23 Best Gifts for Expecting Dads


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In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 3,613,647 births in the US alone. That’s a lot of expecting dads! While men can seem impossible to buy for in general, and judging by the search interest in the topic, it’s just as challenging to buy a gift for soon-to-be dads. We searched a wide variety of sites to find highly rated and interesting items while breaking everything up into categories, such as clothing, educational materials, and super cool gear, to help you better narrow down that perfect item for that really special, soon-to-be Dad.

Gift Ideas for Expecting Dads:


You don’t have to send dad out with a polka dot pink diaper bag when you can gift him this tactical, military condition tested diaper bag. While looking like an ultra-tough backpack, it is made to hold all the baby essentials within 12 interior pockets, wipes in a specialized front apartment, and bottles in the insulated outer storage sections. Additional straps also allow the bag to be secured to the stroller.

Consider this a camping chair, but for little ones. The chair is designed to accommodate those ages three, all the way up to 75 pounds. A removable snack tray makes meal time easy, whether at the beach or a ball game, and the sun canopy protects from UV rays. Dad can stay on the go, taking their young ones on adventures with them.

Reviews praise this baby carrier for being no fuss and ultimately comfortable for dad and baby. The carrier’s design goes back to basics, with a simple click system and lightweight material. It should be noted that this particular style is reviewed to be best for smaller babies, although the description says it’s ideal for those 7 to 25 pounds. Parents can also choose whether the baby faces in or out.

Dad-life is a busy life! In the best way, of course. Utilize this Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker to help assemble a hearty and delicious breakfast with a little bit of ease. It actually makes a variety of sandwiches. Simply assemble the sandwich in the maker, and when the egg is done, you’ll slide out the egg plate. Customers mentioned that this is relatively easy to clean as well.

This omelet maker works very similarly to a waffle maker—it is as easy as whipping up some eggs and your favorite cheeses, vegetables, and so on to create a fluffy omelet in minutes. The PFOA-free nonstick coating makes an easy-to-clean cooking surface that can also be used to create apple turnovers or even pizza pockets. Dad can whip up a double portion for himself or something for mom, too.

Imagine dad being left to come up with dinner, only to discover he doesn’t have eggs, milk, or some off-the-wall ingredient. He would likely be incredibly grateful to have this highly rated substitutions book on hand. The idea is to help cooks create the same recipe, with alternative ingredients, without altering the taste. Before you know it, he will be a dinner improvising master, which will be super handy long term.

First-time dads are likely a bit overwhelmed, especially when childproofing the home. The set will provide a solid head start to protecting things when the baby becomes more mobile. Secure cabinets, drawers, and doors, while covering up hazardous outlet plugs. Other similar sets can be found on Amazon or Home Depot.

Personal Care

Men should totally feel like they can utilize an anti-aging routine! Brickell Men’s Products incorporates a night serum, revitalizing anti-aging cream, and eye cream to help repair cell damage and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It goes without saying that having a baby is a little stressful, and it might take its toll, so this could be a thoughtful option for those fathers anticipating sleepless nights. The company uses natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. Double win!

A subscription box is a gift that continues to bring joy to the recipient. However, this particular one can be sent as a one-time gift. The box has a cool vibe and is filled with hearty snacks like nut butter bars and smoked cashews, coffee, interesting cocktail ingredients, and men’s grooming products. How do they even find all of those edgy, unique brands?

Edible Gifts

Bourbon infused coffee—you’ve likely seen it before because it’s just a combination made in Heaven. The earthy flavors of both meld together beautifully, and the result is a non alcoholic beverage that will boost new dads in the morning. Real bourbon was used to infuse the 100% arabica beans with flavor. The description does note that there may be artificial and natural flavors due to the infusion process.

Self-care can be delicious. Maybe dad will share because he will get 12 cartons of the trendy cookie “fries” with marshmallow dipping sauce. Each carton contains five crinkle-cut confetti shortbread cookies, and the cartons can either be baby girl or boy-themed. The overall consensus on Goldbelly is that these are “yummy” and “amazing.”


The simple little book is not only a precious gift for dads, but it will be something that they can use when their child reaches the beginning stages of reading. Until then, it can be a colorful display in honor of dad. Reviews mention that the illustrations are bright and colorful. Incorporate this into a gift in place of an ordinary greeting card.

Father of the Bride, and Father of the Bride Part 2, are funny and timeless father-daughter stories that will likely leave any new dad crying like a baby. It can be a good reminder of how quickly those young ones will grow up, right before our eyes. This particular DVD is a Blu-ray and offers both films in an anniversary edition. Part 2 should not be overlooked. It’s a great sequel.

Willow Tree makes beautiful treasures that are just detailed enough while leaving a neutral appearance that is fitting for multitudes of dads. Originally carved by an artist, this resin dad and baby figure was crafted from a cast, then delicately hand painted. The brand as a whole is rated at nearly a five-star level on Amazon.


This playbook takes a turn away from humor and more toward the inspirational. It is something expecting dads can read beforehand or continue to reference throughout all of the fatherhood. Inside, they will find inspirational quotes and insights from famous coaches, who have some figurative and literal advice to give.

Add this to a gift basket or onto a backpack that you are giving him. This keychain is an ideal souvenir to document someone becoming a first-time dad. It’s even better if you give this to a big-time gamer.

Entirely made of cotton, dad and baby will get a pair of these adorable pizza-themed socks. We love the creative suggestion in the description, utilizing this as a photo prop during one of the baby’s first family photo sessions. Then, dad can wear them around the house with his newest buddy.

Made of enamel steel, many aspects of these camping mugs are customizable. Pick from different scenes such as a campfire, or depict family members drinking hot chocolate. Different characteristics are available to make the people on the mug closely reflect the ones you love. Even the trail sign text can be customizable. Select one cup, up to an eight-cup set.


We know the one question on your mind – yes, it is dishwasher safe, according to the description. Those who have bought this product mentioned that the glass is thick and quite durable. Folks seem really happy with the quality. It’s about time daddy had a sippy cup, too.

The subtlety of this shirt is on point while still letting a new dad proudly spread the word of his most recent title. Reviews note the fabric to be ultra-soft and “huggable.” Made up of a combination of cotton and polyester, the care for the shirt is pretty basic. Multiple colors are available.

So I’m sure expecting dads need to brush up on their humor or replace their own jokes with more kid-friendly ones! This book is full of a variety of typical dad jokes and is over 100 pages long. A couple of things to mention, some reviews say there are some spelling errors and somewhat similar or repetitive jokes throughout. Overall, the book is well received.

This handbook is 240 pages of surprisingly useful information. While the gift is humorous and fun, there are actually some great tips to be found within. Have you ever thought about what to do when changing a baby’s diaper in a packed sports stadium? Do you know how to childproof a hotel room in four minutes? These are just a couple of things, along with interesting illustrations that will keep your guy engaged.

Star Wars fans rejoice. There is almost something Star Wars themed for every occasion! Yes, a neutral yet fun men’s shirt is noted in the reviews to be true to size and comfortable. However, it is 100% cotton, so keep this in mind when ordering.

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