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Amazon has become a staple in the American household, providing customers expedited delivery on an abundance of their favorite items. Whether coming from Amazon directly or through a favorite company, some of the best products are a click away. Coffee is no exception. Amazon has a lengthy list of coffees available, even small-batch, artisanal options. We looked predominantly at the number of reviews and the overall rating to narrow down our search. While that still left us with infinite blends to choose from, we decided to select variations from specific categories, such as budget-friendly picks, quirky flavors, pods, and most importantly, in my household, organic.

Organic Options

Death Wish Coffee may not be for the faint of heart, but it will certainly give you that kick in the morning if you need it. We find the branding fun and amusing and appreciate that Death Wish also delivers on quality and flavor. Not only are their beans fair trade, but they are organic too. And since they are roasted lovingly in small batches, the beans have less acid. If you haven’t had a less acidic coffee, you’ll likely immediately notice the smoother taste.

Mushroom coffee tastes like a toasted, elegantly roasted coffee bean, but it has health benefits. It’s also alkaline, so it could be a good option for those prone to developing heartburn after drinking a regular cup of Joe. Another potential but not wholly confirmed benefits include immunity boosts, anti-inflammatory properties, and increased ability to better process stress. Personally, I can say that the mushroom coffee I’ve tasted (Four Sigmatic) was delightfully rich with notes of chocolate, with no earthy taste at all.

Mayorga follows all standard practices for a good, balanced, smooth coffee. First and foremost, the beans are organic, they are shade ground known to help develop more complex flavors, and finally, the company works directly with the producers. So not only are the beans fair trade, they are direct trade. Arabica beans are slow-roasted to capture all the flavor profiles of each bean, resulting in an exciting culinary experience.

Amazon’s line of coffee has been racking up an impressive amount of positive reviews. And if the less expensive price has you a little bit worried about quality, it might help to know that they have a solid organic offering. Grind the beans down to your preference, whether you want a rich espresso or a basic cup of coffee, with your favorite creamer, of course. Some reviews are negative, and customers didn’t like the taste. But there are a wealth of people who love it. You’ll have to be the judge.

These beans have been sourced from the Pacific Rim Islands and Latin America. The deep roast has brought out chocolatey flavors that satisfy indulgent cravings. Whole Foods’ 365 brand cranks out some seriously solid sustainable products. This coffee is just a great representation of that.

This product has an infographic in its description that mentions serious possible benefits of drinking organic coffee versus coffee that contains pesticides. Mentioned benefits include reduced risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s and boosted metabolism and circulation. The Colombian beans are organic and ethically sourced. Slowly roasted, the final product has less acid and is much more pleasing to the taste buds.

Budget-Friendly Brews

Amazon has its very own line of coffees, and they are pretty darn inexpensive. Reviews are stellar on this particular medium to light roast hazelnut bag. Keep in mind that lighter roasts have a different flavor than the more robust dark roast you might be accustomed to. While they use 100% Arabica beans, they artificially flavor the coffee. If you’re cool with that, this is a heck of a deal for coffee that seems to please quite a few people.

This company is one of the largest drip irrigation coffee estates in the world, which is supposed to be better for the environment. They also have been working toward a composting program that results in healthier soil and reduces the need for herbicides. Coffee grown in Hawaii is thought to be great because of the volcanic soil and other growing conditions. However, it is important to note that the tropical coconut caramel flavor is both natural and artificial.

Grab n' Go Coffee

If you’ve ever been to Japan and have gone into convenience stores, you’ve likely seen shelves full of canned coffee beverages. Many of them tend to be less sweet but just sweet enough. This canned coffee comes straight from Japan, although the beans were harvested in Guatemala. Just the right amount of milk has been combined with espresso and a little bit of sugar so that it’s not overpoweringly sweet.

Like boxed wine, but maybe better—the flavor of cold brew that has been securely packaged in a box is typically outstanding. It can be stored at room temperature until it is opened, and at that point, you should consume it within a month. The flavor of this cold brew is described as slightly smokey and smooth. Sounds like an exciting way to start the morning.

Low acidity cold brew and natural Mexican vanilla flavors are, simply put, a harmonious combination. The easy grab blue can is filled with lots of flavors but remains relatively low carb. The company also has a direct trade relationship with Colombian farmers for sourcing their beans. They go an extra step further and donate a portion of the proceeds to those same farmers.

