The 15 Best Gifts for Seven-Year-Old Boys

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Seven years old is as pivotal as any age. When boys hit this milestone, they are hyper-curious and develop very quickly mentally. At this point, math, science, and other subjects are becoming more interesting. Physically, they can now dominate skills they maybe couldn’t a year ago. With their interests ever-changing, you may be stumped as to what gift to get the seven-year-old in your life. We’ve researched for you to find the top gifts for seven-year-old boys that will win them over!

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Games and Toys

Wow them with a basketball hoop that will get them ready for playing in middle or high school. The weighted bottom keeps it securely in place and prevents any difficult installation. The minimum height is 7 1/2 feet.

Mario is one of those games that you can feel good about when buying for young kids. No language, no inappropriate characters, just family-friendly adventures through fantastical worlds. This time, Luigi is along for the ride.

Kids can build their own scene from Jurassic World! A good bit of detail resides in each build, but it’s doable for a seven-year-old. They’ll get to craft an off-road vehicle, trailer, and dinosaur.

RC cars are cool but may be an expected gift. With amphibious features, this remote control vehicle is next level. Take it to the pool or even the beach! Just don’t let the waves sweep it away.

Hover soccer consists of using a semi flat ball that glides across low carpet, or tile with ease. Cool lights also add a festive touch. Coming with two goals, a mini soccer field can be set up in the basement! As a bonus, there is a regular ball and pump included.

Educational Picks

Books are great and spark the imagination. So this one, which is actually interactive, is going to be even more engaging. Nine stories are enveloped within this one book because kids get to choose Danny’s different actions. Each one will help kids learn the consequences and rewards of actions.

Several activities come within this box that packs a punch. Kids who are fascinated with space will be particularly intrigued when receiving this subtly educational kit that is definitely more exciting than anything. Make kaleidoscopes and other mesmerizing crafts that teach us about space.

There couldn’t be a better time to gift your child this set of brain games. Multiple activities can enhance their function, and wipe down mats and dry erase markers mean that this can be used over and over again.

Do you have a future archaeologist on your hands? Then these dinosaur eggs, that can actually be excavated will bring hours of fun. Encased in plaster that has to be chiseled away, are detailed dinosaurs – – 12 altogether. Included cards give a little bit of information about each prehistoric creature.

Disconnect those electronics, and give your boy something he can do that will stimulate his mind and skills. Not just any seek and find book, this one has levels and levels of imaginative pop-ups with objects hidden within. Your kid is the hero, the objects and criminals need to be found!

Fun Accessories

These balloon animals will never pop or deflate. Children can experience the soft glow and comfort from these adorable balloon animal LED lamps for the rest of their childhood. To turn it on, simply twist the tail.

Never is it too early to start promoting practices of good health. This water bottle will help your seven-year-old take his hydration into his own hands without you following his every move. The glass bottle has time indicators painted on the side, so they know by when they should have consumed how much water.

Face painting kits make great gifts! But you could also pull this out at their birthday party for everyone to enjoy. Over 70 different designs are in the instruction book, and the kit comes with paints, foam pads, and brushes.


Might as well keep with the dinosaur theme! Etsy has quite the selection of shirts that commemorate particular ages, and we just think this dinosaur riding on a monster truck is pretty darn cute.

Since this is a sweatshirt and not another T-shirt we will include it. We love the vintage video game design, and the nod to “level seven“. It’s the perfect seven year old birthday apparel.

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