of its other outdoor and farming oriented products, the retailer has developed an extremely tough option. Made with high density materials, this tray can take on the most hefty boots out there.

Bonjour, adios, hello, goodbye! Featuring an abundance of greetings and salutations from various languages, this boot tray certainly has a fun edge to keep entryways interesting. So if you’re looking for something that’s beyond the typical utility mat, you have found it. It’s a lot of fun to read through all of the languages.

Take a practical boot tray and add a gorgeous scroll design, and you have the best of both worlds. Extra long for accommodating guests boots as well, the elegant products is the perfect attribute to a classic home. Rubber materials make this option extremely durable, and it doesn’t slip easily.

Pinecones are embossed on this completely precious metal tray. We are extra fond of the subtle but super cute design. With a warm copper coloring, we think that this option would go great in a woodsy cabin. And anti-slip backing keeps the tray from sliding around on the floor.

Metal and iron were used to craft this tray. The design looks somewhat like an old-fashioned kitchen backsplash, so it could go really great in that area if need be. This item too, has anti-slip backing to keep it in place. Being handmade, consumers can really appreciate all of that extra detail.

Dog lovers will appreciate the embossed prints on this boot tray. Made of metal, it holds up to wear and tear, no problem. A clear coating lightly covers the exterior to give it even more durability. Copper tones give off a warm vibe which will make your entryway extra homey. Being 34 inches long, a few sets of boots will easily fit.

Okay, so Walmart is probably going to win when it comes to price. At just under five dollars, customers can get this highly efficient, no frills boot tray for whatever their indoor outdoor needs are. Also made from propylene, it’s durable enough to be washed off with the hose. Other options sometimes have to be gently hand washed, but not this one.

This basic tray from Target meets all practical needs. Ridges keep boots in place, and the product will prevent mud and melted snow from tarnishing beautiful flooring. This is a very basic look, and it will go seamlessly with any decor. Being made of plastic, it’s also very lightweight.

Target delivers again with another sensible solution. Black with minimal attributes, the look is tactical and is perfect for those not wanting to draw attention to the boots in the foyer. The retailer also advertises this tray as being great for dog food bowls, or as a protector in the back of your vehicle.

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