The Best 20 Car Travel Accessories For Dogs


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Your dog can become one of the best travel buddies you’ve ever had. It’s all about combining the comforts of home and the convenience of portability as you prepare for your trip. Whether you and your furry family member are avid travelers or hitting the road for the first time, you can make your trip much more enjoyable when you and your dog have what you need for a safe, clean and fun adventure together. From toys to grooming to shelter, here are 20 car travel accessories to keep your car clean and organized while your pup stays comfortable and happy.

Best car travel accessories for dogs:

This Luxury Rear Bench Hammock Cover by Pet Union will help keep your pup safe in the back seat. It protects your pet as much as it does your upholstery. It’s 100% waterproof and wipes clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. The anti-slip hammock design prevents small and large dogs from sliding or trying to get into the front seat while you’re driving. The dimensions of the rear bench cover should fit most compact cars, SUVs and truck seats.

Your dog can enjoy the window seat with this safety seatbelt by Active Pets. It’s a must-have accessory on any road trip to save your dog from tumbling around the car (or out of it) in their over-excitement. The durable harness is adjustable, so it works on any seat in any vehicle for any pet because your pet’s safety and yours is the most important thing.

Your dog will feel the most comfortable with a portable home away from home. If you’re going camping or just giving your pet their own space, this lightweight playpen is easy to assemble with a special pop-up and release technology that allows you to set up your tent in one go and secure it with a safety clip. It comes with a washable mattress (because accidents happen) and a mini front window so your dog can always keep its eyes on you. This is an excellent accessory if you’re also crate-training your dog. The fiberglass frame compacts into the included carrying bag for easy travel. 

Brushes can be challenging to pack since they’re not the most flexible item to put in your luggage. These multi-use gloves cut grooming time in half and work on short and long-haired dogs. Using a natural petting motion, the flexible nub design can catch loose hair to reduce those tumbleweeds all over your car. You can even use these during a bath to massage your pup after a long car ride and help with de-shedding afterward.

If you have a dog with a thick or double-coated undercoat, they are going to need a thorough brushing every or every other day, even while traveling. This de-shedding tool has a dual-head design with a 9-teeth side for gentle de-matting under sensitive areas like the ears and armpits and a 17-teeth side for de-shedding a thicker coat. The rounded teeth keep your dog’s skin safe, and the comfortable nonslip handle prevents accidental scratches. The brush also comes with a free engravable collar tag to add your pet’s name and home address in case they get lost.

After a good brushing or cuddle session, it’s impossible not to carry a memento from your pet for the rest of the day. This lint roller is made of silicone, so it’s reusable and easily washable. It’s a 3-piece set with a travel-size roller that you can take anywhere, a handheld roller for spot cleaning slightly larger areas like your car seat, and an extendable stainless steel pole that picks up larger clumps of hair and dirt. 

The right toy can make all the difference when traveling with your pup. If you have an aggressive chewer or a dog that’s not quite finished teething, the last thing you want is for them to start chewing on your car seats. Giving them a West Paw Zogoflex chew bone can quell anxiety by distracting them on the road. This nontoxic chew toy uses the impressively durable and recyclable material Zogoflex to give your dog endless hours of chewing without worry. The material bounces on land and floats on water so that you can bring your new favorite toy anywhere. 

This soft corduroy plushie won’t break apart after one chew session and is an excellent alternative for your aggressive chewing travel buddy. It’s also perfect for your dog to have something soft to snuggle with on long car rides. The exclusive Tuffut Technology Lining is gentle yet firm for extra durability. It is machine washable for an easy clean and comes in Wee, Small and Large sizes, along with over 30 plush animal options.

It’s ideal to have different leashes for whatever the day’s activities bring. This military-grade nylon harness is a great accessory for when there may be other animals at your destination, or you have less control of your surroundings. This harness is padded to keep your dog super comfortable. It helps you maintain control with a built-in midback handle and front-to-back metal D-rings for a stronger hold and more peace of mind while you enjoy many activities on your trip.

