22 Best Dog Subscription Boxes to Treat Your Furry Best Friend

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Just like humans, no two dogs are the same. Some are picky eaters, some are super chewers, and some just enjoy naps — lots and lots of naps. They have their own personalities and aren’t afraid to show them, and that’s why we can’t help but spoil our pups — after all, fur babies are family too! That’s why a dog subscription box is the ultimate way to pamper your pooch.

Full of all the fun you can get your paws on and delivered to your door, it’s a special way to show your four-legged friend how much you love them (besides unlimited belly rubs and that occasional extra piece of bacon at breakfast). There’s a subscription box for every dog, from durable toys and drool-worthy treats to fresh food and CBD supplements.

To help you find a pawsitively perfect perk for your pet, we’ve sniffed out the 22 best dog subscription boxes that will make even the finickiest fetchers and toughest tuggers wag their tails.


What it is: Monthly toys, treats, and chews for your furry friends.

Why subscribe: Spoil your spaniel or pamper your pooch each month with BarkBox. Each box includes two toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew to keep them busy. There’s a cute monthly theme for each box to offer plenty of variety.


What it is: Everything you need to get started with your new furbaby.

Why subscribe: Puppyhood is made easy with this monthly subscription that sends you treats, toys, and customized training for your family’s new furry friend. You’ll be the best pup parent paw-sible with products and training information to get you through all the stages — from potty training to shoe chewing and everything in between. The box will change each month based on your pup’s growth and development, and all toys, treats, and chews are picked based on your pup’s age and physical characteristics.

Nom Nom

What it is: Real, fresh food for dogs is delivered monthly.

Why subscribe: You don’t have to chase your tail to find fresh, healthy food for your dog. With Nom Nom, you’ll receive pre-portioned meals each month formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg DVM to ensure this fresh food is made with wholesome ingredients for folks with paws. This food is nothing to kibble about because it’s good enough for people to eat — seriously, try it… if your furry friend will share.

Super Chewer

What it is: A themed collection of super-tough toys, treats, and chew.

Why subscribe: Tired of replacing toys that just can’t stand up to your pup? The Super Chewer box includes toys that were made for chompin’. Each box has a themed collection that includes two tough toys (always fluff-free), two full-size bags of treats, and two all-natural meaty chews. Finally, something your dog can enjoy, not destroy!

Bark Bright

What it is: Fresh breath delivered every month.

Why subscribe: Enjoy brighter smiles and cleaner kisses from your pup with Bark Bright, a subscription that sends a monthly supply of dental sticks and triple-enzymatic toothpaste to keep your pup’s mouth healthy and fresh. Just squeeze a bit of toothpaste on the dental stick, and as your dog chews, it scrubs their teeth. Your dog will fight bad breath with every bite!

Bullymake Box

What it is: Durable dog toys and tasty treats for the extreme chewer.

Why subscribe: This monthly subscription box is for the toughest chewer in town. Bullymake Box includes durable dog toys for the extreme chewer, tugger, or fetcher. Your destructo-doggie can enjoy playing with these toys for a while, as they’re made to last — and if they don’t, Bullymake will replace them for free.

Greenwell Pet Box

What it is: Health and wellness products for your furbaby.

Why subscribe: Health and wellness isn’t just for humans. This monthly wellness subscription box for your best friend gives dogs exactly what they need to live their best life with health and wellness goodies to boost their immune system and overall well-being. Every box contains at least six wellness-focused products like treats, supplements, natural grooming products, and eco-friendly toys.

The Dapper Dog Box

What it is: A monthly box of goodies for the pup with swagger.

Why subscribe: Surprise your Schnauzer or indulge Irish Setter with a monthly box of goodies to make him or her feel extra spiffy. This subscription box sends tasty treats, top-notch toys, and one limited-edition bandana that will make them look and feel their best when strutting down the street. Plus, each purchase helps support shelter dogs looking for their forever family — and it doesn’t get more dapper than that!

The Farmer’s Dog

What it is: A healthier dog food delivered to your door.

Why subscribe: You only want the best for your furbaby, so enhance your doggie’s diet with a subscription to The Farmer’s Dog. This 100% human-grade food is pre-portioned and delivered to your doorstep, making it easy to feed your dog real food. Forget the brown pellets, preservatives, and meals. The Farmer’s Dog delivers balanced, freshly made pet food that exceeds industry standards for dog food, making sure Fido only eats the best ingredients.


What it is: Monthly and quarterly customizable toys, treats, and gear for your pup.

Why subscribe: Just like humans, dogs have their own personalities full of likes and dislikes. Some are picky eaters, some love to sport a bandana, and some dogs need tough toys. BoxDog lets you pick the items in your dog’s subscription box each month, including handmade treats, vegan skincare, high-quality toys, and gear like bandanas and backpacks. Get exactly what they love in each delivery!

Pet Treater

What it is: Thoughtfully curated boxes to delight your pet.

