25 Best Gifts for Avocado Lovers


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Foodie cults all have their favorites, whether it’s standing in line for hours at that novelty bakery for a one-of-a-kind treat, exploring the local farmers market for the best of the best produce, or discovering new and exotic favorites at tasting menus for coffee, wine, or beer. But few food obsessions gather the headlines like avocado creations. Loved, hated, and blamed for a tough housing market, avocados remain an evocative yet affordable splurge, rich and delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even when they aren’t in season, there’s always something that will help you proclaim yourself their biggest fan.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, this mug is great for everyday use, even if it takes multiple refills to get through the day. LookHuman carries a wide range of humorous, avocado themed mugs, so there’s something perfect for every avocado aficionado.

Support pollinators! This uniquely flavored honey comes from bees pollinating Hass avocados, giving it a complex sweet and bitter flavor, and a dark, mineral-rich color.

Naming your baby avocado is a bridge too far, but dressing them like an avocado is both adorable and socially acceptable. Plus babies love avocado too!

Perfect for crafting, DIY, and decorating, washi tape helps dress up everyday items and make them personal statement pieces. Turn notebooks, pencils, backpacks and more into a chance to show off your fabulous taste.

Eating guac in the pool might be too messy, but this fun float keeps the party going in between snack breaks. Definitely healthier than that giant donut float the neighbors have, too.

Great for a warm weather picnic, a stroll through the farmers market, or an alfresco dinner party, this charming black skirt with buttery yellow and rich green avocado print draws plenty of compliments.

Heart healthy fats may be a healthy habit, but overdoing anything isn’t good for you. If frequent phone use is straining your hands, a popsocket may help reduce strain; plus this avocado printed one is adorable.

Great for entertaining kids on car rides or restaurants, or amusing anyone who loves puns, this avocado activity book guarantees hours of amusement for anyone

A versatile kitchen tool for spice grinding and herb milling, this oversized molcajete is also perfect for making fresh batches of pico de gallo or guacamole tableside. With a four cup capacity you can serve any sized party quickly and easily, and with traditional style.

Avocados may not be naturally spicy, but this pin sure is. Perfect for pin collectors, avocado lovers, or anyone with a somewhat “aggressive” sense of humor, the 1” size means it fits easily in with other collectible pins on hats, bags, or jacket lapels.

This dangling rattle is great for babies young enough to still be in a car seat or stroller. The soft plush is fun to squeeze, and the rattle adds texture and interest. Avocados are “brain food” and this avocado toy lives up to that reputation, keeping kids entertained and amused.

Like all investments, avocado trees can take some time to bear fruit, but a little love and care will see you to a bountiful harvest. Makes a great housewarming gift, or an engagement present.

Right sized for everyday use, travel, or a school commute, the Jansport Superbreak backpack is well loved and ubiquitous. This peppy avocado pattern helps your bag stand out in a crowd, so you’re never left checking tags and labels for initials again.

Show your love from your head down to your avoca-toes with these fun crew socks. Great for maintaining the appearance of professionalism in the workplace, while secretly having more fun than is allowed.

We’ve all heard that you can make face masks and hair creams out of avocados, but in case your avocados have a different destination, like say, breakfast, Tonymoly’s avocado face sheet mask is here. Nourishing and rich, it’s a luxurious experience that you’ll crave over and over again, not unlike avocados in general.

Bring the smoothing power of avocado oil to nourish and strengthen hair with this hydrating shampoo by Briogeo. It’s free of parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan, and other ingredients shoppers often want to avoid, and full of amino acids and the healthy fats avocado oil provides.

Put together professional looking plates with avocado centric recipes that are guaranteed to be instant Instagram winners. Make avocado rosettes, stun foodie friends with avocado brownies, or just learn the right way to smash, season, and spread the world’s perfect food on anything that even remotely qualifies as “toast.”

Play with avocados, without making a mess! This family friendly card games entertains any size crowd. Comparable to playing Uno or Go Fish, it’s an easy to understand concept- get rid of those cards!

No matter how professional your avocation, you can sneak some avocado love under the radar with this keychain earring set, perfect for an avo toast aficionado.

This tee and shorts pajama set is too cute for words. You’ll never feel guacward about staying in PJ’s all day when they’re this adorable.

Eye catching and sparkly, this liquid clear case showcases avocado green glitter and stars as well as tiny avocados. Enjoy the tactile squish under your fingertips, this phone case is comfortable to hold, and the standout design makes it easy to always know which phone is yours.

Organize your to do list, weekly meetings, scheduled trips, and keep that grocery list close at hand while running errands; we’ll venture a guess this planner will make it easier to remember when you need to pick up avocados.

A comforting substitute for the real thing, this huggable avocado toast plush makes for a soothing squeeze for any age of avocado aficionado. At 15” it’s about the size of a standard throw pillow, so it’s a great conversation piece for living room decor.

Perfect for weekend brunch at home, with or without avocado toast, these plush slippers have non slip bottom layer to prevent falls, and an adorable avocado pattern to draw compliments. Right sized for traveling, you’ll stay comfy and cozy no matter how bad the weather outside; the sherpa lining keeps that body heat on lockdown.

Visive offers business casual button downs to help show your love for any and every food; from tacos to pineapple, to donuts, and yes, they even avocado themed shirts. With a slim fit and a short waist ratio, these are great shirts for people who struggle with menswear being big, bulky, or billowing.

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