Top 14 Best Flameless Candles You Can Buy Online

Brighten Up Your Space

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Candles add such a glittering appeal to the home. Take a room that lacks that cuddly vibe, add a few candles, and boom! Instant ambience. But as we all know, candles have a few downsides. Some put off smoke, and can even be a significant fire risk if not supervised constantly. Take the worry, and relentless supervision out of it, by investing in a flame free candle. As an added bonus, flameless candles last a lot longer than traditional burning ones. Not sold yet? Take a look at some of the products below.

Have you seen these ultra realistic dancing flame candles from Pottery Barn? Other places have them too, but these are just hyper realistic. The way that the movable flame sways is just mesmerizing. This particular selection is wax, and designed to resemble a birch tree. A glass sugary coating creates the illusion that these have been sitting out in a forest accumulating a majestic frost.

Since we adore Pottery Barn‘s motion flameless candles, we have to include another! However, their candles are downright beautiful, so we could do a whole list just on this brand. Lightly coated with a little bit of snow, these wax pinecones could have almost come straight from an alpine forest. Pair these with the birch candles!

Cluster these ambient pillar candles together on a fireplace, or on the kitchen counter. While the actual flame bulb does not dance like the ones from Pottery Barn, a flickering effect adds the same realistic charm. The exterior of each candle is wax, adding to the realism. A remote control comes with the set for easy operation.

Nine lovely candles come with this group, and range from heights of 4 inches, all the way up to 9 inches. Varying heights create dimension that adds another element of beauty to LED candles. As pictured, the multi height set looks fabulous in a fireplace! Having a traditional fire can eventually lead to deposits within a chimney that have to be cleaned and removed. LED candles reduce the need for fireplace maintenance.

Available in a wide variation of sizes, customers can purchase a super affordable type of motion flame LED candle from Walmart. Better Homes and Gardens has done a wonderful job creating a realistic battery operated option. Just a couple of AAs are needed for endless nights of cozy lighting. Ivory and white colors can be chosen from.

Light scents of vanilla still emanate from this 3“ x 4“ little pillar candle. Giving it a bit more of a realistic touch, is a black wick in the center. Control how long your candle stays on, with the handy five hour built-in timer. The glow that softly projects from this candle is just enough for a beautiful coffee table centerpiece.

This group of three pillar candles has it all – – a 24 hour timer, a remote control with multiple functions, and a dancing motion flame. But a string of fairy lights is subtly wound around each one, giving it even more twinkle and whimsy.

For candlelight dinners, or Christmas time window decoration, taper candles are likely not as popular as pillar, but most definitely equally beautiful. Six candles can be controlled by the remote, and would be perfect on the table for a romantic candlelit dinner, or in your grandmothers old sterling silver candelabra. These also would be kind of spooky on Halloween!

So many stunning colors are available to choose from with this group of candles – – glittering gold, multicolored with white and red for example, or a sea foam green with ever so subtle layered hues. Four pillars, two large and two medium, with four additional votives are included. So you have a size for every need. The remote control allows brightness to be adjusted as well.

Seven inches tall and coated in dark blue glitter, teenage girls, and well just about anyone, would be ecstatic to receive this shimmering candle as a gift. But wouldn’t it also look incredible on the table surrounded by fall covered leaves, or silver Christmas ornaments? Yes, it comes with a remote, and his battery powered.

Grey glass encapsulates the artificial flame, and is just see-through enough to create an ultra realistic appearance.  Three candles come in the set, and various timers can be set, from 2 to 8 hours. Gold and white glass are also available.

Rustic and natural in appearance, these candles almost look like real tree branches. Made of wax, but excellently accented, the outdoor appeal is highly endearing. The three candles in the set have a runtime of up to 240 hours, far out weighing a normal burning candle.

Browse around Etsy to find totally unique flameless candles. For example, an asparagus fern has been gently embedded into the exterior of the candle. Motion flames gently dance on top, gently casting light on the beautiful design.

Purposefully raggedy, the taper candles take us back to Christmas a century ago. Candy cane stripes, off white, and a variation of other colors will fit into the most breathtakingly rustic Christmas decor. Put them in an old-school candle holder, and sit them in the window. However these are so unique and festive, they would make a wonderful gift!

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