Hydration is necessary for you and your pup to have a safe and happy trip. It’s a non-negotiable when traveling to bring water wherever you go, and this silicone dog bowl collapses for easy packing and accessible use wherever you go. The tear-resistant bowl will last a long time and expands to hold 2 to 4 cups of water. It comes with a silicone bottle holder on the aluminum carabiner clip to hook to your backpack while camping or during a long day at the park.  

Allergies can affect your pet — not to mention dirt and other irritants. That’s why bringing this travel-sized bottle of gentle antiseptic eyewash needs to be in your bag for any road trip. It’s an excellent cleaner for those dark tear stains and a good eye moisturizer if your dog suffers from dry eyes. You can even use it to rinse debris if your dog likes to stick its head out of the car window or in the occasional mud puddle.

Whether walking around a new park or exploring a new part of town, walking on hot pavement or rough terrain can wreak havoc on your dog’s paws over time. Dry, cracked paws are no fun, but there’s a paw balm for that. Vets Preferred Paw Balm is made of cold-pressed natural oils and waxes to help heal damaged paws and smooth rough pads. After washing the paw pads (because paw hygiene is good hygiene), you can treat your pup to a mini massage to start winding down for the night.

This is like Pepto Bismol for dogs, but better. An upset tummy for your dog is a no-go, but prevention is key. Digestive issues happen, especially if your pup can’t help but eat something that doesn’t always agree with them. If you’re flying, you can transfer this veterinarian-grade anti-diarrhea medicine liquid into a TSA-friendly travel-size labeled bottle for easy access. This could be a lifesaver if you’re in a pinch.

A calm dog is a happy dog. It is normal for most dogs to get easily startled by loud booming noises — especially in an unfamiliar environment. Whether you’re driving, flying or boating, these calming dog chews are fantastic to have on hand to prevent anxiety or stress in case of the unexpected. Your dog deserves a stress-free vacation, and so do you.

When you have a dog, training is essential to building a healthy routine. This is especially true as you travel with your pup at a young age. Whether you’re worried that your dog will slip off the leash or not come back when you call after getting loose, instilling the proper training early on makes all the difference on your trip and any future trips. The AMZpets Dog Training Starter Kit includes a clicker, treat pouch, poop dispenser, doorbells and silent whistle. You can even put your keys and cards in it for walks and lighter travel days. 

Having an extra set of poop bags before your next roll runs out is good etiquette when traveling with your pup, but it’s also beneficial to have on hand if you need to pick up and seal other things throughout your trip. These leak-proof eco-friendly refills come with 270 bags, so they’ll last a long time and have a pleasant lavender scent that makes your dog parent duties much less smelly.

Instead of packing a bulky towel, bring these pet-drying towel gloves to save space and for the convenience of using your hands to dry your pup after a swim or bath. The microfiber absorbs seven times its weight in water — basically the amount absorbed into a full-size towel — and it’s easy to clean and dry for on-the-go travel. It’s ideal if you’re stuck in a rainstorm and your dog gets wet, but you need an easy and quick drying solution.

If you have a larger dog that needs a full-size towel to dry, this microfiber pet bath towel is perfect. It holds up to 10 times its weight in water and comes with a compact bag to keep it bundled for easy travel. You could use it for yourself in an emergency or if you find yourself in an unexpected downpour on your trip. It comes in purple or grey and is machine washable for quick drying and easy maintenance.

Suppose you want to simplify packing your dog’s essential travel items. In that case, the PetAmi Dog Travel Bag is designed with large capacity and fully functional pockets to hold everything they’ll need, with a built-in adjustable flap that keeps everything organized. This bag is built to last through many trips and is made with durable high-grade polyester, water-repellent Oxford outer material, and leak-proof inner lining. Bonus: it comes with two food containers and two collapsible bowls in case you need the extra for hungry pups. It’s also available in nine colors to match you and your pup’s road trip style.

If you have a senior dog who needs help or you want to protect your dog’s joints when getting out of a higher vehicle, this portable 5-step folding ramp is a must-have travel accessory. The premium steel frame and durable 1680D Oxford fabric are strong enough to support dogs up to 200 pounds and lightweight enough to carry with you. The adjustable height and angle make it easy to customize for your dog’s needs, and double nonslip rubber pads add traction to prevent slips.

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