12 Best Essential Oil Diffusers


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The health benefits of essential oil diffusers have long been touted by medical and health enthusiasts. Dispensing various essential oils into the air may improve skin, respiratory, and overall well-being. Lavender calms the senses, peppermint can keep critters away – – there is quite the list of reasons to have one of these handy things around. We’ve compiled a list of the best oil diffusers on the market, to make finding the right one a little simpler.

With a run time of 4 to 8 hours, and the ability to cover up to 500 ft, this is a highly effective diffuser that will not only be of practical use, but will add decorative beauty to a home. Those that designed it, specifically wanted this to be something that blended in with any type of aesthetic. Made of porcelain, they’ve done a fantastic job.

Also designed to be decorative, a glass cover gives this diffuser an elegant appearance. Like many diffusers, ultrasonic vibrations, combined with the water and essential oils, ultimately disperse the health beneficial concoction into the air. Complete with an automatic shut off, homeowners don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on.

The starlight diffuser is from the same line that Nordstrom offers. But if you like a little extra flair in a room, this one is a lovely choice. Little holes have been created in the exterior, which adds a twinkling look to surrounding walls.

Made of glass, each one of these diffusers is hand dipped to ensure that every piece is completely unique. So in a way, this is a pretty artistic diffuser to have in your home. The different blue hues look elegant within just about any style home, and will give off a relaxing glow. The interior reservoir where the oil goes is BPA free.

Have the flexibility of being able to change the color with this honeycomb design from Walmart. Various LED lights are within, allowing consumers to change it with their mood. At an affordable price, it’s a solid pick. With automatic shut off, and a 200 foot coverage area, folks are really loving it.

Wanting something no fuss? You found it. This particular brand features a turbo button that will let you disperse oil into the air quickly. But, you can also do it more gradually as well. We like that this basic one doesn’t stand out too much, and could easily be slipped into a corner without notice.

Why does it feel like a genie should poof out of the top of this diffuser? Beautiful wood grain exterior looks absolutely gorgeous as a coffee table centerpiece. Not only is this a diffuser, it is also a humidifier. Several color options are available as well.

Just try looking away from the mesmerizing design within this glass beauty. Looking like an explosion of stars, the product changes colors, and will be a conversation piece no doubt. No BPA, parabens or phthalates will be found within this device, and the plug-in feature is extra convenient.

With a smooth, dark wood design, and absolutely elegant shape, this diffuser looks more like a vase bought abroad at a whimsical market. Diffusers do need to be cleaned, and conveniently, this one comes with its very own handy kit, with a little brush for extra thoroughness.

Experience consistent misting, or just set it to an intermittent misting. This mighty little device is a humidifier, diffuser, and nightlight. Like our other choices, it is also designed to meld seamlessly into your home decor. You’ll also be excited to know that you can change the colors on this one too.

Quite a few diffusers are either glass, or ceramic, but this one is made stunningly from iron. Weaving all over the exterior, is a gorgeous tree design that is extremely unique and so pretty. You have all the essential functions of any fantastic diffuser.

We end this list with the jaw dropper. Beachwood comprises the handsome base, and hand blown glass tops the piece off with old school style. No water is needed, and oils can be directly dripped into the diffuser center. Coming in a sleek box, this is a highly giftable choice.

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