The 26 Best Gifts for Gamers

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Gamers can be the easiest and the hardest people to buy for, depending on how much you know about video games. These days, new games and new systems are constantly coming out. Some new fandom is always developing, and it can be really hard to keep up if you’re not totally into it! Parents, girlfriends, spouses – – worry not! We’ve put together some pretty sweet gifts for the gamer in your life.

Every gamer needs a solid headset. LED lights add a little bit more ambience to the gaming room. Softly cupping the ears, these can be worn for hours – – which is probably what will happen. They’ll be impressed at the sound quality.

Even those who don’t play games will be fighting for the chair! With the ultimate lumbar support, cushy seating and even a reclining foot rest, this is the ultimate chair to watch movies from, or to play hours of Fortnite.

Definitely looking like something from the future, this Fortnite lamp can change to various characters, while also changing to different, super awesome neon colors. The intensity of the light can be changed as well.

How about an old-school neon sign? But with a design that features an Xbox controller? This literally is the ultimate game room sign. It would look awesome in the kid’s room, or in a man cave.

These iconic buttons have been around quite some time. Each shape takes us back to games of childhood. We love that each button has been turned into a coaster! The perfect accent for any super cool coffee table, it’s a great stocking stuffer.

Going perfectly with those coasters, is this light that features the same game controller shapes. One thing that we really like about it is that the lights react to music. Just imagine the theme to your favorite game bumping in sync with this neat piece.

Uno is manufactured in countless variations, from Nightmare Before Christmas, to versions with wild rules. Zelda dominates the artwork on this one. And there is even a special rule that we will let you discover.

An ode to old school video games, the retro design on these cups will bring back memories for gamers a little bit older. Weather holding a frosty brew, or a glass of milk, gamers will appreciate this one.

Place a drink and a bowl of chips on the side of the couch with a much lesser likelihood of having spills! While still neutral enough to go in the living room, the table clasps on to a couch arm for convenient balancing.

Monopoly has gotten an Overwatch makeover, and the game has more differences than some versions of Monopoly. Cool characters bring the video game into the board game world, and there will be more battling than most Monopoly players are used to.

Gamers will instantly recognize this iconic piece from Overwatch. The coolest part is that they can build it themselves. Fun will be had constructing it, and playing with it or simply looking at it sitting on a display shelf.

Have a little bit of Borderlands art in the living room, or just the man cave. Or maybe draped across the bed! Colorful and creepy at the same time, recognizable characters of the game adorn the snuggly fleece throw.

Might as well keep with the theme, and add this clock alongside the blanket. Look closely though, this is not any ordinary clock. Made of an actual vinyl record, it’s a next level way to tell time.

Set within a pop out wooden frame, are the pieces to build a clap trap from Borderlands. After construction, the wooden material is perfect for painting. Use the same color patterns in the game, or get creative and do something different.

Men will appreciate not having to talk to you much while in the midst of playing their game. All they have to do is prop up their feet, so intruders can quickly see the message, ultimately urging no distractions. We aren’t sure how this will go, but it’s funny.

Different monopoly editions are irresistible, especially when they feature our favorite characters, games or movies. Call of Duty Monopoly follows similar storylines to the game, and yes, there are some super cool game pieces to pick from.

Wives and non-Call of Duty players alike will still be familiar with the phrase “I hate this map”. While we won’t always be able to explain exactly what this means, we know our COD lover says it quite a bit. So what could be more appropriate than a shirt with the phrase?

Why are video games so frustrating for the other partner who doesn’t pay them? It seems it could be nice when the other has a hobby! But still, it can be a feat not getting irritated. So this mug is quite a statement gift to your electronic game lovers.

Kids and adults both love Halo! And they will be ecstatic to receive the iconic energy sword. Made of plastic, it’s quite a sturdy piece. Unfortunately, it does not light up, but that’s just one less thing to break.

When cold, this mug is black featuring remote control silhouettes. Add hot water or coffee, and it transforms into a lime green hue, with icons from various games! Care instructions on the mug are a little strict to keep the magical features intact, like handwashing only, and no microwaving.

Many high definition televisions also fall under the category of something called a “gaming TV”. This means that the gaming experience is completely enhanced by ultra crisp, super fast graphics. Sometimes, those games might feel a little too real!

Kids will love the plushy comfort of the slippers. Mario and Luigi just enhance the cool factor. One foot features the short mustache sporting Mario, and the other, his brother Luigi!

Anyone who has experienced the mayhem of Rocket League either loves or hates it. Fast race cars zoom around a soccer field knocking a ball around, and it can be downright chaotic. Kids and adults love it for a reason though! And this sweatshirt with a subtle ode to the game, also features a retro design, combining two completely different generations. We love it.

Quite a load of a buzz is surrounding the new Xbox series X. Critics say it absolutely blows the Xbox One out of the water, and will likely be triumphant over the PlayStation. We’ve included a link to the site, but it is not going to be easy to snag one by the holidays.

Great for kids and grown-ups, the Nintendo switch has become a contender among the best video game consoles. The new model has some additional features, but still has that classic flexibility and user-friendly design of the previous.

Of course we had to include the PlayStation 5 ! Sleek and futuristic, it looks like something that belongs on a modern day NASA spaceship. Super fast, and delivering superb graphics, this is still an absolutely phenomenal system.

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