The 10 Best Breast Pumps for Breastfeeding (2024 Guide)

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Keeping babies happy and well-fed is any parent’s most rewarding job, but the out-of-pocket costs for breast pumps can be prohibitive. Thankfully, many insurance plans will now cover breast pump rentals or purchases, so those looking for support while nursing have more options than ever before. We’ve found the best of the best breast pumps so you can find the pump that fits you and your little one’s needs.

What You Should Know

  • Night Light allows for easier middle-of-the-night pumping sessions.

  • Contains a backflow protector for an ultra-hygienic, closed system.

  • This was the Bump Best of Baby award winner in 2018.

This hospital-grade breast pump’s narrow tubing doesn’t require cleaning, thanks to the closed nature of the system. This helps prevent expressed milk from entering the tubing, protecting the milk and baby from bacteria while pumping. The rechargeable motor doesn’t suffer the loss of power of many other portable pumps. In contrast, being operated on the go and the ultra-quiet 45-decibel motor makes it easy to pump quietly anytime — even if the baby is sleeping. Plus, expressing milk is even faster with a double electric pump, but it can also be used as a single pump. Mothers can also customize this pump’s settings to their body’s response.

Review Highlights

“This pump is AMAZING! It’s nice to have the mobility of a rechargeable battery because I can pump and do chores and even pump in the backseat of a car while someone else is driving.”

What You Should Know

  • Medela parts, tubes, bags, and bottles are available practically everywhere.

  • Twist the knob to adjust the motor speed.

  • Pump into bottles or, with attachment, directly into storage bags.

Medela pumps are ubiquitous in the workplace, offering ease of use and flexibility, and are frequently covered by insurance plans. The accessories are available at nearly every major store. If you’re worried about pumping and freezing milk while traveling or away from your child, there’s no concern about lost or broken adapters, attachments, or damaged tubing. The nearest big-box store will have your replacements, no problem.

Review Highlights

“Three years later, I’m still using this pump (!) and it works just as well as day one! I belabored this choice for weeks, going back and forth between Medela and Ameda because of the “closed” vs. “open” debate. But this pump is great! I never thought I’d love a pump so much, but the portability, convenience, and functionality of the PIS makes my life so much easier.”

What You Should Know

  • Comparable to hospital pump performance.

  • The pump comes with a month of free Lactation Consultant care through the app.

  • The set lacks the clip-on option of the Medela Freestyle.

The Medela Sonata comes with a hefty price tag, but it offers some useful support tools to help deal with those difficult newborn days. This breast pump was recognized as the top breast bump in The Bump’s 2019 Best of Baby Awards. Reviewers state it’s comparable to Medela’s hospital-grade Symphony model, plus it comes with app support to help connect you with expert lactation consultants. Along with helping you time your pumping sessions, it also features shields designed for more comfortable and productive pumping sessions. If you’ve used the medical-grade Medela pumps and are looking for something comparable for home use, this is your best bet for replicating the fit and feel of the Symphony. All Medela double-electric breast pumps also have overflow protection, meaning they are equipped with a protective barrier to prevent milk from entering other pump areas.

Review Highlights

“I wish I hadn’t spent money on other pumps and bought this straight away. Worth the money. Saved my pumping journey!”

What You Should Know

  • Single or double pumping option.

  • Lightweight and highly portable.

  • A backlit LCD helps you keep track of battery life and pumping session lengths.

The memory functions on this small but sturdy pump help overcome that new-parent brain drain. Recall previous settings with the touch of a button so you aren’t constantly adjusting suction or speed while pumping. While it certainly isn’t easy to fall asleep while pumping, it happens a lot more than first-time parents would guess. The automatic 30-minute shut-off on this pump prevents you from draining the batteries if you drift off. Surprisingly strong for such a lightweight pump, weighing less than a pound, this little pump slips into a bag easily, and it’s a rechargeable option that’s great for traveling.

Review Highlights

“Great all-around pump. Super portable and much quieter than my larger, plug-in one. I wasn’t expecting the suction to be as good as my old one, but it works great. Now I can pump in the car on the way to work!”

What You Should Know

  • Closed, hygienic system.

  • Reviewers note that suction is weaker while on battery operation.

  • Choose from 32 combination options for speed and suction.

A large number of speed and suction options help encourage multiple letdowns per pumping session, making those minutes spent pumping more efficient. But this double pump requires a free hand to manipulate the controls, so it works best in conjunction with a hands-free nursing bra or similar clothing option.

Review Highlights

“Awesome price for a pretty good pump. The suction is good, and it’s definitely the most comfortable I’ve used.”

