31 Best Gifts for Brothers

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Brothers are special in their own fun loving, wildly hysterical way. Or maybe you and your sibling have more of a subdued serious relationship! Either way, the sibling bond often grows stronger with age. While the idea of buying him Christmas gifts may have been laughable during childhood, he’s at the top of the list now. We’ve gathered quite the range of gift ideas, from ones that will spark uncontrollable laughter, to those that will touch the heart.

So you want to get him something kind of nice, but then he’s been particularly annoying lately. Well we have something that’ll put you right there in the middle! Let him know that he’s not terrible nor amazing, but rather OK. We are “Lol”ing.

OK now we’re feeling like getting a little bit nicer. Brothers are amazing, and can make the best of friends. Nothing says that better than this wood frame that goes with just about any home decor style.

Every time he sits down for coffee, he will be constantly reminded of what a special sibling he has. The phrase is printed boldly on a lovely white ceramic coffee mug.

Does the print on this tumbler remind you of a particular film? This special cup is designed to keep wine at the optimal temperature, it is also much better than glass! Especially if he’s the kind of guy to drink wine during a rowdy football game.

Give him the gift of having his face on his socks. I guess that’s worded a little weird. But every time he looks down at his tootsies he will be reminded of what a handsome mug he has. And why wouldn’t he have a handsome face, he is related to you right?

Whether he plays guitar or just loves music, this pick can be a really cool addition to a collection, or something kind of practical. We love the fitting phrase.

Maybe this is a funny way to remember something specific from childhood, or maybe he just likes sweets and you really think this is hilarious. A tiny box of cookie mix comes with a tiny skillet to cook it in. It’s the cutest tiniest cookie ever. And for some reason it just seems like a brother gift.

Probably one of the handiest items on our list, these gloves are practical gadgetry its best. With flashlights on the end, whatever he’s working on at night will be properly lit. There’s even a strap for a screwdriver.

A calendar that he truly will never forget makes the perfect gift, and we can imagine he will probably put it front and center in his office. Pooping pups in various places around the globe might be one of the most interesting things he sees from month to month.

Golfers who also happen to love a good beer will want a complete set of these for their cabinet. Artisan glassmakers have come up with perfect sports fanatic cups, and this particular one has a real golf ball wedged into the side.

Most guys would love a whiskey set like this. Detailed glasses, slate coasters, specialty tongs and chilling stones come in a super cool rustic box. You could include his favorite whiskey too!

Headphones present a problem in the winter. They can be uncomfortable under a hat, and sometimes just won’t fit. No worries anymore, because you can buy a beanie with headphones built-in.

The toilet timer prevents him from losing track of time while on the porcelain throne. Appropriately designed, with sand exiting the silhouette figure into a toilet bowl, it will even add a little bit of fun flair to the bathroom. But hey, it is a timer, so it can be used for other things.

He can make his own sandwich! And his significant other will thank you. This ultimate breakfast sandwich maker not only melts cheese and pre-cooked meat perfectly into bread, it will make the optimal egg to go on top. Other recipes can be executed in this handy device.

Not only do these tactical bracelets look super cool, made from a para cord like substance, they are practical and somewhat disaster preventative. With a built in compass, it guides the way, a fire starter will provide heat in an emergency, and there’s a knife in this thing as well. Pretty cool stuff.

Paper airplanes just got a major upgrade, and if your brother is all grown up, he will want to relive his childhood, but better! A device attaches onto a sturdy airplane which you get to fold yourself, and connects via Bluetooth so it can be flown from a smart phone.

Stout, lager and Bourbon drench the almonds, peanuts and cashews within this festively presented gift set. Even if you are a beer lover, these are actually kind of delicious.

Beer sleeping bags – – because how else will brews stay cold? Well, a cooler would probably help. But these are just incredibly cute, and a replica of actual sleeping bags available for humans. Could this possibly be the most ideal gift for camping enthusiasts?

Cufflinks can be boring, or totally awesome. These are totally awesome. Made from upcycled materials from famous baseball stadiums, the formal accessories also have a sterling silver base.

Gone are the days of trying to toss that crumpled up paper into an average wastebasket. With the addition of a wooden backboard, the casual office game becomes legit.

Does your brother rock the beard trend? If he does, you’ve probably had some playful moments of making fun of food that made its way into his beard. That’s what makes these plates a funny gift, but it’s also practical.

Encourage his adventurist spirit while surprising him with a timeless gift. Made in Boulder, naturally the money clip is an ode to the skyline, and is made of sterling silver with an 18k gold moon hovering above.

Ancient rocks to chill a fine glass of whiskey? Talk about “wow factor”. These stones have been handpicked in Canada, to keep whiskey the optimal temp in the coolest way.

The crafts woman in Maryland creates these pottery mugs as a nod to the tight connection between cafes and the indie live performance scene.

For every guy who loves pancakes, waffles, or just the occasional spoonful of sweetness, these Vermont maple syrups have a special edge. Aged in barrels, they have a much more complex flavor than your average breakfast topping.

Whether your brother is eight years old or 30, we have a hard time believing that he wouldn’t love coloring and creating his own personalized superhero cape!

Peanut butter is the perfect hearty man snack. Well, many people love peanut butter. He will be ecstatic to find a variation of adventuristic peanut butter jars to dig into.

Truffles are already amazing all on their own. Rich, melt in your mouth, and perfectly sweet. What happens when you add a little whiskey and honey into the mix? Magic.

Everyone will probably want to break into these at the Christmas get together. Waffle shots coated in chocolate are beyond perfect for spiked eggnog, or even just some whipped cream and sprinkles for the kiddos. But don’t blame him if he keeps them all to himself.

Nuts are a perfect complement to beer, or just a crunchy snack for the big game. For those bros out there who are major foodies, this assortment of zingy nuts from around the world will be greatly appreciated.

Bring back some of the childhood nostalgia the two of you share. Have a moment for a Christmas Eve sibling talk? Present his reindeer mug to him, with hot chocolate and a tower of whipped cream. Ah memories.

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