14 Best Dog Carriers for Hiking

Four-Legged Faves

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Some dogs are totally up for taking on a hiking trail with their humans. But some pups may tire easily, or could simply be a little bit older and not be up to a full day on the trails. Pet carriers are available for multiple different purposes, with hiking being one of them. Not only do they help keep your fur babies safe, but they can be a comfortable way to bring your best friend along for a magical experience. So lace up your hiking boots and grab the dog treats. We’ve looked through a variety of carriers, to bring you versatile styles for every budget, and need.

Tiny pups might like going hiking too! This is an over the shoulder, sling style carrier, that is suitable for very, very small dogs. Pups under 6 pounds can comfortably chill in this breathable pouch, which also features a leash tether to keep your baby safely with you at all times. Being that this is for dogs that are light as a feather, the over the shoulder style shouldn’t put much strain on your back. Human hands will be free, to hold a walking stick, water bottle, or simply nothing at all.

Backpack styles are likely the most ideal selection for hiking with your dog. Wear it just like you would a ruck sack or camping pack, while knowing your sweet baby is secure, within a breathable and sturdy carrier. A large and open front mesh window will allow four legged babies to see every beautiful tree or river, while staying a little safer. Extra zipper pockets provide storage for snacks, collapsible water bowls, or other pet essentials. The backpack straps are padded for additional human comfort.

Not only is this backpack style carrier stylish, with a sleek shape, it is quite practical. With the opening being large, pets will be able to get in and out easily. Plenty of mesh material has been used in the construction, so animals who might tend to be prone to anxiety might do better with a selection that has lots of visibility. Made for relatively small dogs, the backpack itself won’t take up a lot of space in the car, or while wearing it. Extra pockets provide convenient storage, and you can also carry cats in this product as well.

What we love most about this particular carrier, aside from its high reviews, are the multi functional ways the particular vessel can be transported. When not wanting to carry the pack on your back anymore, perhaps when you are finished hiking, and are at the airport, an extendable handle conveniently is available for smoothly rolling the carrier. A standard handle is attached to the top, for quick and easy lifting. Mesh windows on the side are extra large, and nearly the entire front panel is breathable and see-through too.

K9 Sport Sack is a brand that has developed multiple, innovative dog carriers. The brand is also one of the few, that creates a backpack carrier, for much larger dogs. This particular design will have your pup snuggly secured on your back, facing forward toward you. Their head will be free, which will give them a feeling of not being confined, while the ventilated side panels promote plenty of airflow to their body. This particular design also comes with a detachable storage bag, perfect for snacks and water.

K9 Sport Sack is truly revolutionary when it comes to pet carriers. Since the design allows the head and arms to be free, pups that tend to have more anxiety, or who are training to go on hikes with you in a carrier, might do really well with this. The design fits snugly, yet not too tight on your pup’s body, while extra padding adds lots of comfort. Inside, is a tether for attaching to the leash, for added security. Ventilated sides are also utilized, and are particularly wonderful on a hot summer day on the trails.

Are you the type of person who always looks totally fashionable, whether lounging on the couch or hitting the trails? This pet carrier backpack will perfectly complement your upscale style, and being that it’s also neutral, means mixing and matching won’t be a problem. Delicate metal touches go beautifully with the overall intricate design of the bag. But just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean that it isn’t practical, as it is well ventilated, and can accommodate a pup up to 15 pounds. Having a harness strap, and water resistant qualities just add to the convenience.

The price is just one of the alluring aspects of this versatile, sturdy looking carrier for pets. Not only can you wear it on your shoulders while hiking, it converts into several other super handy forms. Roll it around via the smooth gliding wheels, or even use it as a car seat for your precious for baby. We love that this is multi functional, so you can pack one thing to be used for various reasons on a trip.

There is a small but diverse handful of colors to choose from when purchasing this carrier! There’s bound to be one that is perfect for you and your baby’s style. Maybe consider bright hot pink for those with a diva personality, or a cool blue if opting for something more basic. Regardless, you will be able to secure your pup on your back while hiking, or while in the car, as this also doubles as a car seat, Going to the airport? No problem this carrier rolls as well.

Sometimes a fully enclosed carrier just isn’t going to work for certain dogs. Some will do great, but some might feel restricted and have anxiety issues. This open concept option allows the head to be free, while the remainder of the body being wrapped in a warm hug of breathable fabric. When carrying an extra bag, that has your dog in it, reducing the need for other bags is likely ideal. Extra pockets within this design enable hikers to store snacks, poop bags, and other small essentials.

Designed for optimal comfort, this attractive gray bag features a super cushioned back portion, that will be much softer on your body. For pet comfort, there is a cushy pad that sits on the bottom of the bag, that will offer snuggly support. The pad can be removed and cleaned easily. Several mesh windows allowed for plenty of flow into the bag, and a safety leash clip securely onto your pet’s harness. Carry your pup or cat that weighs up to 16 pounds.

The subtle design really makes this particular carrier really attractive, and ultra cute at the same time. While some carriers seem to look similar to others, this particular option has an interesting feature that sets it out from a lot of other options. The front window opens outward to extend a still enclosed area, so that your pup may feel a little less enclosed. The features make it not only ideal for hiking, but for air travel as well.

The pretty floral design adds just enough of a delicate touch for those who love that kind of style. Adding something fun and colorful to your basic hiking get up can be a wonderful visual change. Not only do we love the design of the fabric, but the shape is quite lovely as well, and the ergonomically design ensures more comfort for you, the one who is wearing the carrier. Two entrances, one from the top and from the side allow for options when it comes time to load up, and there is plenty of ventilation as well. The carrier can comfortably fit dogs up to 20 pounds.

Some folks like to keep things simple, and some like options with all the bells and whistles. Well, this one comes with all of the extras! Two chest straps, one higher up, and one close to your waist keep the pack secure. The interior of the bag is well ventilated, and a side portion can be extended when your pup may need a little space while waiting to take on the next leg of the hike. Expect convenient touches, such as a poop bag holder made specifically for dispensing waste bags quickly.

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