The 15 Best Gifts to Bring New Parents

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Everyone loves new babies, but it’s not polite to show up empty-handed and crowd around the new parents, unless you’re very close family. Experienced parents especially often know when an essential item was missed on the baby shower registry, so this is the perfect time to swoop in with that must-have gift, and steal a little snuggle time while you’re at it.

Well-wishers and in-laws stopping by to see the baby is usually a nice break from the new parent routine, but disrupting nap time is never a nice way to start a visit. Let the pizza delivery/UPS/neighbors know when you’re enforcing quiet hours with this front door sign.

Help new parents cherish those amazing memories forever with a special clay hand and footprint kit. Durable and stylish, it’s perfect for a photo wall at home, and also works great for office display.

Those early, sleep-deprived days can make it hard to separate one day from the last, and when pediatricians question new parents about their little one’s sleeping, eating, and diaper habits, it can be hard to know their answers are correct. An easy to use chart means they’ll have more confidence, and it makes for a hilarious bit of blackmail when they’re older to boot.

There’s nothing worse than rocking a new baby to sleep and then get hit with a wave of thirst, but feeling trapped in place lest you wake that now-calm little one. A large water bottle can save the day, especially for those particularly-thirsty new moms who are breastfeeding. Time markers on the bottle help to pace your intake, and keep you motivated to stay hydrated.

Sleep when the baby sleeps is essential advice, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. When a nap just isn’t in the cards, you can help new parents keep up with their favorite shows and artists, without waking the baby- with these easy to use Bluetooth headphones.

Their first car ride might be full of tears (mostly from mom and dad) but it’s easy to see when there’s nothing to worry about with this back seat mirror. Few other items are this good at soothing new parent jitters while also being easy to use and inexpensive.

Life doesn’t stop even with a newborn at home, and new parents especially will often have visitors clamoring to see the baby. While those first few days at home may be PJs only, they can cover up quickly in an emergency with this soft and cozy robe.

A gift that pays huge dividends in the long run, they’ll love this charming memory book. As children get older, it may be hard to remember first foods, favorite books, and fun activities, but keeping notes in a baby book can provide wonderful reminders.

Well-wishers often bring meals to celebrate new additions to the family, but we love the idea of a snack pack instead. Requiring no dishes, microwaving, and perfectly portioned to satisfy an urgent craving for sweet or salty treats, this 40 item care package will be just the solution they’re looking for after a mid-night feeding.

If someone gave them a white noise machine, of course that’s a nice thought, but the best solution is often the simplest. A general bluetooth speaker can play white noise, nursery rhymes, mom’s favorite album, Mozart selections from a Baby Einstein video, the options are endless.

A splurge for most, this big-budget gift is a treat for new parents, who often struggle to figure out a housekeeping schedule that won’t wake the baby.

Sooner or later, the phone is going in the baby’s mouth, there will be an unfortunately timed diaper blowout, or spit up will land right on that smartphone screen. Soothe those newly minted germaphobes with a UV based phone sanitizer. Given how disgusting most of our phone screens are, it will see many years of use even after the baby stage.

Having a new baby involves a certain amount of chaos at home, as everyone adjusts to a new schedule. Keep up with the keys, the diaper bag, bottle coolers and more with a smartphone linked Tile or Tile Mate to help you find lost items.

New parents will burn through battery life taking those adorable photos and videos, so make sure that at home or on-the-go they can stay fully charged and ready to snap that perfect pic.

If this isn’t the expectant couple’s first baby, make sure you don’t forget a gift for their other children. A charming memory  book about siblings, this adorable fox gift book is great for same or mixed gender sibs and is sure to be a cherished keepsake.

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