Why subscribe: Pets are part of the family, so shower them with love each month with a subscription to Pet Treater. These boxes are full of fun for your pup without breaking their human’s bank. Packages vary month to month and range from treats to grooming supplies to toys and accessories, all for just $15 per month. It’s an affordable way to provide the best for your pet.

Gnaw Box

What it is: Something special for your super chewer.

Why subscribe: Keep your chewer occupied and entertained with a Gnaw Box. This box is full of tasty treats and chews for dogs who love to chomp, chew, and gnaw. The box includes a mix of bully sticks, jerky chews, beef tendons, tripe twists, salmon skins, deer antlers, and more — better alternatives to chemically made rawhide bones and twists. These single-ingredient dog chews are oven-baked with no additives or artificial ingredients, so they’re safe and healthy for your furry friend.


What it is: A pawsome gift that keeps on giving.

Why subscribe: This pup-tastic monthly subscription not only spoils your furbaby, but also helps pets in need. The RescueBox by The Animal Rescue Site will deliver premium treats, toys, and chews each month for pets of any age or size. And with every RescueBox subscription, 142 bowls of food are donated to shelter pets in need as part of The Animal Rescue Site’s Subscribe 2 Good program.


What it is: Natural, sustainable goodies for your doggie.

Why subscribe: Give your snuggle buddy the VIP treat-ment with a subscription to PupJoy, which offers healthy dog goods from socially responsible makers. From toys and treats to gear like dog beds, leashes and collars, PupJoy offers you a subscription service for fun surprises as well as customizable deliveries, so you get what your dog needs when they need it. Plus, all dog products are great for your pup and the planet.

My Pet Defense

What it is: Pet health essentials delivered every month Why subscribe: Protect your pup from nose to tail with this monthly subscription. My Pet Defense ships a 30-day supply of premium flea and tick protection each month, as well as a 30-day supply of enzymatic dental support that features a probiotic food topper. And we saved the best for last — 30 nutritious supplement chews for a daily treat that’s good for your pup.


What it is: Natural dog chews for pups of all sizes.

Why subscribe: Make shopping for high-quality dog chews simple and easy with Pawstruck, a subscription service that carefully curates great-tasting dog chews with the finest ingredients. Your pup will be dancing at the door for these delectable deliveries that include 10-20 chews in each box. The number of chews varies depending on the size of the product and chew time. Pawstruck packs have included bully sticks, filled bones, beef bones, cow ears and more, all sourced from trusted suppliers so it’s only the best for your buddy.

Pooch Perks

What it is: Customizable, pooch-approved toys and treats.

Why subscribe: If you have multiple pets in the family, this is the box for you! Pooch Perks delivers boxes full of all-natural, USA-made treats and pawesome toys customizable to your pet’s preferences. Delight your dog with toys and treats, or if your pup loves to play all day, pick the toys-only option and choose from plush or durable dog toys. There’s also a mixed-size option for households with multiple dogs.

VetPet Box

What it is: Veterinarian-approved box of treats and wellness products for your dog.

Why subscribe: Keep your pet healthy and happy with the VetPet Box. In addition to fun toys and tasty treats, you’ll receive health care items like shampoos and supplements you’d normally find at your vet’s office. Plus, every item in your VetPet Box was evaluated by veterinarians for quality and safety, and each box comes with pet health care tips because we want only the best for our pets.

Kong Box

What it is: The pet subscription that encourages play and positive behaviors.

Why subscribe: When you think of dog toys, the Kong brand immediately comes to mind, and for a good reason — these toys are built for fun. Kong toys are also known for training and reinforcing good behavior for pups who have separation anxiety, chewing, and more. Now you can surprise your pup each month with the Kong subscription box, which includes one training toy, one toy that matches your dog’s personality, treats, and a special recipe to make your dog feel like they’re eating at a five-star restaurant.

Wag Healthy Club

What it is: A quarterly subscription for trustworthy wellness solutions for your pup.

Why subscribe: This subscription is for adult dogs, ages two and up, focusing on a different wellness theme each month to keep them happy and healthy as they mature. Wellness themes include dental, joint health, skin and coat, and more! Each box includes two full-size dog health products from vet-approved brands that proactively support your dog’s needs, as well as bonus samples. And even though your dog is a “grown-up,” you’re never too old to play, so each box includes a quality toy to keep them entertained.


What it is: Curated chewing fun every month.

Why subscribe: This special subscription offers mouthwatering treats delivered to your dog each month. The box is full of all-natural treats and chews, as well as doggie essentials like toys and gear to keep your pup healthy and happy. It’s all the doggie essentials each month, from bully bites and rope toys to supplements and poop bags.

Pup Mom Crate

What it is: A monthly subscription box for dog moms.

Why subscribe: If you’re a proud dog mom, this one’s for you. Each month, you’ll receive 5-8 full-size, premium products for you and your dog, including dog mom lifestyle and beauty products as well as toys and treats for your pup. You’ll find a mix of mugs, tumblers, and jewelry alongside plush toys and durable chews so that you can treat yourself and your bestie.

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