23 Best EMT Gifts to Show You Care (For Men & Women)

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Emergency Medical Services can be dated all the way back to the Civil War, but it wasn’t until around 1970 when the official curriculum made everything official. Today, the first people that are usually on the scene of an emergency include EMTs, who provide life-saving care. There is a multitude of gift-giving occasions, but you may just want to give an EMT a present because they helped you when you were in need, or maybe there’s an EMT in your life that you love. We’ve come up with a list of gifts that range from novelty to super useful to help you find the perfect something to give them.


I Heart Guts offers a fun, yet informative take on anatomy. The company sells even the most obscure organs, down to droplets of insulin, or an eyeball. This plush heart can be something fun to cuddle with, or can be a cute accent to any room of the EMT in your life. Consider it a gift all on its own, or tie it to a bottle of wine with an elegant red ribbon.

EMTs often work really long shifts, from 12 to 24 hours depending on the situation. Having a great place to store snacks and drinks, that is also foam insulated, is almost a complete essential. Take things up a notch, by presenting them with this cooler, inspired by the medical field itself. Pictures show it accommodating about six cans of soda, so it seems it would be ideal to store cheese sticks, a sandwich, or a container of fruit as well.

What may be a toy for kids could be a humorous gift for an EMT, or anyone involved in medicine as their profession. Erwin the plush patient has several essential organs zipped within his chest and abdomen—lungs, heart, intestines, liver, spleen, and kidneys. A booklet comes along with Erwin. Maybe this is something an EMT would keep on hand to show kid patients!

This non-toxic candle from HuffDesigns is hand poured and made of soy wax. This hilarious EMT design is available in an array of scents, in fact, too many to mention, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. The 9 ounce glass jar comes in black or silver and has an approximate burn time of 50-70 hours, which according to the seller is actually 30-50% longer than your typical paraffin wax candles.

Microbes constantly cross the minds of EMTs, and what biologically better way to represent this than five plush bag clips that represent plagues of history—Smallpox, Black Death, cholera, typhoid fever, and Spanish flu. In all seriousness, and despite the cuteness, these remind us the bravery of medical personnel during the times in which these plagues were faced.


Made of 925 sterling silver, which is generally a solid quality silver, this necklace features a delicate open heart stethoscope pendant. Cubic zirconia adds an eye popping twinkle of color in the center, and a variation of colors can be selected, from green, purple or blue, to clear. Maybe select one that closely represents the recipient’s birthstone.

Proudly display your loved one’s name on this personalized EMT necklace with an ambulance pendant. Customize the name, message, and style of this lovely stainless steel piece, available in an array of lengths.

This customizable key chain and necklace combo is the perfect sweet gift for couples, family members or best friends who you want to know are in your thoughts while they’re on the job. Give them one half, and you keep the other, just like an old school best friends necklace!

A work of art, a commemorative masterpiece, a meaningful display of the wonder of the human body—this one of a kind handmade heart is something to behold. Glass blown with recycled materials, vibrant colors have been pulled through the piece, to resemble veins and arteries. This is the showstopper you were looking for. Whether an EMT for a while, or for life, this will be a focal point of a home or office forever.

EMTs know the importance of a good watch. The physical ticking hand is helpful when calculating a patient’s heart rate or breathing rate. Bradford Exchange offers a strikingly handsome take on a men’s watch, which features the EMT emblem, and additional engraved wording. Stainless steel provides a sturdy and water resistant construction. Present this stunner as a congratulatory gift after a new EMT passes their exam.


Fitbit’s Versa 2 has a nice wide display for easily viewing stats like your heart rate, sleep score, calories burned, or more simply, the time. Built in voice control adds ease of use, and the battery life can last over 6 days. Colors are versatile with rose gold, black and stone being available. This is just one example—smart watches in general make great gifts for healthcare workers.

