17 Best Edible Valentine’s Day Gifts (For Him or Her)

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Fun Fact: While the origins of Valentine’s Day date back centuries, the practice of giving sugar and chocolates became more prominent in the 1800s, when a British chocolatier had an excess of cocoa butter left over after perfecting his drinking chocolate. He created candies and placed them in heart-shaped boxes, that could be reused to store letters and trinkets, and the tradition continued.

While giving chocolate is certainly a welcomed and beloved practice in current times, Valentine’s Day products have diversified immensely, especially edible ones. We’ve developed a list of some favorite, tasty, Valentine’s Day gift-worthy goodies.

Vegan Edible Valentine's Gifts

Turn on the notebook, and spoil your honey bun with an assortment of vegan edible cookie dough, with flavors of snickerdoodle, birthday cake, and fudge brownie. While the dough can be mixed with water and gobble up straight, it can also be combined with eggs and milk to actually bake cookies. Made of almond flour, coconut flour and dates, we don’t see any gluten containing ingredients either.

Nicks Swedish inspired ice cream is made with plant-based, natural sweeteners, like stevia, allulose, and xylitol. Keep in mind, xylitol is highly toxic to dogs, so maybe opt for flavors that don’t have this particular ingredient if you have a four legged baby. Nicks uses a special plant-based substance that gives all of their tasty ice creams, well, their creaminess. The vegan bundle contains a mouthwatering variation of beloved classics, from mint chocolate chip, to pistachio. Keto options are also available, and all can be delivered directly to his or her door.

Get saucy this Valentine’s Day, with an assortment of five different vegan food toppings, that range from a hot Dijon mustard, plant mayo, to a rich burger and fry sauce. Customers who purchased this product love the otherworldly packaging, like burger UFOs for example. Another review noted that they bought the set as a gift, but they ended up keeping two of the sauces for themselves! So maybe you should buy a set for you, and your significant other, or maybe dress up the dining table with them, and have a candle lit take out burger and fries dinner.

Keto Edible Valentine's Gifts

Send keto snacks to your love, every month of the year. The Valentine celebration doesn’t have to end. KetoKrate sends recipients a box full of certified low-carb goodies, from sweet to savory, that have been sourced from all around the world. All products are gluten-free – – bonus! Tummy upsetting maltitol doesn’t make its way into any of the snacks either, according to the site.

Schoolyard Snacks specializes in two childhood favorite foods, cereal and cheese puffs! Of course, these two delicious goodies have received a grown-up makeover, with a recipe that is keto approved, grain free, and sugar free. Cheese puffs come in a selection of flavors, such as classic cheese, fiery hot, barbecue, and sour cream and onion. The best part, each small bag only has one net carb. Cheese puffs and TV show binge watching -– that sounds like Valentine’s Day perfection.

Sweet Edible Valentine's Gifts

Sweeter Cards take the place of your everyday greeting card while presenting with an adorable message on the exterior, and chocolate on the interior. This isn’t your average drugstore chocolate, it is gourmet made, with the very best natural ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla and Mediterranean sea salt. Coming with three chocolate bars, the multi-pack has super cute Valentine’s Day-themed phrases, with the signature artesian chocolate inside.

Full of meticulously folded paper succulents, there’s more to this box than what meets the eye. However, these crafted succulents would’ve been enough on their own! But inside each one is a delicately crafted chocolate, that has been specially concocted from hand selected fair trade cocoa beans. Low and slow roasting methods have been utilized, to bring forth the most subtle flavors of the spectacular chocolates.

Chocolate covered strawberries are a must on Valentine’s Day, whether making them yourself, or pairing them with a charcuterie board for dinner. But if perhaps you aren’t able to spend Valentine’s Day with your honey, consider sending one of the nation’s most beloved deliverable gifts, an Edible Arrangement. This particular selection comes with a bouquet of juicy chocolate covered strawberries, with a modernistic Valentine’s Day mug as the base.