While undoubtedly full of sugar, this glass bottle of Starbucks’ Caramel Frappuccino has less sugar than a frozen grande caramel frap from an actual Starbucks location—specifically, 46 grams vs. 55 grams. Other than the sugar content, everything else appears to be pretty impressive, as the brew is made from arabica beans and natural flavors. Folks love these things for a reason, and grabbing one out of your fridge is certainly quicker than waiting in line at Starbucks.

Coffee Pods

Black Rifle Coffee adds that extra fun touch to each product by giving them a tactical spin. The veteran-focused company knows how to roast some coffee as well. In this Mission Fuel Kit, you’ll find an assortment of pods to get your day off to a strong start. Varieties included in the kit are as follows: Silencer Smooth (light roast), AK-47 (medium roast), Just Black (medium roast), and Beyond Black (dark roast).

Peet’s K-Pods are recyclable, giving them a notable edge. They also acknowledge that how and where they source their beans can positively impact the community their sourcing from. Major Dickinson‘s blend came about in the late 1960s when a customer-inspired the variation. It’s a dark roast that looks to be a staple in many households.

Over 50,000 reviews and almost a solid five stars made us do a double-take at these McCafé K cups, which are also recyclable. Not everyone loves McDonald’s coffee, but some people do. However, we should mention some negative reviews amongst the stellar ones, with some of the more common complaints being that orders were wrong or miscounted. But a consistent notion is that McDonald’s K cups have a great taste and work well with pod coffee makers.

Classic Choices

Lavazza is an Italian coffee brand that has long been known for its rich and bold flavors. In fact, one of the most amazing things is the velvety crema that these brews can produce, particularly when running them through an espresso machine. You’ll get that thick, very fine, bubbly brown foam on top of your espresso, which adds to the rich depth. Your morning cappuccino will never be the same. This particular blend gives off hazelnut and brown sugar notes—a divine duo.

Folgers coffee can be traced back to the 1800s when its founder bought out an existing coffee company. To this day, it remains a classic. Coffee-drinkers who just want a really good cup of black coffee that smells simply amazing when brewing often go for this timeless and smooth option. If you’ve tried a lot of simple cups of coffee in your life, you’ll know that Folgers has a stand-out, comforting, roasted flavor.

Maybe you love Dunkin Donuts doughnuts, or maybe you hate them, but their coffee is outstanding. While they have amazing flavored coffees as well, their basic arabica blends are simply delicious. Dunkin’ Donuts also works with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure they are ethically sourcing their beans. Enjoy that soul-soothing coffee flavor every morning when you have any of their classic roasts on hand. We also like the sturdy container this particular one comes in.

Quirky Flavors

While Fire Department Coffee’s Skull Crushing Espresso may sound pretty intimidating, it has a lovely chocolate and citrus flavor. The grind is optimal for use with a drip or standard coffee maker. Yes, if you’re not used to drinking anything but a basic cup of black coffee, you might feel this one a little bit more. Fire Department uses environmentally responsible beans from Honduras. But the best part is that it is firefighter operated while also donating to first responders that have been injured or have gotten ill while on the job.

Community Coffee helps support the military, sustainability, and education, so we thought we should note that. As far as their jitter juice goes, people love the cinnamon and vanilla flavors melded into this medium roast king cake coffee. It is artificially flavored, but customers enjoy the festive Mardi Gras taste.

When visiting New England in the summer, there is likely one thing you will leave thinking about— blueberries. These sweet berries grow in abundance and are used in pies, sauces, ice cream, and other unique menu items. So why not incorporate the flavor into coffee? Enjoy the strangely addictive combination of blueberries and roasted goodness. Maybe this would be a perfect finish to a lobster dinner.

Sink into the grasps of the Salty Siren, which is a cup of boldly blended coffee with notes of caramel, chocolate, and sea salt. Bones Coffee comes up with wild flavors and striking artistic designs on the packaging. Beans are ethically sourced, but the flavor looks to be artificial.

New Mexico Piñon Coffee started out humbly, being roasted in the back of a red pickup truck. The company has grown quite a bit, is now more official, and offers a solid variation of flavored coffees. While the blend used to have real piñon in it, the company opted to switch to a flavoring due to allergy concerns and the scarcity of the nut itself.

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