16 Best Dog Strollers to Keep Your Pet Stylish and Safe

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When you’re traveling with dogs, following them around by leash can sometimes be a little bit difficult. For many reasons, dogs may benefit from not having to walk at all. Perhaps you were in the midst of training your puppy and are worried about them sporadically going to the bathroom somewhere they shouldn’t. Maybe you are anxious about pups being a little bit wild, or perhaps you have an older dog whose legs just don’t work as well anymore, but they absolutely love keeping up with you on all of your adventures. Dog strollers can be a great solution for those who may not want to traditionally walk around on a leash. Various types are available, from extremely durable, low-to-the-ground vessels that can even be hooked onto the back of a bike, or more dainty adorable strollers for your sweet tiny babies. Either way, the following have great safety features, good ratings and will most definitely pamper your pup.

Keeping pups safe is priority, whether that be when walking around the park, taking them on vacation or riding in the car. Luckily, this smart design covers all three bases, with a convenient convertible capability that will change the form into a hand-held carrier, car seat or stroller. One important feature is the interior attached to seatbelt that latches onto your dog’s harness for extra security. The top closes over for privacy and comfort and features a mesh window.

An extra large mesh window will be a comforting aspect for dogs who don’t like to be fully enclosed. They’ll be able to look around and see all of the exciting things in the world, while being a little bit more secure. The fold-over top does not zip into place, but rather latches with a buckle. Store dog food, water bowls or other essentials in the basket underneath, and fold down for compact transport in the back of your vehicle.

Do you have a Pomeranian, Yorkie or other lightweight breed? That calls for an ultra lightweight stroller that is easy to store and lifts easily into the back of the car. Help out older dogs who may just be too tired to walk, or keep little ones out of mischief when out for your morning walk. There’s also a leash-securing tether and waterproof covering on the interior of the stroller.

Lower to the ground and larger in construction, larger breeds can enjoy pet strollers too! The convenient rear entry on this model allows your furry ones to enter with ease, and the covering folds down, revealing large mesh windows that are easy to see out of. No zippers to worry about here! The enclosure features a buckle design, and the handle sits at a comfortable height for mom or dad to push.

The design on the fabric of this stroller is a little bit more playful if you’re looking to add a a sprinkle of sass to your pup’s transportation method. And don’t be fooled, this fashionable cruiser has safety features like shock absorbers in the wheels which make it technically all-terrain. Back brakes add more security, and there’s additional storage for your convenience. Extra small breeds would do exceptionally well in this design, but up to medium sized dogs would likely fit as well.

Do you have a teeny baby that just cannot keep up on your morning rounds? Do you find yourself feeling sad when leaving them behind? Then a pet jogger stroller is the solution! The three wheels have a locking features and are filled with air, making them more capable to take on a variation of drain. They can take on bumpy roads, while providing a little bit more of a smoother ride for pups. The flip-over canopy clips close rather than zip.

Whether you’re jogging or just skiing to the airport, this jogger-friendly, three-wheel stroller is easy to steer and features back wheel brakes. The wheels rotate 360 degrees, so making quick turnarounds smoothly is not a problem. Doggies will enjoy multiple entry points that can cater to their needs. An undercarriage basket is a perfect place to toss extra items when traveling. Being lightweight, the stroller easily folds to fit snugly in the back of your car.

We love that the fabric that encases this stroller is waterproof, which is an excellent option for small pups on a rainy day. However, the construction is also practical for puppies, who might not be quite potty trained yet. The flip-over dome covering allows for ample visibility, and the easy rotating wheels spin around for a smooth ride. An added perk for mom and dad is the plastic holder at the handlebars, with cupholders and other spaces to put odds and ends.

A multi-purpose carrier means fewer items you have to bring along on your trip! The super handy wheels and metal handles allow dogs to be transported easily and smoothly throughout an airport, or even just to the park. The best part is that you can remove the wheels and use the large, square structure as a breathable kennel. When not in use, fold it down and slide it under the bed for convenient out-of-the-way storage.

Sleek and stylish, this option is a dream to roll across the pavement. Pets can easily get in and out using a large back entryway. Being low to the ground might also be a little bit more comforting to certain personality types. Three wheels provide agile and precise steering. This particular stroller can even be hooked onto the back of a bicycle! Biking together may become a beloved activity for you and your sweet fur baby if they’re trained properly.

Best for puppies, this option basically looks like a basket on wheels. Safety features such as brakes are also in place. The fabric is waterproof and designed to be resistant to rain and other moisture. The interior panel can be removed and even washed, which is particularly great for puppies. On the handle bar, there’s a place to store your Starbucks cup of coffee when out on your morning walk. Get your puppy out and about in the world for adventure and socialization, while keeping them a little bit safer.

Does this stroller remind anyone else of a vintage camper? Maybe it’s the coloring, maybe it’s the shape; regardless, we love the retro, vintage feel. Medium and larger dogs can easily access the lower design. Pushing it via the handle or even attaching it to your bike couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable for your furry babies. Enjoy a stroll beside the lake, or get around town in a more convenient and efficient way.

Dog strollers just got a little bit more tactical, and it kind of reminds us of a pair of cargo shorts, with lots of pockets and convenience attributes. The extra large top entry not only makes for easy access, but allows room for pups – especially larger ones – to extend their head out. The carrier itself can detach from the stroller, should you ever need it to. Tire-style wheels are made to be ultra durable, able to take on rugged terrain while still remaining puncture resistant. If you have a dog that’s a little bit tougher to handle (or if you just like the super cool aesthetics of the stroller), it’s a solid pick.

This two-tier option is like a double decker bus of strollers. The bottom portion can hold more weight, so it’s optimal for your medium-sized pup. The upper level holds a little less weight and is ideal for small puppies or even a few of your own knickknacks. Fold the stroller with just one push of a button and toss it into the back of your vehicle. Pick from a bright cheery pink color to a more subtle gray.

Do you like the look of a traditional dog stroller that mimics a child stroller, rather than the low-to-the-ground versions? No problem! This extra sturdy, appropriately-named stroller can hold dogs that are up to 100 pounds, or several dogs up to the equivalent weight. Four tethers on the interior secure your babies, and additional exterior ones allow pets who like to walk to be safely attached as well. An access ramp comes with the stroller, allowing dogs to easily trot in and out of the stroller.

Double-decker strollers are where it’s at for multiple pet owners. Maybe your pups don’t quite get along yet, or maybe they just like their own space. Two distinct compartments create that ultimate separation, while the mesh windows will let them both feel like they’re a part of the action. Typical and appreciated features such as a storage basket, cup holder and 360-degree swivel wheels are all part of the design.

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