Our 7 Favorite Chic & Comfortable Cotton Jumpsuits for Women

Spring Fashion

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Jumpsuits are hopping back onto the fashion scene faster than you can say 1970. Not only are these one piece outfits trendy, they are extremely comfortable. Whether wanting to dress up, or down, it just seems to do the trick. Cotton is a natural material, and is hypoallergenic. There are also anti-moisture, and insulating or cooling benefits as well. So combine cotton with the newest fashion trend, and you’ve got something pretty special. We have picked out the best for our list.

Natural Life produces a number of beautiful jumpsuits, but this one in particular is 100% cotton. Pockets and a zip up front pull off a hint of rugged, but the relaxed leg and overall casual design makes it super easy to toss on a colorful belt or some jewelry to take it up a notch.

Along with all of the gorgeous options, Natural Life also has lounging jumpsuits. Slouchy in the very best way, the loose-fitting V-neck wardrobe staple is super soft. Pop some popcorn and grab a glass of wine, because this is the ideal outfit for watching Hallmark movies all day long.

We feel like people who wear this jumpsuit will just have more fun. Orange and purple blend together strangely well in the flared leg one piece suit. Simple straps at the top make this an ideal option for a hot summer day.

While certainly comfortable enough to lounge around the house in, the wild print jumpsuit has accents like a folded collar, and belted waist, so you can wear it to work, or a party. The extra flowing design is perfect for when you want to doll yourself up, but don’t want to feel too constricted.

Playful, artistic and inspiring, this suit (or overalls) breaks current fashion boundaries. Timeless cotton denim dominates the look. But a pattern of flowers, or outstanding blue shapes, adorning each leg adds that next level cute factor.

Skip the straps, and the hassle of worrying about finding your size, with this casual but very lovely bandeau jumpsuit. The stretchy top conforms to body types perfectly, while the waist begins to relax down into legs for a billowing appearance.

Dickies is the old trusty brand for reliable, practical clothing. Of course they are getting in on the women’s jumpsuit game. Like our previously mentioned military style suit, this pick is great for working around the house or making a fashion statement. Is it just us, or would red lipstick and heels make a killer combo with this?

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