7 Best Coffee Percolators on Amazon

What's Brewing?

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There’s always something new coming onto the coffee scene, reinviting debates over extraction times, temperature preferences, and the constant struggle for the perfect cup to start your day. What’s old is new again with the popular resurgence of percolators. They’re reliable, and when well-made they verge on indestructible.

Brew over gas, electric, or a campfire with sturdy stainless steel, or have all the convenience of an electric drip coffee maker without sacrificing carefully extracted flavor to paper filters. Instead of paper and plastic, percolators hold grounds using a round metal basket under a straw like tube.

Glass knobs on the lid allow you to watch the water perc through the tube and over the grounds. The reusable basket means no contact between your robust coffee and malleable plastic baskets, unlike drip coffee makers. Tinkerers can appreciate the adjustability of a stovetop model, but electric options exist for those looking for a robust cuppa without any desire to break out science early in their day.

Dense 18/8 stainless steel keeps brewed coffee from burning while percolating, and the heavy duty construction keeps your coffee hot longer, while the lightweight aluminum basket conducts heat efficiently without adding excess bulk. A glass indicator on the lid lets you watch the liquid change from water to coffee as it recirculates. Gauged cup measurements make for easy measuring and portion control, and a stay- cool wood handle prevents accidental finger burns.

Moka pots are an incremental step past standard percolators in terms of adjustability. The addition of a pressure element allows careful tinkering to create a brewed coffee with the robustness of percolator brew, and the intensity of espresso, without careful shot pulls or a lesson in ristretto technique. A note about serving sizes- unlike percolators, which use the standard 6oz “coffee cup” measurement as a serving, Moka pots count servings in espresso shot sizes, meaning that this 4.4oz model makes just over 2 servings.

Prepare for a crowd! A must have for small businesses, entertainers, and holiday hosts, this electric percolator allows you to serve strong, satisfying coffee for a large group without spending an entire evening meticulously brewing over the stove. Brews 15 to 45 cups of coffee at a rate of about a minute per cup. Heat resistant handles, a locking lid, and a removable cord mean you can easily brew in the kitchen and serve in the dining room.

Perfect for an indulgent weekend breakfast for two, the eight cup Hamilton Beach rapidly brews enough coffee for a lazy breakfast, even if it extends through the brunch hours. Electric, rather than stovetop brewing, means you can take an eye off this percolator without worrying about burning or over-extraction. The removable cord allows for countertop brewing and tableside service from a single device. A stay warm function along with an indicator light mean even the bleary eyed weekend warrior can easily consume their blood volume in caffeine, making it an attractive choice for those who usually struggle through their mornings.

Give into the fall weather temptation and build a backyard fire pit, if for no other reason than the opportunity to introduce the next generation to campfire coffee. Nostalgia stirs anyone with a family history of nights spent under starry skies, kids sipping cocoa or hot cider while parents indulged in hot buttered rum, or brewed just enough coffee to keep awake long enough to tuck everyone into warm sleeping bags.

Great for outdoorsy crowds, this stainless steel percolator by Texsport holds 160oz with a top handle for easy pouring or suspending over a campfire. Reviewers note the ease of bulk brewing for a group in a single pot, with one commenting“This thing is enormous. It made enough coffee for 5 adults on a scout camping trip. The metal is nice and heavy and the wood handle is substantial, too. I’d like to put it on the fire for full retro effect, but it’s just too pretty and shiny.” Others note the wide pour spout makes for an easy time filling large thermoses, even while using pot holders or other tools to protect from still-boiling liquids.

The right size for a family full of coffee drinkers who don’t have the time in the morning to monitor steeping time or who have tried stovetop or french press brewing and found it too cumbersome and prone to over-extraction, this electric percolator can be filled with coffee grounds and water the night before, just like a drip coffee maker, and switched on in the morning by the earliest to wake, or partnered with a smart plug like this one and set to come on at the perfect time to rouse the house with the smell of delicious percolating coffee.

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