The 10 Best Cheap(ish) Smart Watches

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Watches don’t just tell time anymore. They notify you when you get a text or email, and they can give a relatively decent picture of your overall health. Check your heart rate, gauge how intense that spin class was, and monitor calorie intake and out put. These things aren’t just a trend, they are improving health. Unfortunately, many people don’t really look into smart watches, because not only do they sound expensive, a lot of times they are! But we are here to tell you about some of these handy devices that might fit into your budget.

Garmin has developed an affordable, sleek option for those wanting a well rated smart watch with fancy features. Track your exercise, and deep sleep patterns. But also keep an eye out on your blood oxygen saturation levels. This can be helpful to ensure that your body is bringing in enough oxygen, and properly processing it. Garmin’s watch can also help track lung capacity and stress levels. While still staying well in the 100s, the affordable option will give a nice picture of your surface health.

While some people love the tech look of traditional smart watches, some people want something that is a touch more refined, that might go with a business casual attire better. Fossil has the watch for you. Its striking round design defies most smart watch looks, and the bands are interchangeable, with a variation of neutral colors available. But then, when it comes time to take on that daily run, or clock some laps in the pool, it’s ready to go.

The square shape of the iTouch fits just about any style. All of the basic metrics are tracked, such as your heart rate, calories burned and steps. Being waterproof, it can be worn anywhere without worry. Specific exercises can be recorded, and the touchscreen is convenient and functional. Watch faces are also customizable, so you can find the look that suits you. The best part? The watch is under $70!

With a tactical look in a super cool black finish, this watch is for those who like something that is kind of a statement, but looks rugged as well. We kind of think this is the Jeep of watches. Maybe that doesn’t make sense. With all the basic Bluetooth features, customers are loving this Samsung Galaxy smart watch rendition. The only thing to keep in mind, is that the original bands fit a little smaller than some might have expected.

So there are 60 sport modes on this watch—you read that right, and it is pretty impressive. At just $60, it is more tricked out than it has a right to be. Water resistant, and ultra durable, we will start rolling down the list of features. First, you can check your blood oxygen level. Breathing rates, heart beats per minute, sleep quality, and stress levels are also measured. The battery life is nine days! Which far exceeds many other smart watches.

The ratings are phenomenal on this watch, reaching nearly 5 stars on Amazon. That’s what makes the price even more shocking! Depending on what kind of deals are going on, you can snag the watch for just under $40. A lot of the basic features found amongst other watches are found on this watch, such as calories burned, stress tracking and so on. But you’ll also get a report on how long you’ve been standing.

OK so maybe this watch takes the cake when it comes to battery life? 15 days! That’s how long you can go in between charges, which is pretty amazing. Like other affordable smart watches, the design is simple, and completely comfortable to wear. It’s not over the top, and we kind of like that. Track your activity, sleep, and all of the important stuff.

So pretty! Samsung Galaxy has really delivered an aesthetically delicate yet stunning smart watch! We truly love the specific hue of pink, and the complementing colors in the center of the actual watch. Seven different exercises are automatically detected, and yes, it’s waterproof, so swimming would be one of those activities. You can get alerts when your heart rate is not in the perfect range, so you can take time to destress a little bit if need be.

So this Samsung watch is similar to the previous one mentioned. It is more expensive, but extra features are included to enhance the experience. Aside from being completely gorgeous, there is a voice control feature that will let you prompt texts to be read, and other things that are actually extra handy.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is extremely affordable, durable and waterproof. Calories burned, resting heart rate, and steps are a few of the statistics recorded through the day. Sleep quality is also tracked, with more details being offered if you are to upgrade the mobile app. The Inspire HR is incredibly effective, especially given its price. The bands are easy to change out as well, so you can stay fashionable and match your outfit daily.

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