12 Best Diaper Bags for Dads

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Dads might need diaper bags even more than moms do. So yeah, he could probably get away with a shopping bag filled with some diapers and wipes for an hour or two, but what happens when baby gets a diaper rash, is hungry, or needs a change of clothes? Many companies have created tactical diaper bags specifically for dads who want to be prepared. We’ve also included some neutral options and ones that are ideal for the outdoorsy dad. Also, consider providing him a list of things he should include in the pack, such as burp cloths, a waterproof bag, hand sanitizer, and more. And if you’re looking for a gift for a dad-to-be, look no further!

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It doesn’t get more “Dad” than a classic camo design with gunmetal hardware. Practical pockets are tucked in the interior and on the exterior of the handheld diaper bag. A handy back strap allows it to seamlessly fit over a suitcase handle when navigating to the next adventure. Inside is a machine washable diaper changing pad for extra dicey maneuvers.

Military-grade polyester is way stronger than cotton, making this a truly tactical bag. One of our favorite compartments is specifically made for wipes, so you can open it up and pull what you need straight out. Insulated pockets keep bottles cold on warmer days or warm on hotter days. The exterior fabric is water resistant, and the part that lays against his back is comfortably padded with breathable mesh. Choose from subtle, earthy colors, such as tan, green or black.

Are you a Jeep family? Incorporate the brand into baby care necessities with this ultra-practical, comfortable diaper bag. Padded straps make it easy to carry the extra load, while 12 pockets provide the most detailed, organized dad some peace of mind. Customers describe the bag as being sturdy but simultaneously slightly heavy. Overall, the bag is very well received, and even grandparents like to buy it for themselves when caring for grandkids.

Active Doodie is a veteran-owned company that creates tactical diaper bags. Honestly, we were almost sold by the hilarious military-style patch that displays the company‘s name and a “dad squad” and American flag patch. But the bag also delivers on all the bells and whistles, from a wipe dispensing pouch to insulated pockets. Reviews are exceptional, with some customers coming back to buy the bag more than once. But we think one guy‘s comment sums it up; “This tac pack makes being a dad completely worth it.”

Veering away from the backpack style, this diaper bag has more of a messenger bag design. Over the shoulder styles can sometimes fit needs better, and can also be easier to access in various situations. A handful of colors are available, including a unique dark camo. Some reviews mentioned the changing pad to be a little bit small, but still quite efficient. And we have to say that the “drop zone “ phrase on the pad is a selling point. We like to try to dig up a little bit of dirt on the products we research, but after flipping through three pages of reviews, the only negativity we saw was that the bag could be bigger.


With a Harry Potter design, dad can show off his wizardry fandom while being able to store essential baby gear within the interior and exterior pockets. Two exterior bottle pockets are great easy access features. However, there is something for him to – – a tech pocket at the top, ideal for storing a wallet, phone, keys, and perhaps a wand. Teflon has been used on the exterior to make the bag water resistant.

He’s going to need that dedicated diaper pocket! However, he will look as trendy as ever when walking around carrying this sleek diaper bag. You would only know it was for baby gear when spotting the changing pad or a bottle pulled from the insulated pocket. The exterior is made from neutral black and brown tones and has an overall modern appeal. Dads like the included universal charger and state that they “feel ready“ with this essential necessity packed for their little one.


Change diapers, make play dates, and work on the go – – Dads can do it all! Laptops can be stored securely in the back dedicated pocket. While mom and baby hang out with friends, he can log in for a few minutes at work. Slightly modern, yet mostly traditional, the diaper bag looks like a simple school pack back. Accessing different necessities becomes easier from either the top loading or the front-facing opening. Customers have compared it to designer bags – – but actually better.

There is this straightforward, hand-held black diaper bag with just enough organizational power for the first daddy-to-be. Reviews mention that the diaper changing pad is ultra-durable, and the stroller straps are handy. Yes, you can strap this on to the stroller versus carrying it around. The striped interior lining ads just enough of a fun touch to say, “hey, I’m a diaper bag. “


We’ve brought you tactical and modern options—now we bring you something for the outdoor dad. Columbia not only makes solid shoes, jackets and outerwear, but they also make diaper bags too. This option is really straightforward and minimalistic, with thermal-resistant pockets to keep bottles in and an overall well-accommodating main section. The simplicity is refreshing, especially if you’re not a gadgets kind of guy. But the reason we liked this pack is also the reason some people didn’t like it. It may be basic, but it is spacious and seemingly easy to clean.

“I. Love. This. Pack. Seriously, as a father and carrier of diapers, bottles, toys, burp cloths, changing pads, pacifiers, socks”, says one happy daddy that purchased this Columbia backpack from Amazon. This one actually rates higher than the other Columbia bag on this list. It’s noted to be roomy while also featuring unique compartments like a pacifier pocket. Of course, it has a lot of the standard diaper bag essentials as well. We like the rusty color that blends in with a lot of typical outdoor gear.

You can cover all your needs with one purchase. This backpack appears to be just a heavy-duty bag for him, but it also comes with the capability to serve as a baby carrier, so precious cargo can ride right on his chest. There’s also a diaper changing pad, bottle pockets, and plenty of space to store diapers, of course. The video in the Amazon description best shows exactly how the bag functions. Folks like the bag is designed to grow with baby—the description details that the carrier portion can handle up to a 33-pound child. Padded shoulder straps and a waist strap make for a more comfortable wearing experience.

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