Phones go everywhere with us—public bathrooms, airplanes and doctors offices—needless to say, EMT’s phones might get too close for comfort when it comes to germs or bodily fluids. Give them peace of mind with this charging case that also contains a UV light, for proven sanitation of smart phones, or anything else that will fit, like jewelry. After a day on the job, this is the place to charge that phone.


EMTs who might have to stay overnight somewhere during their job, perhaps if they are also a fire fighter working from a fire house, might appreciate a super snazzy toiletry bag, made of durable waxed canvas. Not only is it neutral, fitting into a variation of styles, it’s extremely practical with interior organizational mesh pockets, and a mirror. While freshening up, it can be hung from a cabinet, or towel rack, so you can easily access the contents within.

Keeping coffee hot is an essential part of most anyone’s workday. When relying on energy whether driving an ambulance, or keeping the pace in the ER, having a cup that keeps that Joe hot is super important. LL Bean offers a wide variation of Yeti products, including vacuum insulated cups that either keep beverages toasty warm, or ice cold. With magnetic components on the lid, spills are less likely. This particular design features a really cool L.L. Bean logo.

Some EMTs function great off of memory, but having a waterproof notebook in your pocket, that can repel any messy mishaps on the job, can be a great way to record vital signs, and other important patient information before it can be input into a computer. The medical specific design clearly helps distinguish this notebook, from any regular old notetaking pad.

Stoggles are the ultimate solution for practical yet stylish eyewear. These are designed to preserve eye health with extra coverage on the sides, while having a standard but lovely variation of shapes. An anti fogging coating is extra convenient when wearing a mask while working in the field. Other features include blue light blocking lenses and UV protection. These can be purchased with or without a prescription.

Zeal offers eco-friendly renditions of popular eyewear, like these aviator style sunglasses. Made of stainless steel, and ceramic nose pads, these are easier to clean, while also being durable and impact resistant. Whenever a pair of Zeal glasses are purchased, the company cleans up a considerably large portion of the coast line. Help them shade their eyes when they are racing to the scene, with the sun beaming through the ambulance windshield.

With subtle rainbow colors, this beautiful yet classic stethoscope is ideal for EMTs who might work in a doctors office environment. Ideal for listening to heart beats and lung sounds, the stethoscope is a lovely twist on a practical gift. With nearly 35,000 reviews and almost a five star rating, this tool appears to be quite popular. As a bonus, there is a compatible app with educational materials.

Crate Joy is the go to place for a variation of subscription boxes. Whether it be snacks, or clever date night ideas, they seem to offer it all. Being an EMT is stressful, and not that the self-care box can fix every emotion, but it certainly might help. In this particular selection, recipients will get a wide variation of capsules, creams and other CBD infused items, which could possibly help with relaxation.

Hello Fresh is just one of the many simple and healthy meal kit delivery options out there. We like this one particularly for its simplicity, and easy to follow recipes. A heavy work schedule does not mean you have to give up having good, hot meals made with high-quality ingredients. Whether using Hello Fresh or not, a meal kit is a thoughtful gift for an EMT.

Man Crates offers a diverse selection of gifts, and preassembled boxes, that are filled with the most fun things for all manly men. We are talking beer, meat bouquets, and interesting projects that will engage his mind, and take him away from work. So if you’re buying gifts for a guy that is particularly difficult, Man Crates might be the ideal solution.


With cute little ambulances and stretchers adorning the fabric, these midcalf length socks can be a fun and expensive gift for any adult. The socks are made a combination of materials that’s largely cotton, and a little bit of spandex and polyester. Reviews on this product are solid, with a lot of folks noting that these make wonderful stocking stuffers.

Add a little bit of humor to your favorite EMT‘s wardrobe. The playful cartoon saying and brightly drawn ambulance make for a fun gift. All of the solid colors are made from 100% cotton, so consider the possibility of shrinkage. Other colors have a blend of materials. Like most beloved T-shirts, this one is machine washable.

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