Elle’s Bakery is based in Montana and receives rave reviews on their delicious cream-filled cookies. While many purchase the buffalo-shaped option, these cute little penguins are sweet, both figuratively and literally, for Valentine’s Day. Two penguin-shaped cookies are filled with an indulgent caramel cream cheese frosting. The chocolate cookies are finished off with a royal icing belly, and a tiny red heart.

Best Edible Valentine's to Share

Cowgirl creamery develops a special heart-shaped triple cream cheese, that is infused with mushroom essence, that pairs incredibly with included accouterments such as rhubarb lavender jam. A nutty Gouda, along with bittersweet chocolate truffles round out the well-balanced cheese board. Grab a couple of wines to include with the spread, like a Pinot Noir that pairs well with Gouda, and a Sauvignon Blanc that would be a light complement to the Heart’s Desire triple cream cheese.

We Take the Cake believes that customers should receive a truly made from scratch masterpiece, not a baked cake mix. Vintage colored pink and burgundy buttercream flowers have been intricately piped onto the exterior of the rich chocolate cake, with chocolate cream cheese filling. Overall customer reviews of the bakery, note that cakes arrive moist, delicious, and in the most perfect packaging.

Chocolate is incredibly symbolic of Valentine’s Day gifts. Get ready for chocolate overload, packed into one cake. Two chocolate layers, and a combination of chocolate mousse, chocolate frosting, chocolate glaze, and of course chocolate roses and shavings to top it all off, come together to satisfy even the most ravenous chocolate taste buds. Beautifully presented, the cake comes in a pink gift box, adorned with simplistic hearts.

Brad‘s Bakery is famed in New York City, for their beloved Babka. However, their light, buttery croissant-like rugelach gets a Valentine’s makeover come February. Rolled into a beautiful multi-hued pink and red crescent, the pastry is filled with perfectly sweet marzipan, and rosewater. If you never knew what Valentine’s Day tasted like, now you have the chance to find out, while enjoying the most romantic brunch with your significant other.

Soda just got yet another makeover, and it is certainly spectacularly tasty. We have personally tried sour blueberry, which is full of robust, authentic fruity flavor, and the perfect amount of sweetness, along with the toasted coconut which is excellently subtle. This 12 pack comes with 10 more that we have not tried, like strawberry basil, and pear elderflower. United Sodas are organically sweetened, and contain nothing artificial. The sugar content is much lower than your average soda, and each can only contains 30 calories. Maybe surprise him or her with a romantic mixology night—have fun pairing flavors with various spirits.

Edible Valentine's Gifts for Men

Manly Man Co. has quite the assortment of masculine gifts, from beef jerky message cards, motherload bags of jerky, and bacon-filled meat bouquets. But the jerky flowers seem to be the most fitting for a Valentine’s Day gift, that will really get his heart fluttering. Flowers have been constructed of meat sticks and of course lovely jerky petals. A beer pint glass serves as the “vase“. It is recommended to order far before Valentine’s Day, if possible.

Gluten Free Edible Valentine's Gifts

This adorable cookie making kit is something to feel good about, all around. Made from upcycled soybean, the flour is vegan and gluten-free. Other natural ingredients have been incorporated, to create a delicious sweet treat. Use the cookie cutter to get the perfect artist palette shape, and after baking, press the chocolate candies in while still soft and warm. Couple who bake together stay together—at least we hope so!

Natural & Organic Edible Valentine's Gifts

It has been told that the Finnish people used mushroom coffee, when there was no availability to traditional coffee beans back during World War II. Today, the practice has been turned into a trend, thanks to its potential health benefits, such as reduced anxiety, and boosted immunity. Medicinal mushrooms, cordyceps and chaga in particular, have been meticulously blended into 100% Arabica coffee, for a smooth, roasty flavor. Pair Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee with a meaningful message coffee mug.

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