9 Best Ceiling Fans On Amazon

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Even the most functional aspects of home decor can add a touch of personal style. By choosing the correct size fan for your space, you’ll add an accent without overwhelming, or underperforming, your desired effect. Whether choosing a new fan is the last step in cementing a home’s decor, or the jumping off point for implementing a new style, there is something to match every taste, need, and budget perfectly.

Adjust this fan in every aspect to meet your tastes and decor style. It has adjustable height downrods to accommodate the height of your ceiling and desired air movement, and reversible blades to match your existing wood tones. The included light kit is optional, adding to the versatility of this installation, and the 34” diameter means it won’t be overpowering in smaller bedrooms or office spaces. Hunter’s WhisperWind motor system makes their fans excellent choices for bedrooms, where louder fan motors may aggravate or disrupt sleep.

Prepare to wow guests with this 52” diameter light and fan combo by Warehouse of Tiffany. Six lights diffuse and shimmer through the art deco style crystal light covers. For those who focus on every single detail, this glitzy fan features more as an artistic statement than a strictly functional piece of houseware. For those who want the feature power of a candelabra but still need to cool and comfort friends and family gathered around the table, this dynamic piece performs on all fronts.

Switch from updraft to downdraft modes seasonally and save on heating and cooling bills all year long with this fan. The low-profile mount helps it be a neutral, functional accent without calling too much attention to itself, and the included optional light kit adds further to that functionality. The independent globe light setup makes it easier to change bulbs than covered dome kits, making maintenance more convenient.

Imagine lush rainforests and tropical sunsets with an ocean breeze, then bring that breeze home with the Honeywell Sabal Palm ceiling fan. This 52” diameter fan showcases hand carved fan blades with stunning detail, making it a vibrant focal point of any beach house- or wanna be beach house- decor. Some reviewers mention that for extra high ceilings, an extended chain pull may be desired; luckily, Amazon offers a number that can extend the tropical theme further, with pineapples, sea dollars, and more.

Cool oversized spaces indoors or out with this twin-fan design. The 74” double head design can beat the heat any season,. Single point controls mean you won’t waste time on multiple switches or cords, one adjustment changes the speed of both fans simultaneously. Reviewers note that an extra set of hands is very helpful during installation, as you are installing essentially two fans at the same time.

Check off every box with this Key Biscayne fan by Hunter. It’s indoor or outdoor compatible, with rust resistant hardware to ensure that even waterside homes don’t notice a lack of performance. It’s 54” diameter makes it suitable for large spaces without being overwhelming. It’s reversible gray/pine colors make it a cinch to match with any decor style. The integrated light kit means no tedious extra steps during installation. And the three mount positions mean it’s a snap to mount from vaulted or angled ceilings, with or without a downrod.

Top Reviewer Feedback

“This fan is spectacular in person – pictures don’t do it justice. It looks gorgeous and performs well too. All the functionality you need and it’s very quiet..be careful when attaching the metal piece that holds the blades… My installer put it on backwards and thought I had a defective part, but I went to the reviews and saw others had the same issue – he flipped it over and I was good to go! I love, love, love this fan.”

Proving that small spaces can still be packed with personality, this cage drum fan and light combo by Fanimation works anywhere and with any decor, from farmhouse charm, to industrial minimalist. The dimmable lights and included remote control with timer features make it great for families looking for security lights, or leaving lights on for guests without disturbing the rest of the house.

A perfect nursery fan, this 24” fan/light combo moves air comfortably without overpowering the a small room. The light colors mesh seamlessly with white ceilings, or swap the reversible blades for wood accents instead. Reverse the fan switch and you can keep air moving while also pushing warm, heated air down for more comfort in winter.

For contemporary tastes, the sleek look of this brushed nickel fan with matte opal glass lights diffuse light and air through any moderate size room. The included remote control makes it easy to operate from any point of the room, great for those who like to turn off their bedroom fans in the morning before stepping out to face the world. Helpful reviewers offer not only comments on the appearance, but frequently mention installation tips.

Reviewer Feedback:

“Very easy to install, remote receiver is all ready mounted and wired up the only wires you have is the white & black & the ground… careful how you open the box …leave the rubber shipping tabs on the unit until you put the fan blades on this…”

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