What You Should Know

  • Three-speed, single-side pump.

  • Best for supplemental pumping.

  • A soft cushion minimizes tightness and red marks.

If you’re struggling with low supply or are interested in filling your freezer with milk while at home with your newborn, this single breast pump is less expensive than double pumps but more efficient than manuals. While inadequate for anyone who needs to pump both sides simultaneously during work breaks, it’s good for low supply, poor latch, or people concerned about building up a frozen stash in case of emergencies. After your baby nurses, pump the other side so both breasts are fully drained after each feeding. Most of us have one slacker boob, and pumping it more frequently is a good way to encourage it to start pulling its weight around here.

Review Highlights

“I’ve had so many people tell me to buy the really expensive pumps. I had an Avent pump in the past, and I’m glad I gave it a try again. I love this pump. Works great and is really easy to use.”

What You Should Know

  • It is eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement.

  • It fits cup sizes A-H.

  • Expensive but innovative.

The Willow Wearable pump lets you nurse in any position without being constrained by wires, bulky bags, or loud pump motors. While it’s rarely, if ever, covered by insurance, it’s an expensive luxury that can pay dividends to any parent looking to pump more easily and efficiently, all while working, bonding with your new baby, or caring for older children.

Review Highlights

“I’m an ER/Trauma nurse, and some days are just too busy to step off of the floor and pump. I invested in willow for this purpose, and now can I not only rush around working with my pump on, I can pump more frequently since I don’t need 30-minute breaks all of the time! “

What You Should Know

  • Bottles, shields, etc., fit any Medela brand pump.

  • Super lightweight and portable.

  • Not suited to daily or long-term use.

Manual pumps will never encroach onto the territory of good quality electric double-sided pumps for working parents. But anyone dealing with supply issues or looking for a pump strictly for pumping and dumping after taking medication or want to maintain supply while away from a nursing baby can find them a lifesaver. They’re also useful for diagnosing latch issues. Bottle nipples are easier to drink from, so if your little one is screaming at the breast but guzzling from a bottle it may be time to see a lactation consultant, a pediatric dentist, or upgrade to a quality double pump and pump exclusively.

Review Highlights

“I have a pump-in-style double electric pump for daily use, but this is great when on the go and if I’m engorged in the night. I’ll feed my baby on one side and use this on the other… The valves and flanges are also interchangeable with the Medela PIS as well, making them easy to find in stores, which is nice. For someone who needs to pump infrequently only, this is probably all you need.”

What You Should Know

  • Wire-free, hands-free, and fits in your bra for discreet pumping.

  • FSA/HSA funds accepted.

  • Responsive technology integrates with a smartphone.

If you want to pump on the go and incognito, the Elvie Pump may be the perfect fit. This pump is one of the pricier options, but you should check with your insurance to see if it’s covered. Elvie claims to be the smallest and highest all-in-one wearable electric breast pumps out there. It’s the technology that is next-level. The pump integrates with your smartphone to track your milk volume in real-time, is responsive in detecting your let-down, and provides nifty pumping history data. However, there also are manual controls on the pump’s hub itself if you prefer to keep it simple. This silent, wearable breast pump fits into your bra and collects milk in 5-ounce bottles that snap into the bottom of your bra. Some have noted that it can be tricky to get used to putting on the Elvie in the correct position, but once you find the proper placement, the process becomes effortless.

Review Highlights

“As of mom of 3, this has been my absolute lifesaver. Since this go around, I am exclusively pumping. I am able to keep to a great schedule since I am able to be 100% hands and tubing free with my Elvie. It’s very comfortable to wear, and the app is a great added bonus.”

What You Should Know

  • Features a closed hygienic system with dishwasher-safe parts.

  • Lightweight, portable, and ergonomic carrying handle for on-the-go pumping sessions.

  • Connects to the app via Bluetooth to track pumping sessions.

Lansinoh deems its Smartpump 2.0 as its quietest pump yet, describing it as “quiet as a whisper,” – but we’ll let you be the judge! The ComfortFit flanges ensure a comfortable fit with hospital-strength suction in its eight levels. This pump also has something for the tech-savvy. You can connect to the Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app to track your pumping sessions, as well as other baby needs like diaper changes and feeding sessions.

Review Highlights

“Before using this pump, I read the instructions and claims of it being super quiet and easy to carry. I wasn’t convinced pumps could be quiet as I’ve always made up songs to the beats of my former pumps while using them. However, I was shocked to see that the claims were right! I literally sat in from of my baby and pumped without waking her, which is a first.”

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